Is it possible to get a false positive?

“Have you ever gotten a false positive by seeing an evaporation line on your pregnancy test?”


No. I read test box time frame, read test in time suggested in adequate lighting then toss. I’d say 5 min or so max then toss (varies on brand)

I’ve gotten false before and it was within the time frame. Twice💁

I have gotten a false positive once before. Technically two tests but they were from the same box so I assumed there was just something off with them. I followed the directions on the box exactly

Yes, I once picked one out of the bathroom trash after it was sitting overnight and it had a faint line.

Yes, with the blue tests. I’ve had them more times than I can count. I thought people were crazy when they said that, and then it happened to me. I did it by the book.

No because a false postive and an evaporation line are 2 different things…

Yes. That’s why they tell you to disregard anything after the time limit which is usually 10 minutes. If you still suspect being pregnant take another one in a few days.

Nope three positive test … Three damn kids … Thank God two of mine are grown … Because this ten year old is working my last nerve today
Is it time for start again yet ?? LoL

I have with the thin strips you buy in bulk. (I tested a lot, I had 7 years of fertility treatments) I found the best cheap test to be the ones from the dollar store. Read within the time limit and it was 100%

I was 6 weeks pregnant with my daughter before I found out I was pregnant. Every pregnancy test I took came back negative til I got so sick I had to go to the ER and come to find out I was pregnant. I think I took maybe 6 pregnancy test with in 6 weeks I even missed my period and had implantation bleeding for 3 days and I thought that was my period.