Is it normal to measure further along than what you are?

I am 33 weeks pregnant however my doctors are measuring me at 36 weeks. Has this happened to anybody else? They aren’t moving my due date up. Just wondering if this is normal or if this is something I should be concerned about.


Yes, that’s normal. I measured further along with both of mine, and ended up having them both 2 weeks early!

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Yes and sometimes you will even out in the end and sometimes you will measure bigger than normal but either way things will be ok!

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No the baby will come when its ready

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I did with all three. my boys came 3 max 3 days early

I am predicting boy… lol jk i got huge with my son and was much smaller with my girls

Yes this happened with my daughter and most of the time it’s fine but she’s 3 now and just got done with another Ortho appt because she’s growing too fast for her body causing painful and too loose joints from the hips down. Not to scare you because again 98% of the time it’s totally normal. Her case isn’t common but can happen just so you have that knowledge for the future.

Normal. Good they are not moving your due date.
Seems they move it then end up wanting to induce labor cuz baby isn’t showing up.

In my personal experience, doctors are guessing based on averages that may or may not apply to your child and pregnancy, and are more interested in being in control than anything else. your baby doesn’t have a calendar in there, you’re already a fantastic mother and growing a baby just right, and don’t let doctors scare you into cutting the baby out of you earlier than your body and baby are done cooking - you’ll end up with a damaged body and a premature baby just to satisfy their calendar. Mothers are never pregnant forever.

My son measured a couple weeks up from what I actually was, actually ended up inducing early because they said he was going to be a 12 lb baby if I went past my due date and I wasnt about to do that :joy: he was 8.4 lbs at a week and half early.

I measured further along to with my 2nd baby. Had her on our schedule date. She was fine.

Measured two weeks ahead with all 3 of my children and my body sent them eviction notices at 38 weeks. :blush:

All of my boys measured a month ahead. They were all over 10 lbs

I was measuring like 20 weeks when I was 12 weeks along with my daughter. Turned out that I have a tilted uterus. If you’ve made it to 33 weeks and everything is measuring within reason, all babies grow at different rates. Due date isn’t necessarily based on the size of the baby, but the gestation and organ function that the baby has.

I did with my daughter, she was a big baby 10lbs 4 oz 21 inches long

Yes… They sometimes are off a little bit… Its normal…

Perfectly normal! I measured ahead for all 3 of my pregnancies. Nothing to worry about…your baby is growing well!

Dont put much stock in it. I was huge w my daughter as i had a ton of fluid. She was 7 lb 8oz.

Yeah… I knew EXACTLY when I got pregnant and I measured 4 weeks early both times. Both kids were LARGE.

Yep they did a bunch of tests wasted a ton of time, made me panic for nothing and he was right on time and right on measuring at 38 weeks. It started around 33 weeks where it was three weeks off and then evened back out. He was only 7lb 9oz when born.

Is normal I had 3 due dates

Same happened to me. Just means you’re going to have a bigger baby.

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Completely normal! Mine was measuring 6 weeks ahead. They were expecting a 12 lb baby after viewing the ultrasound. He was born 4 days after his due date, at 7 lbs, 13 ounces. Ultrasounds aren’t completely correct all the time. :blush:

It happened to me my whole pregnancy. At one point I was measuring a month ahead. They kept telling me my baby was going to be “very big.” He was 7 lbs 14.9 oz. but he also was 3 weeks early. They never moved my due date up or anything, just kept telling me I had a big baby.

I measured a few weeks further with my third daughter. She was induced almost two weeks early and weighed 9.5lbs. My first two daughters were induced on their due dates and were each 7lbs 11oz.

Uh yes lol totally normal. My first was 10lbs 10oz 22 inches. They thought he was only going to be 7lbs. My 3rd i meassured 5 weeks ahead. They called him a “macro baby” lol he came out 10lbs 11oz 22 in a half inches. Honestly they can’t tell any weight from sonos lol your due date will not change

I’m not anywhere near where you are, I know that but I’m 8 weeks and a few days and my baby’s measuring a few days ahead of what I am and I was told my due date wouldn’t change, that he/she is just a little bigger and that it’s perfectly okay!

Oh its normal! All 3 of mine always measured a week ahead and still had to be induced bc they didnt wanna come out😂

I measured bigger for both my pregnancies. Around 33 weeks baby was measuring about 38… they estimated a 10 pounder.
Both my girls came out naturally under 8 lbs.

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It’s normal. You may have just had a little extra fluids this week. Chances are next week you’ll be back on track.

I measured big too. And delivered a 9lb 5oz baby at 38 weeks… just means a big baby or extra fluid.

Yes and she came out absolutely normal

Yep! My last baby was measuring 3+ weeks ahead and was almost 11lbs at birth

You about to have a bigger baby, nothing wrong with that.

it’s totally normal just a bigger baby

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With my 3rd I measured 3 weeks ahead almost my entire 3rd trimester

I measured smaller for weeks with my second. She was born overdue, completly average.

This happened with my 2nd. I had him at 38 weeks, he was 10lbs 13oz


Same thing happened to me i was told id have a huge baby he was born at 41 weeks weighing 6lbs and 1oz

The machine doesnt allow for super accurate measurements layer on because baby is big. They said to allow a 3 week difference. I am 36 weeks and measured 3 weeks bigger.

I measured so big but I just had a HUGE baby. Almost a 10 pounder. Had to have a c-section. :grimacing:

Normal. I measured two weeks ahead during the last trimester and had my baby on my actual due date :blush: (after a 70 hour labor tho :dizzy_face:) lol good luck!

I measured 2 weeks ahead with my third pregnancy the whole time. And my blood pressure was dangerously high :sweat: she came out at 38 and 5 at a healthy 9 pounds :raised_hands:t2::heart:

My son measured 2 weeks ahead. He was 9.3 at 38 weeks when I had him.

I’ve been measuring 2-3 weeks ahead the whole pregnancy- we will find out soon if it’s just extra fluid or big baby :heartpulse: 6weeks to go !

It’s pretty normal. The due date they initially give you is usually based on your last period so it’s not always that accurate anyway. As long as baby is healthy you are fine.

I’ve measured big, big baby and extra fluid

Your due date can be off by a week and they will not change it . I am 31 weeks pregnant and I am measuring at 29 to 30 weeks

Happened to me they took an ultrasound my due date and to rule out c station because I was measuring 42 weeks when I was 40 they told me I’d have a big baby but Babygirl came out very tall.

Totally I’m 23 weeks now but hes measuring a good week ahead and has been measuring ahead since 12 weeks…

Sometimes could mean bigger baby or excess water

Happened to me. My baby came two days after his due date and was 9.3 pounds lol

Measured big with my first, measuring a week behind with my second. I don’t think they’re ever really accurate.

it’s normal since it’s all an educated guess basically… some babies are bigger/smaller than “normal” if your dr isn’t concerned then I wouldn’t be either

With my youngest two who are now 8 months and 20 months I measured 2-3 weeks behind every o.b visit

Happen to me with one of my daughters.

I’m 15 weeks and had to make a trip to the emergency room a couple of days ago. While they were doing an ultrasound to check on baby the tech said I was measuring at 16 weeks.

It’s normal. Every baby grows different.

Yeah if you got a 21 1/2" baby. That happened to me. His two month check up he was 16 pounds. He is 6’6" today as an adult. Your fine baby sounds like it’s growing and healthy.

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These things are not 100 percent true. My son’s measured 12 pounds and he was born 7. Dont stress over it

My grandson measured two weeks ahead. He was born at 36 weeks and he had no complications

It’s normal to measure up to two weeks ahead or behind because you’re due date is based on your last period. That isn’t an exact date of conception. It could also be that baby is bigger or smaller than average.

I measured bigger had ultrasound and it was twins.

Yup. I was measuring 3 weeks bigger for most of the pregnancy. They thought I was joking when I said he was running outta room. At 39 weeks he was measuring 42. They ruled out gestational diabetes and he was a tall baby. Weighed just under 9#. He still is. Hes 4 months and wearing 6-9 month clothes that fit just right.

Ur only 3 weeks it’s normal. I measured super big but that was because I had a lot of extra fluid. My due date never changed and I delivered my son at 39weeks he was 8lbs 11oz

Very normal I had the exact same thing with my son. Just bc they are growing a bit faster (chunky little monkeys) doesn’t mean they are developing faster which is why they wouldn’t move up your due date

It was normal for me. I had big babies

Yes. I had to tell them that I was fat before I got pregnant.

I measured 5 weeks ahead most of my pregnancy

I measured large with both my kids. With my second child my doctor theorized that because I’m so short he could only go out (both boys actually dislocated ribs)

My son measured two weeks ahead at every visit. They didn’t move up my due date either. They did have me come in for a 39 week induction since he was so big and i wanted to try for a vaginal delivery instead of c section.

Both my girls measured big and both ended up being big babies but totally healthy

All 3 of my pregnancies I measured bigger but my babies weren’t so bit. My biggest baby was 7 lbs . 4 oz.

Your good no worries momma.

Yup…I would measure anywhere from 1-2 weeks ahead all the time…my son was 8#13oz, my first daughter was a peanut 6#15oz and my youngest daughter was 8#2oz

I measured further along my entire pregnancy, and still went to 41 weeks (would have went further if I hadn’t been induced).

A big baby, my son was 11lbs 2 oz

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I measured big she was 7 lbs 10 oz tad on the big size

I’m 37 weeks, measuring 39. My last checkup was at 35 weeks and I measured 37. The one before that (can’t remember which week), I measured 1 week bigger. My midwife said 1 week more or less is okay since baby could just be balled up funny. Now that I’m measuring 2 ahead, we’re thinking he’s going to be a big boy. I know my due date is spot on. My last baby was 9 lbs, 3 oz but I don’t recall measuring ahead with her.

Mine was the same. Baby was big. Born at 4.1kg

This happened to me. I have a 2 month old now and I measured 2 weeks ahead in my 3rd trimester with him. I delivered at 37 weeks because of preclampsia and he was 9lbs and 20 inches. So it could just be a big baby.

Yes my 2 year old was at one point measuring 4 weeks ahead lol he ended up being only 2 days late and only 7lbs 5.8oz lol

Due dates are best guess estimates. This is common and nothing to worry about. :slight_smile:

I was 35 and measured 38. They were saying by my due date she’d be close to 10 pounds, we had her Monday and she weighed 7lbs 8oz at 36 weeks and 3 days. They weren’t going to let me go passed 37 weeks, but she came on her own

It just depends on how big your baby it’s nothing to worry about unless you are measuring a lot less then how far along you are, or unless your dr is worried then there is nothing to worry about unusually people measure at least a week or two ahead like I said it just depends on how big baby is.