Is it painful to donate eggs?

has anyone thought or have done egg donation?Soo I’m thinking of donating my eggs to help out other family’s. Has any one done this before? Is it like extreme? I know about all the procedures and what not but is it painful or anything?


I had my eggs retrieved for IVF. It’s really painless, just a lil cramping. Lots of shots, but over a 1/10 for pain

I did IVF for my 2 eldest… egg retrieval wasn’t bad at all. As long as you are ok with injections I’d say go for it. You are giving the greatest gift to another family xx god bless you xx


My beautiful daughter was from donor egg a generous gift! I have also had mine done when trying for an ivf procedure wasn’t too bad just some soreness/cramping but tolerable.


Had to take out my own eggs for ivf it wasn’t as bad

It is uncomfortable dueing the procedure and for a day or so afterwards, but otherwise I found the process fine. As long as your okay with needles it’s nothing traumatising or long lasting.

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I also went through IVF and egg retrieval. Then morning of I was supposed to take a pill. Can’t remember what or why but my egg retrieval was super painful maybe the pill had to do with pain management? But it brought my handsome son to the world. I would do it again if I had to and if it was going to give someone else the gift of a family.

Upu have to be under a certain age and can’t have certain health problems etc I would look into it etx


Please discuss this with your gynecologist. High doses of hormones are involved and there could be long-term side effects to you. Please get all of the facts before making a decision. Most posts here focus on the benefits to childless couples. You need to know about the impact on your body.

If you get ohss its very painfull, my best friend did egg retrieval and she could barely move days clsoe to procedure. My other friend almoat ended up in hospital. And another friend ended up with 8ltrs of fluid in her belly… it can be a huge risk. Roll of the dice…

There are long term health risks associated with it, do your research