Is it normal to spot on Nexplanon?

Have any of you ladies had the nexplanon birth control and had constant spotting and bleeding? Ive had it for exactly a year and wont stop spotting… I know thats a common side effect but was wondering how long after you had it removed did the bleeding stop for you? Thanks in advance. I know everyone is different but just want an idea


Talk to your doctor.

Very very much for your help and support

I had it for about 4-5 months before I’d had enough. From my experience the doctor will just keep telling you it will sort itself out. Some birth control methods work for some while not for others.

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Yes I had it put in an then got it removed to have my daughter I thought against protection an thought I’d get it again I’m now on my 3rd year which is coming to an end but I bleed for 6 months constant then the spotting started but now I’m lucky to bleed every 2 or 3 months but I’ll be glad as Sept ends my bar, but it’s completely normal it works different with people depends on your hormones

Went back to normal writhing a week or so after it was removed

I had it for the full three years they gave me one depo shot while I had it in and I never stopped bleeding and after I had it taken out in October 2018 I had a normal period and then I got pregnant in November

I had the implanon years ago and the first 8 months I would bleed non stop. Went to the dr and he put me on the pill to regulate my cycles. So, I was on 2 birth controls for 2 and a half years.

I’ve had it about 11 months now. The first like 4 months or so was constant spotting. But now about every month and a half I’ll spot then have a period then have spotting again so it lasts for like 3 weeks straight. I get it. I have ruined so many pairs of underwear from all the spotting.

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When I had it I bled for 20 out of 30 days in a month and if I was active or had stress I would have spotting. I removed it and a couple days later I had a period for 4 or 5 days then went back to normal.

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Sometimes I will have spotting sometimes I won’t. My doctor told me that they could always put you on the pill on top of the nexplanon for a short time and it’ll balance everything out

I had it for 3 years before I had my daughter and bleed for all 3 years non stop after I took it out I right away went back to a normal period and now that I had my daughter im on a birth control called skyla and I love it its a 3 year birth control without the horrible side effects I only have a period every 3 months for only 1 week and they r light periods when I’m used to having a heavy flow… Try the birth control skyla u will like it better

I bled heavily the first month I had it. I also made my doctor remove it after that month and the bleeding stopped a few days later. The arm implant is awful.

I bled for 9 months straight on it. And gained 40lbs.
I’ve had it just over two years. And still don’t have a regular period.
One month it’s normal. I’ll skip 2 or 3 and have it 6weeks straight.

Yes and about 9 months in did a pill to try to regulate helped but then about 6 months later got bad again did a depo shot didn’t really help ended up getting it out March of last year… I didn’t have any issues with the first version implanon but the nexplanon i did.

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I’m on my 3rd one…have had it for a little over and literally called to have it removed cuz I cant take it anymore…the bleeding the mood swings the back aches…the low sex drive…thing is worse then being pregnant…I usually end up only keeping it for a year almost 2 and take it out everytime…good luck

Horrible. Hated it. Cut mine out myself because my OB refused to remove it.