Is it normal to miss periods after ending birth control?

Hey moms! I’m just here wondering why I haven’t started my period? I’m off birth control for around six months always had a regular period. And I can’t be pregnant bc my husband had a vasectomy. I’m wondering if it’s normal to miss a period now and again? I’m five days late. My body keeps giving me signs that it’s trying to start; random cramping.


You should never wait a year to get your period back, highly recommend talking to your doctor about that. You should have a normal period off or on birth control. I was on birth control for 8 years and never got pregnant on it and 6 mo later I am pregnant and I had regular periods also. But you definitely should talk to your doctor.

Coming off of birth control can mess with body and hormones and throw things off, but it wouldn’t hurt to take a pregnancy just incase and it will help ease your mind.

The doctor can also give you medication to kick start it again. Though I would do a pregnancy test just to be sure

Can take up to a year to get back to normal however also know quiet a few ppl who had babies post vasectomy because it didnt take

My younger sister is post vasectomy baby. Cant hurt to double check.

Birth control does throw things off but yea that vasectomy thing isn’t full proof. My fiance had one that failed and here we are at 7 months along.

Vasectomies don’t always work either. Know multiple people who still had kids with one.


Vasectomies are not always successful.

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Can take a while or can see gp for morning after bill to kick start them again.

I babysat for 2 different families who had post vasectomy babies and work with a guy who’s dad had a vasectomy 2 different times and it still didn’t take. You might want to double check with a prego test :woman_shrugging:t2:

Mine took up to a year to get back to normal

Maybe you should see your Dr.

My hubby had the snip in 1973 in Singapore. He had to be tested 6 weeks later to check his sperm count was nil. Is this not standard procedure in the UK?

Depends on how long you been on them ?

Every female is different. It could be that your body is taking more time to get back to normal, some women just stop having periods even at a young age, it could stress (whether you feel the stress or not). It could be anything. But I’d give it more time. If you’re feeling normal, I wouldn’t worry about it.

For sure! Your body is adjusting to the lack of hormones so it’s just balancing itself out

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When was your husband’s vasectomy? Was he cleared by the Dr through lab samples that there were no more swimmers. If he hasn’t been cleared you can still get pregnant. As far as the pill goes that seems like a long time. You still get your period while on the pill, if anything you bleed more after stopping the pill until your hormones go back to normal. I would give your gyno a call.

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Yes . It took a while for my body to regulate itself again especially after the implant