Is it normal to lose your mucus plug at 29 weeks?

TMI question. But I’ll be 29 weeks Wednesday and last week I started losing some of what I believe is my mucus plug and didn’t worry to much about it because I always heard it can regrow and unless it’s accompanied with blood or cramping it’s nothing to worry about. Well at work tonight I lost more and this time it was tinged with some blood and I haven’t got any cramps but my lower back has just started hurting. Could this be early labor?


Call a doctor, this is Facebook.

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Definitely call the maternity department or you Dr

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This is exactly what happened to me at 29 weeks and I gave birth at 30 even with then trying everything to stop it! My back was hurting and then killing me and I tried to ignore it because I was being told the same thing “ oh it’s nothing you mucous plug and go back” “ it’s too early for you to be in labor your back just hurts” if I would have went with my gut that night it may have been different but I waited an entire day. Please don’t wait call or go in and see your doctor ASAP.


Yes! Same thing happened to me at 27 weeks. I was 4cm before they were able to stop contractions. Bed rest the rest of the pregnancy. I was lucky!

Go in always. I almost lost my son and I had been going in telling them something was wrong. I knew I was losing my fluid for weeks and they kept telling me I would be fine. I went in with a fever of 103.7 and had to have emergency c-section because when the dr went to break my water there was none!

Call ob or labor and delivery they might want you to get checked

Obgyn… Facebook won’t help.


Call your Doctor. Yes could be or could be trouble. You could have back labor

Wow y’all are freaking out. Mucus plug was TINGED with blood is normal. She didn’t say she was bleeding. Call your dr or go in if you have questions that’s what they are there for39 weeks labour is probably starting

Definitely call your dr or somebody who can tell you what to do from here

Call your on call any time you have a concern or just go straight to your birthing hospital ER if possible!

I had this from 34 weeks and didnt go into labour until 39 weeks, i was constantly getting checked out to make sure, better to be safe than sorry x

Get your ass into the dr.This is not a wait and see situation.

Yep, sounds like what happened with my daughter​:heart::heart::heart:

I’d rather air on the side of caution and say call OB for advice. It could be your cervix is irritated from something or it could be an early sign of labor. I had one full term baby and 3 preterm. All 4 had the blood tinged mucous plug around 28 weeks and all 4 were spontaneous rupture of membranes prior to contractions. The earliest was born at 34 weeks, but labor was stopped at 30 weeks for that one. You just never know. Thankfully technology has come a long way to be able to check cervix length etc without such invasive procedures. One thing that can help is resting and drinking lots of water. Dehydration can cause muscle contractions.

I say go get checked out

Mucous plug can be accompanied with hints of blood. Back pain is normal during late pregnancy. You might not go into labor after losing the mucous plug. If you’re worried, call your OB. Don’t ask Facebook. Better to be safe than sorry.

If you’re unsure, call your OB… BUT the plug can be lost early on and may even regrow before labor and they nicknamed it “the bloody show” for a reason. Your plug can be slightly bloody, brown, or clear… its not abnormal and I wouldn’t jump to a worst case scenario immediately. I lost my plug early in my third trimester as well and had my son at 39 weeks.

Yes thats is what happened to me as well, go to the hospital :relaxed:

You are having back labor