Is it possible to have a false negative?

Can you be pregnant enough to stop your period but not pregnant enough to get a positive test? I know it sounds silly but I’m four days late. I spotted yesterday but nothing today. I took a test Monday, and last Thursday. Were hoping for our rainbow. Thank you so much💗


Wait a week and test again

Well when you spot like the way you did it is called implantation bleeding so wait a few days then take another test


Yes I had negative home tests with both of mine and with my who was born in Nov I had a negative blood test to

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Yes, my rainbow didn’t give me a strong positive until I was over a week late.
Don’t forget after a loss, you won’t be regular though - test in a week and see what happens.
Good luck

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Yes! I was 6 days late before I finally got a positive test. I ovulated late.

Yeah I had negative tests in the beginning with my first pregnancy. Just wait a bit longer.

I’ve never tested positive on a home pregnancy test, even when I tested when I was 6 and 8 weeks. Go to doctors for best answer! Good luck!

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10 days late and having the same issue ! I didn’t spot tho!!

Stress will also make your periods do crazy things. Wait a bit longer and get a blood test done.

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I usually don’t see positive till I’m at lest 6 weeks

Yes. I got pregnant right before my period (days). Had a very abnormal period and then found out I was pregnant the next month.

Have you changed your diet or started new meds those also change your period cycle

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Yes, for 3 weeks in a row my family doctor tested my urine with a negative result. Only for me to find out on a cheap $1 test

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That definitely sounds like there might be a baby in there and you tested too early I would say wait another week or two and go to your OB-GYN and get a blood pregnancy test done

Yeah, the hormone that’s released during pregnancy can take a while to show up on a test. Getting bloodwork done will have amore accurate read on you hgc levels

it is, your HCG levels could still be too low