Is it possible to have a false positive?

Has anyone ever had positive home and blood test for pregnancy and you actually not be pregnant at all?


Could be a chemical or ectopic pregnancy ?

One of my old friends had a blighted ovum. Basically your body thinks the egg has been fertilized, and starts to prepare for a pregnancy.

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I did at the hospital about a year ago. I had been through menopause two years before. Shocked me to death, I was not pregnant at all.

Blood is usually accurate as in 100 percent. The only way to not be pregnant as mentioned above a chemical pregnancy, recent miscarriage, recent birth, or some other extenuating circumstance other than those as far as I know, No.

Yes. I thought I was miscarrying and went to the hospital but they said I was never pregnant :cry: not only was it disappointing but it was embarrassing as well to be told at the hospital, nope you just started your period :woman_facepalming:t3:

I have had 5 kids and my doctor has always said there in no such thing as a false positive but there is such thing as a false negative I used several doctor and they all have said the same thing

chemical…ive had one

Yep had a positive in December ended up not being pregnant but my period was 13 days late. It was either chemical or evaporation line

You can test positive and then miscarry due to a chemical pregnancy or blighted ovum. Which are basically fertilized pregnancies that never develop into an embryo. But if youre healthy and not having symptoms of a miscarriage, youre def preggo.

A home test can be hard to read. But if you got a positive blood test youre def pregnant.

Time to have a physical and full work up. That said I managed to have multiple false negatives on home tests.

As previously stated, only a chemical pregnancy/blighted ovum or menopause causes false positive blood tests. A QUANTITATIVE (not the usual qualitative) blood test and ultrasound can give a more definite answer as to what exactly is going on.

False positives rarely happen because there has to be a hormone detected to show up positive.

There can be reasons for false positives