Is it okay to give my 10-month-old whole milk?

Is it okay to give my 10 month old one 5oz bottle of whole milk a day ? It’s not replacing any table food or really any true nursing sessions. She’s comfort nursing and doesn’t even care to continue to drink once my milk is actually stimulated. She recently bit the hell out of me and it’s killing me . A small breastfeeding break here and there would be great. I intend to stop nursing right at the 12mo mark … so I don’t think it’s the worst to introduce her to whole milk now , I just want to make sure it’s safe and hear other people’s experiences.


My health visitor has said no whole milk until 1 year. Can u pump and bottle feed her that? X

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My pediatrician had me start 3 out of 4(youngest was a micro preemie) on whole milk at 9 months old. My grandsons pediatrician didn’t have him start until he was 1 year old. I would ask your pediatrician

I don’t think so I beleive whole milk is at a yr old. You should ask you pediatrician

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I’d talk to your pediatrician.
Another option could be pumping breast milk instead of nursing if you need a break from nursing.

It depends where you’re from. American pediatricians advise not before a year but Canadian pediatricians say you can start introducing at 8-9 months

When my daughter was 10 months old she weened her self off formula and refused to drink breast milk so I talked to her Dr and they gave me the go ahead to do so and she has been fine and she’s 4 now I started off mixing the whole milk with the breast milk or formula just to make sure it wouldn’t upset her tummy

My kid’s pediatrician said it’s fine to start introducing whole Milk around 10 months.
But all doctors recommend different things for different kids, I’d ask a professional.

Some doctors will tell you no.
Until there’s a formula shortage and they all agree that you can :rofl:
I gave all my babies whole milk at 10 months. Prior to that, they had all had foods like yogurt and cheese so I was sure it wouldn’t hurt their tummies. Their formula was all milk based as well so I was confident there wasn’t allergies.
I’m a firm believer that mama knows her baby best so do what you think is right and don’t worry about judgment from others.


I personally just cold turkeyed my oldest because I ran out of formula in the middle of a near blizzard in the middle of nowhere, he was 10 months and he threw up everything. But when he got on the milk, he didn’t throw up once. Tried with my middle child and she had no problems and I plan on doing it with this little guy around that time

My eldest was 10 months when I started him on cooled boiled whole milk instead of formula. Did it out of need as couldn’t afford the formula at the time.
Didn’t do him any harm… Some people told me that’s why he was asthmatic but that’s not true. There’s a lot of asthma in my family and one of his siblings is asthmatic and she was in formula for 14 months.

My pediatrician would tel me no not until 12 months my family told me to do half milk half formula at 10 months. So it just depends on what your comfortable with and how your baby responds to it

All 3 of mine were on cows milk at 8 months old because they were eating meat and veg so didn’t need the formula anymore. All 3 are healthy, seldomly get sick and no food allergies

One thing I recommend when starting on cows milk is to mix it with formula, increasing the amount of milk each time. I didn’t with one of my kids and she ended up with a horrible diaper rash.

My baby was on whole milk by 11 months… just super slow and steady

I started giving it to mine I cereal to test their tummy out then eventually half bottles then as much as they want

My Dr had them start with 2% not whole milk.

Not until they hit a year old.

I tried adding an ounce of milk to my daughter’s bottles around 10 months to start getting her ready to drink less formula around the 1 yr mark. She ended up with the worst diarrhea she’s ever had. Very acidic poops that quite literally ate at her skin and left raw spots. When I contacted her pediatrician about it she berated me for giving her milk before a year. Now she turned a year old yesterday and I don’t know what to do at this point as far as introducing milk. She already only drinks 2-3 bottles of formula a day at this point, morning, bedtime, and sometimes during the day but most often just the morning and bedtime bottles. My cousin has a son who’s 10 days older than my daughter and we recently contacted each other about it because she had the same experience introducing milk to her son as well. Sorry I don’t have any sound advice for you but wanted to share my experience anyway. I would say wait but I know lots of others seem to start introducing milk around 10 months without any real issues.

I kept my oldest 2 on formula the whole time but introduced soy milk to my first at 9 months, she was fine. (My two oldest had problems with regular milk prior to being introduced to cows milk) my third has a bottle of soy every now and again, he does okay on it. I haven’t got a method or done any research but I would think introducing it is okay. I didn’t want to just abruptly switch, it’s the same as when we introduce foods imo🤷🏽‍♀️