Is it normal to leak breastmilk at 22 weeks?

Is it normal to leak milk at 22 weeks pregnant? I feel like it is too early…thoughts?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal to leak breastmilk at 22 weeks?

I did with all three of my babies almost the whole pregnancies.

I leaked at 16 weeks so you’re good

it is normal, it’s not quite breast milk yet but colostrum. your body is just preparing!!

I’m also 22 weeks, pumping can put you in labor so I’m just going to hand express and save I bought these. It’s colostrum not milk. Sooo good for your baby.

Yes im currently almost 24m pregnant and have been leaking liquid gold almost since the beginning. (This is my second pregnancy). My first pregnancy i started leaking early as well. Colostrum is thick and only really starts coming in around 34 weeks. This is when you should start harvesting if you are looking to breastfeed.

Where a pad and go on about the day…do not save it for it will expire before your child arrives…

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Yes. My youngest is 2 and I still leak when babies cry. Due in December.

I’m 1352 weeks you can still breast feed me :relieved:


My oldest is almost a teen. I still have milk.

Don’t worry ka

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M0re Info.

That’s about when I started leaking my first pregnancy, subsequent pregnancies were even earlier.

That is normal if you leak colostrum while pregnant. Your milk doesn’t come in until typically 5-6 days after you deliver your placenta. Your placenta is what triggers your actual breastmilk to start producing.

ADDING FOR ANYONE WHO ISNT OR HASNT LEAKED: Just because you do not leak during pregnancy does NOT mean you will have a bad milk supply or won’t be able to breastfeed* :heart:


Yes, it’s normal. Don’t worry.

Yes, put milk collectors in to catch the colostrum and put it in syringes to freeze. If you do, put it in the very back and it’d be good for a year.