Is it normal to not feel baby kick at 39-weeks?

i’m 39 weeks, but i can barely feel my baby kick anymore, they were so strong and now they’re like… very soft kicks/movements (i’m also measuring a couple weeks behind) has this happened to anybody else? is this normal?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal to not feel baby kick at 39-weeks?

If you are concerned, I highly encourage you to contact your OBGYN right away just to get a stress test done. It will offer you peace of mind and alert you to any issues going on. Good luck, mama!


Very normal. No room left for baby. Just squirming and shifting. Have a snack or some juice to wake baby.


I was induced at 38 weeks with my first for decreased fetal movement. Was also told its a myth that they “run out of room” or “move less” further along you get. I also thought the same thing and didn’t think anything of it, then was induced immediately after a movement count test.


I had a scare with my oldest…the doctor told me try a couple times a day with glass of cold apple juice and sit with you feet up if within 10-15 minutes baby isn’t moving a ton come in to the hospital. Usually my morning donuts got him moving so in the afternoon I would sit back and have some apple juice.

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Baby should be moving plenty. Not necessarily a “kick” but moving. If baby isn’t moving 10 times in an hour 2x a day or you just feel a decrease in movement please u urge you to go into the ER right away and they will do a stress test to make sure baby isn’t in any distress. I’m an angel mama and I’m not afraid anymore to just go in if I’m worried. I called my ob with my first angel. She said I was just dehydrated. No honey I was having a placenta abruption and I almost died and my baby did. I will never ever listen to them again. I go straight to the ER from now on! 6 living 2 angels

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You need to be seen, advice saying its normal isn’t right they now say any change in movement needs to be monitored


I had reduced fetal movement in 2 of my pregnancies, both turned out to be ok. Any reduced movement though, I would always suggest ringing triage. It’s what they are there for. They will monitor baby’s heartbeat. I was induced early with my last pregnancy because of her movements, she’s now 2 weeks old and all is good, but not worth the risk of leaving it, even if its just to put your mind at ease xx

I measured behind and definitely felt a decrease in consistency for movement after about 36 weeks. Scared me a couple times, but my OB suggested to have something sweet or really cold then lay down for 20 minutes. If I felt nothing after that he instructed me to head to the ER.

It can be normal for the kicks to feel smaller because baby is smooshed in there and has a lot less room. If you’re concerned I would go in though. Doesn’t hurt to check

If your concerned, definitely call your OB. I know with my oldest, I didn’t feel as many movers towards the end and my OB told me it was fairly normal because they just don’t have a lot of room any more.
But, absolutely call your OB

You need to contact your Doctor asap!

My Midwife said that if you have your placenta formed on the front, you can feel the baby less as you get further. Just a little info if in case you forgot but otherwise you need to see a professional.

Yes, baby is running out of room. It will slow down and not be as strong. Drink or eat something with sugar or get up and move around… that should help

If it feels abnormal, definitely call your doctor. It does lessen, but you should still be able to feel it. 

Keep count of kicks and get checked just to be safe. No kicks at 39 weeks is an immediate ultrasound .

I’m also 39 weeks and the kicks have slowed down/not as strong. If there is zero movement call your Dr asap, but my dr said that feeling less powerful kicks is normal.

If still moving its normal just running out of room to move to much. Check with O.B., if worried though.

Get to the hospital asap.

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Baby won’t kick as hard now because their isn’t as much room, but you should be feeling plenty of movement! Drink some oj or something with sugar , get up walk around and little baby should wake up. If not call your doctor

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Baby has less space to move and probably has dropped ready for birth. Its perfectly normal…but if you are concerned at all contact your midwife

My doctor told me it’s the calm before the storm.
If your concerned though I would go get checked.

Always go in and get checked with any reduced or increased movement.

Ask your Dr to do NSTs. If they don’t track enough movement you will deliver that day.

Measuring behind = placental insufficiency plus decreased fetal movement? Get off the internet and go to the hospital

Yes very normal. There’s no room left in there for movement

No that’s NOT normal. You should go in NOW!

It’s a myth that babies move less once they are bigger.

Seems pretty normal but everyone is different try drinking something sweet n cold n poke around at bby n then count or feel the babies activity if you are worried go in to labor and delivery

Less room in there for him to move around now

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I had this start at 34 weeks I went to be checked a few times everything was fine they said baby was just so big she was out of room that as long as I felt 10 kicks movement in 24hrs not to worry