Is it okay that my 5-month-old sleeps on her stomach?

My daughter is five months old and only sleeps on her stomach. When she was a newborn, we swaddled, she slept on her back and absolutely hated tummy time. At three and a half months, she flipped, and we transitioned out of the swaddled. At first, she was ok, but a few weeks later, if we placed her on her back, she would wake up and scream and cry until we flipped her, then she would instantly go to sleep and most nights sleep all night. In about a month, we want to move her from the pack n play in our bedroom and into a crib in her room. That’s where I am terrified because then a fitted sheet gets involved plus a mattress. If she’s slept fine on her stomach for over a month just fine, do I have anything to be worried about?


If she can safely roll to her belly herself, he’s she’s fine


3 of my 4 were that way. If she can roll and has good neck control is not an issue

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Yes as long as there is nothing in her crib and she can turn her head so her face isnt on the mattress it is safe.

It’s only ok if she can get to her stomach by herself. You putting her on her stomach is not the same thing as her rolling over herself

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As long as she can turn over on her own she’s fine. Mine were sleeping on their belly by 5 months with no issues. Once they can turn themselves you cant do much to stop it.

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Can she roll? If she can roll over on her own its fine.

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My littlest has always been a tummy sleeper, the nurses told me its not ideal (obviously) but that him getting sleep is the main priority!

I wouldn’t worry but if you think it would make you more comfortable try putting her on her side to sleep

My 4 month old has been rolling over to his belly at night. It scares me so bad! His pediatrician said as long as he can roll on his own, he is fine. Just make sure there is a tight sheet and nothing in the crib.

As long as she can lift her head and move it from side to side she will be fine

If she can roll over then you can’t exactly prevent it and it should be just fine

Once they can roll over, then it doesn’t matter. My son was a tummy sleeper and he got himself to roll by 4 weeks. Doctor kept saying to move him back onto his back and didn’t believe my son was rolling over already, so I took video, went back in a few days later, showed him the video and told him to come over and stop him. He finally said it was fine since my son could roll over on his own.

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My son was a stomach sleeper from day one, hated being on his back or being swaddled. Make sure there isn’t anything in the crib with her and dress her warm. Use a baby monitor to ease your mind a little. Both baby and mom deserve to sleep comfortably! Good luck!

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If she can roll from belly to back, and back to belly then it’s fine, if not she should still sleep on her back

If she rolls from her back, there’s nothing to do. If you put her on her back and she cries, let her cry. Don’t put her on her stomach without supervision.

The biggest worry with belly sleeping is that infants don’t have the control to move/roll over if they can’t breathe. If your babe can roll over and has head control she should be fine :two_hearts:

If she goes on her stomach by herself it’s fine. Both my kids did that. As long as she is able to roll you should be all good

My kids were all stomach sleepers.

The biggest concern with belly sleeping is that they will get “stuck” and become unable to breathe. That as infants they don’t have the body control to automatically move in their sleep to allow for better breathing. If she rolls to her tummy on her own and has good neck control then its perfectly safe as long as there’s nothing in her crib.

My son was the same way at that age… freaked me out but he would wake up when I flipped him to his back… we both slept better when he laid on his belly

My 5 month old does. She can move her head side to side on her own.

Also can flip over.

All of my kids have been side/tummy sleepers. As long as theres nothing in her crib( i had to take my daughters thin blanket away cause she kept piling it up by her face), and she can move around by her self, than i wouldnt worry. I put my daughter in a sleep sack to keep her warm, and put her fuzzy blanket down on her matress (she wont sleep without rubbing her face on something fuzzy), and she just rolls around when she gets uncomfortable.

She should only sleep on her belly if she’s rolling onto her belly herself.

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My son basicually slept on his stomach at that age all of the time. Just dont put think bumpers on the crib rails. And get a portable video camera with sound and carry it around with you. A crib sheet will be okay.

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Ya once they start rolling over you can rest the stress. All four of my children survived on their tummies

Magic Merlin suit! Even if babies have survived tummy sleeping it increases risk of sids. Not worth the risk in my opinion.

If she can roll it’s fine. I fought with my son so much but he’s a belly sleeper. I used to flip him and he would go right back. He’s almost 9 months and sleeps on his belly all night.

My son freaked me out when he started sleeping on his tummy at about 5 months. If she can roll from her stomach to back, then she’s perfectly fine to sleep on her stomach. If she can’t quite roll yet, she should be on her back. But she’s at the age where she will most likely be learning to roll around anyway, so she should be fine :slightly_smiling_face:

If she knows how to hold her head up and is capable of turning over when she needs to… she’s A-okay

My son was a stomach sleeper since day 1. He’s a healthy almost 2 year old and still to this day sleeps on his stomach.

My son has always slept on his tummy. He refused to sleep on his back or side. Hes 12 yrs old now.

You said she cries until you flip her. Can she roll over on her own? That’s the thing. If she can’t flip herself then she should be sleeping on her back.


My daughter will only sleep on her stomach and she’s 7 months old. Of course in her crib with nothing in there with her

My youngest slept on his belly since day 1, even in the NICU

My daughters were the same way my oldest would scream at 2 weeks if she wasnt on her stomach

You can put a crib sheet on the bed and get the sheet clips that hold it under the bed so it won’t come off. My son, many moons ago, slept on his stomach, but it was also the pediatric suggestion of that time.

My baby was sleeping on his front from about 5 month he ok x

Kid’s have slept fine on tummies forever

My daughter’s both flipped themselves over, just be mindful if there is anything in the crib with them

It is not fine to put babies to sleep on their tummies and don’t listen to the people here who tell you it’s okay. THAT SAID - if she can roll over, it no longer matters. (I realize that this sounds rude but I can’t stand when people are saying that babies have done it just fine…lots of babies die of SIDS related to sleeping on their tummies before they are ready and it’s such bad advice to tell you that it’s okay)


If she can roll she’s fine. Both of my kids are belly sleepers. Both of them were rolling at about 3 months. So from that point on, they slept on their bellies. Didn’t matter if I laid them on their back.

If she can roll on her own she is fine. Im pretty sure 10 years ago they were supposed to sleep on their stomachs though. My oldest is about to be 10 and that’s how she was supposed to sleep. Now my one year old was supposed to sleep on her back but she always rolled over onto her stomach. As long as they can roll on their own, it’s perfectly fine. You shouldn’t be the one to lay the child on her stomach though.

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My daughter does she’s almost 2 the moment we put her in her crib she started sleeping on her tummy

My daughter slept in her crib alone on her stomach starting at 3 month. She was fine.

Once they can roll themselves stomach sleeping is ok

All my babies and great grandbabies had to be on their tummies. When my kids were little we were told to lay them on side or tummies in case they spit up… Most babies prefer it

Once my son started rolling onto his tummy there was no point flipping him back over again because he would flip right back to his tummy again. Put baby to sleep on his or her back and that’s all you can do. Once they start rolling over they are strong enough to flip themselves back then I wouldn’t worry girl! Just make sure there is nothing but a fitted mattress sheet in the crib NOTHING else! And make sure it’s the mattress that goes with the crib. And make sure it’s a firm one. :blush: Safe sleep :zzz:

People who allow it don’t think the risks will happen to them. Babies sleep deeper on their stomachs and SIDS is more likely to happen if they are in a deep sleep. As adults when we stop breathing our brain has a switch which will wake us up to prevent us from dying. Sometimes in babies that switch just fails to work and babies die in their sleep. Everyone will say oh i let my babies do it and it was fine. we can’t know what will happen. Whether your baby is sleeping on their back or tummy SIDS can happen. It’s better to be careful than sorry, ultimately it’s your decision


All 5 of my kids slept on their stomach even in the crib. Your baby will be fine

If she can roll over she is fine. Mine has slept in a pack and play since day 1, always with a fitted sheet because I dont want her sleeping in spit up or pee/poo if she does an explode. As long as the fitted sheet is tight and not loose and wrinkled, there is no worry about it. Also make sure there are no stuffed animals, other bedding, bumpers, etc. Just mattress and fitted sheet.

Both my girls slept on their bellies from about 8 weeks. They wouldnt sleep any other way

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Your kid sleeps. Be okay with it.

My ped said if you put them on their back and they roll over on their own it’s fine as long as there’s no blankets or anything in the crib and the sheet is fitted

I think as long as there isn’t anything extra in there, like blankets and toys and etc. it’ll be okay. I’ve co-slept with my daughter since she’s gotten big enough don’t really remember when that was maybe around like 5-6 months and she’s done great with it as long as there wasn’t any blankets or anything. Every child is different though, just be careful and hope you can get it figured out for 100% sure. Best of luck to you and your family.:heart:

My daughter hated sleeping on her back. So she’s always slept on her tummy :woman_shrugging:t2:

My son always slept on his stomach.

My son had reflux and slept on his belly from about 2 months on.

There are also fully breathable mattresses. Follow Shannon Tripp on IG and she talks about the mattress.

Let her scream but don’t flip her. She’ll eventually stop. She just knows she can get her way by screaming.


If she is already flipping she’s fine.believe me I had a son that we had on his stomach way earlier than what they want you to have but it was the only way I could get that boy to go to sleep


My 4 months old baby has been sleeping on her Tummy since birth and it has made her neck stronger she lively and chances of choking are 0.00%

It’s perfectly fine. I slept both my kids on their tummy’s. They slept so much better

When my kids were babies and granted they are in their 30’s and 40’s now my babies slept on their stomach because it was feared if they spit up in their sleep they could suffocate in there vomit. Now they worry about suffocation if you put them on their stomach. If your baby is able to roll over and lift their head let them sleep the way they are comfortable.

Don’t swaddle her and lay her on her stomach, I wouldn’t lay her on her stomach at all she will learn to accept the change. My son was 5 month 25 days when he passed

Just make sure there isn’t anything in the crib she can suffocate with she should be fine


Talk to your child’s pediatrician about this. Tell her what you told us and if you can, go more in depth about it. That’s scary.


I’m the old type. We had our kids on their stomach from day one. It is only the past twenty years or so that being on their back is the norm. I was always afraid they would choke. Just make sure you have a baby monitor.


As long as she can flip by herself she is fine .just make sure there is nothing she can loosen by herself and no plastics.


5 months old & sleeping on her stomach! WTF is wrong with you?? Haven’t you heard of SUFFOCATION??? :angry::angry::angry:


My children all slept on their tummies and nothing happened I think the doctors say sleep on their backs bc there really ISN’T enough studies to Actually say S.I.D.S is cause my second child almost died of sids and she was on her back

It’s she’s able to lift her head, turn over herself then it’s safe


My daughter did the same thing. If she can flip over on her own she’s ok.

3 if my 4 slept on their stomach at that age.

Just make sure the sheet is on tight and nothing in the crib like teddies, blankets, pillows etc.
I only allowed my children to have a sleeping bag while in a got then transitioned to duvet and pillow around 14 months

all 4 of my kids were tummy sleepers once they learned to roll my mom used to tell me that if they can roll,turn their head or lift it they were fine…

As long as sdge can lift her own head yes


Just put her crib in your room close to the bed. I have my daughters crib in my room for her naps during the day but she sleeps with me at night.

Our daughter was sleeping on her belly at 4months. Just how she was comfortable. Been sleeping that way ever since. She’s 15months. But everyone is different… always consult with your doctor.


I did this with all my children and even let them have pillows … they all survived just fine

Don’t come to the internet with these questions honey… it’s a terrible place. Everyone has opinions and they like to make us feel bad when we don’t agree with theirs.
Your Momma instincts will let you know. Some babies can some can’t. Mine can. My kids are 15 12 7 and 9 months. All our kids are different.
Do what makes you comfortable. :heart:

Personally I think she will be fine in her new crib.

Do what YOU want it’s YOUR child. Every baby is different some sleep on their tummys no biggy just if you feel nervous just check on them often

Its natural for them to roll over and sleep on their stomachs. If she rolls over she does, let her be and you will only stress more thinking u need to go check on her all night and flip her over. As long as theres nothing yo smother her, shes fine. Sids is caused by subluxation caused by dictors pulling their heads. Go to a child chiropractor and get her checked for that also.

If she can roll from front to back and vice versa along with lifting her head she will be fine. One of mine would go to sleep on her back then in the morning I would find her on her belly and when I discussed this with the dr he said the above!!!


Is she flipping on her own she should be fine and if she has control over her head she should be fine

I know my son had to sleep on his side when he came home and then rolled directly to his stomach though he had control over his head from the day he was born

Ok. My kids are grown, but back in the day, we were told your child will choke on their own spit up if on their back. Always on their bellys only! Both my kids slept that way. No problems. Seams like they change the rules every 10 years. And I had all kinds of stuff in the crib. Bumper gaurds. Pillows. Stuffed animals.
They now say that’s unsafe. My grandchildren have only sheets in their crib. Nothing else for safety of suffocating. :flushed:
I’m sure that’s what your ped will tell you. But ask your Dr. :relaxed:
you sound like a good momma. I’m sure your fine.

Both my babies slept on bellies from birth and one is 10 years old the other will be 3 in April. Ignore the ones bashing you and calling you silly names. Your doctor will tell you that baby is supposed to be on back but here’s the thing. Babies sleep when comfortable and well I know sleeping on my back isn’t the greatest, as long as there is nothing in the bed and she can turn her head she’s fine.

For the ones about to attack me, CAS approved it, my peds approved it and most of all my babies slept just fine. If you feel the need to get nasty know this, keep your words clean or I will report you. This isn’t a bashing site this is a place to get some advice. Shame on yous for being so nasty. Hope your kids don’t become like you.

My daughter has slept on her belly back and side since she was born the only way that scares Me is on her back bc she has choked MANY times and if she wasn’t in My bed she wouldn’t be here today… Do right by YOUR child and don’t let ANYONE tell you different…

My daughter preferred her side or her belly after the first 3 months. She is 10 months now and still prefers her side or belly. She only falls asleep on her back if she had an extremely busy day and is just exhausted.

Its okay for your child to sleep however she wants as long as you have a monitor and you check on her. Studies show that there’s no right or wrong way for a baby to sleep. My son slept on his back forever didn’t like his belly. My Gabby she slept much better on her belly and would sing all night if we put her on her back.

Just keep a sheet on her mattress and don’t put no pillow no stuffed animals etc. She will be just fine momma


She can sleep how ever she wants !!! My son slept how ever he wanted. I’m sorry but for those who think sleeping positions have to do with SIDS. it doesn’t. Sids could happen to any one of our children, it’s a possibility with every child on this earth . My aunt died from sids sleeping on her back! She was 8months old. ! I dont personally flip my kid I let him sleep however he wants. I spoke to the doctor and the same if he can move himself /flip then he can move him self enough to get air or be comfortable. Your child isn’t a newborn.

My son was 10 weeks early in the nicu they put him on his belly to sleep

I agree with the positive comments. All my kids would roll one way or the other at some point. Agree to only keeping a sheet and nothing else. Please don’t worry about the negative crap people say. You will know in your heart what is right.

With my oldest it was recommended to put them on their tummy youngest on back but no matter how many times i flipped her she just went back to her tummy 🤷 they’re both fine

Only if she can roll back over


As long as the mattress is firm there’s nothing to worry about… check out anti suffocation pillows especially for babies that sleep on their stomachs.

NOOO…Up untill a year SIDs is very real…better safe than sorry. Don’t let people tell you my kid did and was fine…they are all fine untill one is not.

If she can lift her head and roll over, let her. I did it with my boy and was told by my doctor if he can get out of that position it’s safe. Just obviously keep all loose things away from her. Blankets, toys etc

You can buy a wedge for her crib cot to help her stop rolling

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