Is it possible to make smoothies in advance?

Does anyone make smoothies for their kids in advance like for the next week? My kids wanted some all the time so i tried to make them in advance and put them in reusable pouches BUT after a few days they get superrr thin watery and they were not like this when i put it in the pouches. Unsure what im doing wrong.

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Don’t keep them in the fridge after making. Put them In the freezer then put on counter to defrost. That’s what I do. After 2 days if in the fridge they lose their consistency which is why most people who make lots of smoothies will freeze them and just take out when needed


Maybe try freezing them and thaw out as needed

Smoothies will separate after a while. Your best bet will be to freeze them. Don’t expect the same consistency when thawed out, but they’ll still be good.