Is it normal to puke blood while pregnant?

Is it normal to puke blood at 14 weeks? My morning sickness had just slowed way down and now I woke up out of a sleep to use the restroom and I got super sick out of no where… I’m already worried about my twins because I was bleeding the first 8 weeks and my OB did a emergency ultrasound to find there heart beats it was successful. Please no negativity this is my second pregnancy but all new symptoms from my daughter.


Nope not normal. Get seen by a doctor, could just be that you have scratched something in your throat as you’ve been sick but I’d seek medical advice

I would go to the hospital, puking blood doesn’t sound normal

if your puking blood i would be heading to the hospital right now


It’s not normal to puke blood ever

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It’s never normal to puke blood, pregnant or not. I would call your doctor or just go into the ER. It’s not likely an issue with your pregnancy but you still need to be seen.

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Puking blood has never been normal even if you’re not pregnant


Could be a hernia or ulcer. Call your OB. They’ll probably refer you to GI.

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Please go to hospital immediately.

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Puking blood is not normal ever! Did it look like coffee grounds?

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You could of tore your esophagus well puking even a small tear will cause alot of blood


Dont know we aren’t doctors, you should go get checked out. Sounds serious.


When I was vomiting constantly all day my throw up had streaks of blood from my throat being really irritated. Only small streaks though nothing serious… still talk to your doctor!

I did a little with my second pregnancy but you should definitely get checked out to be safe.

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It is never normal to throw up blood. If it is streaked bright red it is most liking your esophagus being irritated from throwing up but honestly I would get looked at asap just Incase. If you are throwing up enough to do that you may need to try a medication as baby is missing out on nutrition and you are getting dehydrated

Tore the stomach lining from excessive, aggressive vomiting. Done it a few times especially during pregnancy.


I did with my daughter

Absolutely not! There is never any good reason to puke blood. GO TO THE HOSPITAL

I puke blood. Usually when I puke so much my throat gets all scratchy and there’s blood in my mucus. I’ve been to the hospital and OB multiple times and they all have said it’s completely normal :slight_smile:

However, if it’s large amounts I would go in.

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I would call your ob because spitting blood can be dangerous

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Go to the ER.fb is not the answer

I mean…you could have just an irritated throat but you should go get checked out for sure

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Go to the er please don’t ask fb when you puking blood


I feel like it’s really never normal to puke blood.

Puking up blood is never good. You need to go to the emergency room. My sister started puking blood and she ended up having a bleeding ulcer. Please get checked out.

I didn’t throw up blood during pregnancy but one night I was throwing up so much that my nose started bleeding.

It’s never normal to vomit blood. Go to the doctor immediately

I did. Still go in to the ER but they told me it was Mallory-Weiss Syndrome (harmless) but it could be something major too so you need to talk to a doctor.

If you down a glass of water as you are going to be sick all you will do is bring the water back and you won’t be wrenching at your stomach my doc told me this when I had my first baby many moons ago and it really works whenever ime sick I do this it makes being sick very easy just try it!

You need to go to the hospital my husband had a bleeding ulcer and almost died

Never ok to puke blood. Go see why!

Malory weiss tears can cause bleeding from excess coughing retching etc. It’s a tear in your esophageal lining. Typically nothing to worry about. However it can be other things to. Get it checked just in case though.

Vomiting blood is never normal. Go to the ER ASAP.

I had this problem. I was 22 weeks. Went to the hospital. And checked everything baby was fine blood work cane back normal. All it was , was that I was forcing so hard that I broke a blood vessel in my stomach… but definitely go in and get checked out.

I threw up blood, and when I went to my doctors, they said it was most probably where I’ve ‘lacerated’ my throat from heaving and being sick so much with the morning (all day!) sickness. But defo get checked out in case it’s something more serious xx