Is it normal to not be hungry after giving birth?

I’m 6 weeks post partum, I have my appointment soon. Is it normal to not have taste buds to eat anything? Anything I eat, I get a stomach ache so bad that I can’t keep eating. I get nauseous in the morning, when I make food, (meats, pastas), it doesn’t smell good, doesn’t taste good. I can drink coffee, juice, water but food? Forget it my body will hardly let me consume it! I love chocolate, and I can’t even get myself to eat that. I will eat blueberries, bananas or strawberries, but that’s the only 3 things that don’t upset my stomach. I’m getting upset, and losing weight rapidly, I’m now 164lbs and I was 230lb before I had my baby.

My daughter is like this when her ulcers start flaring or bleeding she can’t hold anything down…

I would say the weight loss is considerable, but some women lose weight quickly after childbirth. Talk to your doctor about your lack of appetite. Sometimes tastes change. I could not look at chocolate when pregnant and never got my taste back for it. You might be still in a hormonal fluctuations. Talk to your OB/GYN and make sure nothing else is wrong. I’d start with blood work. Best wishes