Is it normal to pee while sneezing?

TMI. So this is my first pregnancy I’ve carried further than 10 weeks, so a lot of things are still new to me. I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant and I’ve noticed more so recently that when I sneeze I have little accidents. I have panty liners but I dont think they are thick enough. Can anyone recommend something that may work better? Something that can make being at work a little easier so I dont have to always carry a spare pair of panties.


Thick pads. Used them a month after I gave birth for a week to help me control my bladder. It helped. Try that! Good luck!

I bought the extra long liners from Always and put two in side by side so my underwear was fully lined and double padded where I needed it and it was much more comfortable than a pad

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Always discreet are amazing !

All I can recommend is to do some kegels. Kegels. And more kegels lol. It’ll help when you need to push babe out too.

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Get absorbant underwear from modibodi :slight_smile:

I had that from 30 weeks until I delivered 37+3— and still have the problem 4 weeks after delivery
I cant jump, run, sneeze, laugh hard… Do those kegals it does help !!!

My major advice would be kegels (good for strengthening the pelvic floor to hold pee and make delivery easier!) and whether I’m pregnant or not, I’m on my 3rd kid and always clench my legs together for a cough or sneeze lol. Just comes with it! I used extra long pads and sometimes doubled them in width too, but keeping a spare pair won’t hurt just in case!

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Depends on what you buying. Alot of liners come in different thickness and if that doesn’t help a normal pad can help put your mind st ease. Also remember to start doing your kegel exercises

Tena incontinence pads! I used the big ones after delivery and didnt have to worry about bleeding through or anything.

Do your kegals. It strengthens your muscles and you are less likely to tear when u give birth

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Do a kegel or cross your legs when you pee, 2 kids later and its a must.

I cough and the same happens to me

Welcome to motherhood. Lol


I used stayfree overnights with wings. They are pads super thin but very absorbable to where I didn’t have to changed through out the day bc i also did this during both pregnancies.

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Panties come with pad inside and are washable for quite a few times drug stores and probably wal.mart

Kegals and poise pads. Always makes a bladder pad now as well.

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I always used Always Ultra Thin medium to heavy flow depending if I was going to be out and about

Just go check out the bladder leak section and pick something out cause it is only going to get worse as baby gets bigger and bladder gets kicked more

definitely “Always Discreet Boutique” I wore those in my last trimester and after I had my daughter. Make sure you do kegels to help strengthen your pelvic floor too. That helped me a lot with bladder control after I delivered. I did that during the first 6 weeks and I haven’t had any accidents.

Congratulations on your baby!!! Regular pads may work better. I know that may be uncomfortable but hopefully it’s only temporary

Adult diapers might work. I did not have this problem with my 2 Children

Going to the bathroom often helped me. Sometimes I’d go even if I didnt have to go like every hour or 30 minutes.