Is it possible for baby to move to much?

Is it possible for a baby to move too much? This is baby number 4. I don’t remember my other three moving this much at all, and just had my last one 10 months ago. I’m 6 months along for reference. I mean he is moving all. The. Time. And aggressively.


It means you need to invest in disco lights and rave wear.
Speaking from personal experience

I feel like this is a boy thing. My daughter was calm as can be and my son hurt my hips and my lower back

Might just be a sign of an active baby. My first pregnancy, my son got the hiccups multiple times a day for the last few weeks. I told the doctor and he said it’s just likely he’s gulping the fluids too quickly. He’s 8 now and loves his food, still gulps it down :slightly_smiling_face:

My boy is very active since I was 15 weeks. It’s a good sign. He’s healthy

It depends on babys position and position of placenta as to how much movement you feel. My last one was a strong one and it used to hurt when he moved

35+weeks with my 4th and he’s been super active. Some of the kicks freak me out for real lol

I’m on my second and this one moves so much more already compared to my first. I know you start to feel it more too as you know the little kicks and flutters now. I’m only 4 months but I swear this baby is gonna be a dancer lol. Ultrasound confirmed the movements too. Constantly bouncing and rolling it’s feet

I’m 32 weeks and this kid has given me Zero rest lol he kicks and moves all the time!!! The doctor doesn’t have an issue with it, he’s just making sure I get all the extra stretch marks I can get :joy:

No issues with my son who was my first but when my daughter came along she was on the move constantly to the point I was getting stress tests done 3 days a week. She’ll be 6 on the 27th, active as ever & always on the move.

My first baby was always moving and kept me up night and day and she still is, a energizer bunny! My next one was a bit lazier.

Maybe he is excited about something he hears, or something you ate. Could just be a really excited baby. Mine used to sleep while I was driving around and working listening to music and wanted to party when I tried to sleep and it was quiet.

My son ,moved so much I’d become nauseous. Sometimes if actually felt and looked like he was doing flips.
Yeah he’s always been a dare devil on bikes ,motorcycles etc, since he could walk.
However was such a calm easy baby.

Mine was a very aggressive baby in the womb, he beats me up now :rofl: he’s 7 months old lol

Don’t eat sugar or too many heavy carbs

Have you started Count the Kick yet?

I just had my 5th a month ago. He moved constantly and it HURT!! I don’t know what he was doing in there but my other 4 were nothing like him :rofl::rofl:

My baby number 4 was extremely active in my belly, and if he was still he had the hiccups lol. And to this day he’s extremely active always on the move and he’s 15 I even got him tested for adhd at age 6 and he came back as not being adhd so I never got him retested but man oh man he’s the baby and the only boy and he’s given me a run for my money lol good luck mama

My 2nd one many moons ago hated it when I was in the bath it was as if he was doing flips and turning right over it was scary and painful in the end I would kneel in the bath wash down quick and out…

My last one moved so much more than the others. I was diagnosed with GD and anytime I’d have sugar baby would go crazy.

Ive always said you learn a lot about the child’s personality before it’s born. My first was chill. I had to drink spite to give him hick ups to even know he’s alive in there. He’s chill to this day. My 2nd was moving constantly. She’s 11 & has NEVER stopped moving ever! Even in her sleep she’s moving. My 3rd rarely moved. The only times he had big movements was when his sister was touching my belly. He’ll be 10 next month :sob: he’s still like that. Very calm until… Sissy comes near him. Mama your little is ok. Just be prepared for a hyperactive child. He’s gonna drive you batty :joy:

My son with ADHD always felt like he was doing summersaults (painful)…and none of my other son’s moved/felt he same. I have 7.

What does the doctor say?

Too much movement needs to be checked out the same as not enough movement.

Hope he is tired out when he arrives… leaving you a bit of time!

My daughter moved SOOOOO much. My son never moved at all. It got to the point where I went to the hospital a million times because I thought something was wrong.

As a Nurse and also a Momma myself I have never heard that a baby can move too much or be too active in the womb…it may be uncomfortable and unpleasant for you though…


Don’t think so… they can even kick so much they bruise your ribs…

My 3rd baby was this way. I cried many times in my 3rd trimester because he moved so much an it hurt. He was my biggest baby (6lbs 5oz) but now he’s my mellow child (6)

My second was like this and he is still that way at 2.5 :sweat_smile:

If it’s normal for him, yeah. But often people who experience stillbirth report drastic movements immediately prior to nothing.

My last baby was that way too. She’s 17 now & still hyper all. The. Time

You can ask your doctor to be sure but I suspect it’s normal. My son moved so much I couldn’t sleep. He was so active after he was born. Never crawled, just started walking. I had him tested for ADHD when he was a teenager. He tested positive. I have two children and I always say if my son had been my first, he would have been an only child. He’s an adult now and he is definitely calmer. He tried Ritalin but didn’t even use a whole prescription. He said it made him feel weird. We put him into hockey at age five to burn off his energy. He was an excellent player. He still plays, recreationally now. Hockey saved our sanity.


My daughter roll really early

It’s normal not all pregnancies are the same so what is normal for 1 pregnancy is not normal for another

Sometimes the movement is felt more in one pregnancy than another because of placement of placenta being closer to your spine or closer to your belly button.

Welcome to ADHD. Womb edition.