Is it normal to skip periods on the depo shot?

I was on the depo shot. I had 3 shots and decided to stop cause of weight gain. I spotted for 2 days the week before Christmas and I have not had any spotting or started my period. Was suppose to get my next shot the first of December. Is this normal?

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Yep, depo can cause no periods as you know and it takes awhile to be 100% out of your system. If you don’t have a period by March or April, I’d go in to be seen by your family doctor.

Yes…depo is very unpredictable it cant take up to a year to get your periods back and normal…after a few months the doctor will probably put you on the pill to regulate them tho

I hated the depo shot. I bled/ spotted for weeks at a time. I was on it several years ago… I got like 2 of the shots before I quite getting them.

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Yes it’s normal. Talk to your doctor, they will give you all the info you need. Every womans body is different and reacts differently to the getting the shot and getting off the shot.

Completely normal. The effects of Depo Provera, not the birth control piece, can remain up to 18 months. Periods may return earlier than that but may not.

Depo fucked my whole system up.
Took 10 years to get everything back to normal and to be able to even have a kid and I’m still not fully normal. I still go months without a period and I haven’t been on birth control since I was 14 or 15. I’m 27 now.

There is no norm for depo.

My last depo shot was september was due in 5 th December I didn’t get. Had a period start of January and now again an other period. Does that mean i need more contraception xx