Is it normal to not have pregnancy symptoms?

Is feeling ZERO symptoms normal for your second pregnancy at 7 weeks? With my first (boy) I was sooo sick before this point, now with this one I feel 100% normal and it’s worrying me. All I have is some bloating down low. I’ve taken a pregnancy test literally every day to make sure I’m still pregnant! I’m going crazy!!! My first appt is 6/20. Ugh anyone go through this!?


My first pregnancy I was so sick all the time from like 5 weeks on, with my second, I didn’t have a single feeling of pregnancy, until I started to show, and shes now a happy healthy 3 year old. It’s okay mama🙂

My was reversed! My first pregnancy I had no symptoms at all. And with my current I’ve been as sick as can be

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All three of my pregnancies were different from each other. Especially with my girl. (First two were boys.)No morning sickness at all with my first, could barely brush my teeth without throwing up with my second, and my third, the worst heartburn ever. Had to sleep sitting up… Don’t stress about it :blush: I’m sure baby is good.

Most time symptoms doesnt show until 10 weeks I didnt feel pregnant or believe I was until I hit 10 weeks

I’ve got two girls and felt “normal” the whole time. Until I obviously started feeling them. But I was never sick or anything. I’m currently 38+3 with a boy and I was sick the entire first trimester and have had so much pain just from initially being pregnant. Each pregnancy is different.

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I started getting sick from about week 8 or so

All pregnancies are different

You’re fine dear. No two are the same. Give I another few weeks

I did with my now pregnency. But it turned out i wasnt as far as i thought. Then at 6 and half weeks i was sickkkkkk.

My first I had zero symptoms , my second I had some nausea and this one (my 3rd) has been terrible . Every pregnancy symptom under the sun . Baaad sickness at the beginning was the worst.

I had no symptoms besides bloating and cramps

I didn’t have any symptoms at all with my first two other than occasionally heartburn :blush: it’s normal everyone is different

I’ve had two girls and felt 100% fine the whole time. Enjoy that!!

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I didn’t feel pregnant with my 2nd baby until later on it’s normal

All pregnancies are different… you may see similarities but they’re all different

I didn’t have any symptoms basically my whole pregnancy!

Relax… every pregnancy is different

I didn’t have many symptoms except a sore breast around 7 weeks and heartburn with my son and of course cravings before I even found out I was pregnant… and with my daughter it was the tender breast and dizziness… I had no mornings sickness with either one

Id say your blessed lol this pregnancy i didnt get much morming sickness unless triggered which is a complete 360 compared to my others

I never got sick with either of my pregnancies. My main symptom was a heightened sense of smell that sometimes made me nauseous but literally nothing else. Besides the obvious flutters and growing belly. No sore boobs nothing.

I had symptoms galore with my boys and none with my girls. I had so little symptoms with my .middle girl that i didn’t find out I was pregnant with her until 23 weeks in (and it was an accident when I found out).

I just ate a lot it was my only symptom for a few months

First boy I was sick. Now pregnant with my second one and I felt the same way. Now almost 30 weeks and MISERABLE! Give it time you will get there…

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All pregnancies are different. Be grateful.

I had zero symptoms up until my 2nd trimester

Every pregnancy is different. Especially symptoms wise. Some are consistent with each pregnancy some are total opposite. If your repeat test are still positive. You should be fine. It’s normal to worry,but I’m sure you already know that.

First pregnancy was full of complications 2nd was set of twins felt amazing the whole time last one I felt like death each pregnancy is different because each baby is different

I had no symptoms with my second and third but did with my last and I still had all boys

I’ve had no symptoms and currently 21 weeks m

I never had any pregnancy complaints except fatigue.

4 pregnancies and only one of them made me feel sick. By sick I mean I’d get a stomach ache every evening about sundown for a couple hours. My other 3, nothing, never even a twinge of stomach ache. The one that made me sick was my 4th and my only girl. Lol

You’re fine, with 3 it of 5 of mine I didn’t have the first symptom till at least 3 months into it and every pregnancy was different but I never had morning sickness with any of them.

Relax. Im sure you are fine

Every pregnancy likely is different in some way. all 7 of mine were at least!

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I didn’t get much morning sickness with my first one. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant with my second one and I was just living over the toilet the entire first trimester with this one. Each pregnancy is different and you will experience different signs.

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I felt fine with my 3

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Seriously I experienced zero symptoms with all 3 of my boys. Didn’t feel pregnant till about 3-4 months along

14 yrs ago with my girl i didnt have any symptoms now im 37 weeks with a boy and the entire pregnancy ive been sick and miserable

I wasn’t sick at all. When I found out I was pregnant I thought i was just sick with a cold (work in a daycare when it was that time of year so I thought nothing of it) even tho we were trying to conceive that’s the only reason I figured to take a test. I havent been sick and feeling great. Until a month ago when I started showing more I felt the same way. It became more real at my first ultrasound when I was 8 weeks.

4 kids ZERO symptoms :woman_shrugging: hell last one didnt even know was prego till like 2 weeks before I had her


They can all be different. I was sick with all of mine by then, but know people who were sick for one and not the other (lucky ladies!).

I didnt even know I was pregnant with my second or third until my bf jokingly said, are you pregnant?

My only full term pregnancy had next to none all the way through it

Same! First son I was sick…with the second I couldn’t even tell I was pregnant other than the ligament pulling down low. I had no sickness at all thought my whole second pregnancy. Just depends on your body I guess, all pregnancies are different.

With my first I was bon stop sick with my second I didn’t have any symptoms at all the whole pregnancy I didn’t even know I was pregnant until about 12 weeks when I went to the ER for a serious health reason and they had to do blood work on me an told me I was pregnant

Every pregnancy is different

My 2nd son i never felt prego ever! Finally at 6 months i blew up and it was hard to get around. Thats normal

Be happy!! Not every pregnancy is the same.

with my son i have sever morning sickness…with my daughter i had little to no morning sickness as well as very other symptoms

Same. With my first i was sooo sick. Now im 35 weeks and havent had one day of nausea at all.

With my first, I wasn’t sick at all. I’m pregnant with my second now and was so sick for the first 4 months. Definitely believe every pregnancy is different.

I had no sickness w my boy little car sick@he hated coffee.Last few months he was ruining out of room.Be happy! Enjoy the ride.

Every pregnancy is different. I never had any morning sickness with any of my kids (all 7). I loved being pregnant! The very end was the hardest, but other than that I enjoyed it

I’ve carried 5 to term and each time was a new experience. One there was no sickness until month 7 then BAM! It was awful being that big and that sick at the same time! Just enjoy it while it lasts and try to relax. Stressing is not healthy.