Is it possible to pee too much?

This may be a weird question but…I was just wondering how often you pee? lmao…i swear i pee like 20 times a day or more…is this normal? i will drink 1 cup of coffee and a bottle of water at 5 am and by 10 am (without drinking anything else) I will pee about 5/6 times…its never ending…should i be concerned?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it possible to pee too much?

I’ve heard frequent urination is a sign of diabetes.


Maybe Get checked for diabetes ?


Coffee causes increased urination.

Could be overactive bladder

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I’ve always peed a lot and doctors have never been concerned :woman_shrugging:t3: but if you notice an increase in how often you go then it’s cause for concern.

I am the same way, for me its from an anxiety/panic disorder. I’m too aware of myself and how things feel so I notice the sensation and focus on it too early. I’m watching out for everything and apparently having to do bodily functions the moment I feel it is part of it lol I I have sensory problems which plays into it as well

this is me and I have an overactive bladder. I’m actually on meds for it because it was causing unnecessary UTIS

Did u have gestational diabetes? Because that is a warning sign itself …however uti or kidneys have similar issues.

Your bladder may have dropped some, especially if you have given birth.


I have IC/PBS so going a lot is normal for me. See a urologist.

Could be diabetic. If you not taking any kind medication

Frequent urination can be a sign of diabetes. Could be other things, or could be nothing. I myself pee more in the mornings than later throughout the day. Never really even realized that till I read your post and started thinking lol. However, if you notice your urine is sweet and/or fruity smelling, I would definitely start checking your blood sugar and make an appt with ur primary

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Are you tired and thirsty as well?

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Overactive bladder, look up interstitial cystitis

Probably just a small bladder. See a Uroligist if it becomes a problem. several average once per hour while others go 3-4 times a day. Some infections make a big difference.

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Have your sugar checked.

Could be a uterine tumor putting pressure on the bladder making you think you have to go

I have 4 girls and I still pee like I’m pregnant your not the only one. I have no health issues other then epilepsy and it’s annoying especially when it interrupts my sleep lol

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I used to have that issue I swear I had to pee every 20-30 minutes … I saw a urologist and they were able to diagnose the issue. There was a kink or something in the urethra(I think) causing the need to pee more because my bladder wasn’t fully emptying🤷🏼‍♀️ they fixed it though!


I pee a lot!! Like we hate road trips !! I drink a lot of water. But even when I don’t drink as much I still pee a lot!

If this is an anxiety issue I have it bad right now and couple years ago was off and on before I leave for work I go after get to work I live 20 minute waking distance to work car distance 5 minutes. I’ve been like this sense gone back work full blown nervous

Yes you should be concerned.
Check for UTI.
Do kegals.
Get a bladder control supplement.
Supplement your electrolytes.

Peeing often is a sign of diabetes amongst some other things you should definitely bring this to the attention of your doctor

I do a lot… I also have kidney problems… been cleared for diabetes etc…

Depends on the day and what I drank. One day I peed literally every 10 mins the entire day. Other days I can go an entire 10 hour work shift only going once. But I make it a point to go whenever I see a bathroom

My diabetes causes frequent urination


What alot of others have said Get checked for diabetes ism diabetic I pee atleast ever 30 minutes

I swear I spend most of my time peeing then I do anything else in the entire world! I’m glad I’m not the only one. My brother started keeping track one week as a joke and I ended up peeing like 7 times within a 4ish hour time span.

I think if you drink a lot you pee alot! It would bebad if you were peeing more than youre drinking!

Need to check it out you think!

That’s not normal call your dr of course.

I’d go to a Dr. 6-10 is about avg.

It’s something you should bring up with your doctor because there can various reasons. It’s not a normal thing but it is common. I have this problem and she was concerned about diabetes but the test results came back negative. Everything else came back normal so far so my doctor sent a referral to a pelvic floor therapist. Told me that it’s an issue alot of moms have after having a kid and it tends to get worse after each child. So I’m waiting to get the call for the therapy and see where that goes and if it does help we are back to the drawing bored. But it’s always better to talk to your doctor because there can be any number of things going on.

If I drink a decent amount then I have to pee a lot. So I don’t drink as much. I’m not sure if I go 20 times a day but at night when I drink more I will go more.

Could have ic on bladder. Chronic bladder syndrome, I have that and pee like crazy!

Caffeine alone causes frequent urination.

It’s a sign of diabetes. Possibly something else but for me, that was an indicator. Call the dr and talk with them.

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Maybe call your doctor if you’re concerned instead of consulting a bunch of strangers on the internet? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Ummm there are a lotmof factors, but I would definitely urge you to talk to your doctor. There is a condition called overactive bladder, there is a medication for it…

I have Interstitial Cystitis or Painful Bladder Syndrome. I go a lot! Look it up and see if the symptoms match yours and ask your urologist to test you if so.

4-10 times a day is a normal amount

Yes - you should be concerned. Have you talked to your doctor about this???

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Lots of things matter in this situation…how old are u how many kids have u had has it always been like that it’s there anything different about the pee ots self strong order dark color do u feel like u have to pee when u dont how much do u pee like volume lol lots of things matter maybe call a nurse hot line first or ur doctors nurse and ask them they’ll ask u a bunch of questions and tell u if its concerning enough to make an appt.

It’s possible you have diabetes


If you pee more than you take in, burn when peeing , an abnormal smell or diabetes runs in your family then yes you should get it checked out but there’s lots of other things to take into account . Put a urine sample into the Drs for testing if you’re concerned

w t f. go talk to your doctor & ask for a diabetes test. None of us are doctors bro :joy:


Check your sugar. You might be a diabetic if you are peeing that often. Another thing could be a UTI. Increased urinating can be a sign of this

Get checked for diabetes. You should also be drinking more water.

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Coffee is a diuretic… same as tea. Hits your harder if you’re pregnant/dealing with pregnancy hormones after labor.

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Sounds pretty normal. Coffee will definitely do that to you. And with a lot of water on top I would think maybe you just have a small bladder

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Yes, go to the doctor.

Peeing a lot could be a sign of diabetes. I would go get checked, it’s a simple finger prick, and could save your life.

I’ve been like that my whole life! When I started dating my husband 39 years ago he told me that I should have a porta potty strapped on my back


I highly suggest getting seen by a doctor and having your pelvic flood checked out and also glucose levels!

That sounds right to me. I have a cup of coffee and drink a ton of water all day. I pee a lot as well.

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Get your sugar checked

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Check your blood glucosamine see levels

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Definitely Tell Your Dr.

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Get urself to the drs ask them to check for diabetes

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I would pee like 3 to 5 times a night and several times during day . I told my doctor, she after some testing found I was pre diabetic. I stopped most all sugar and bread . It has been 8 weeks and I have lost 15 lbs and sleep thu the night most nights now . I only drink water ( as I dont want to drink my calories) . I have also found my arthritis is 50% less painful its truly amazing.


Depending on your age and fertility status after checking for sugar or things like UTI check for pregnancy. When I first got pregnant I had to pee so much it was absolutely ridiculous.

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Lol it’s worse when you’re prego :weary::skull:

Get a blood test for peace of mind, it could be normal or it could be something… Only your doctor can answer that.

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My thought is you know your habits better than anyone. If there is a change in your routine you need to go to the Dr. If you have always used the bathroom frequently than probably not a big concern. I’ve always heard that diabetes causes frequent urination but also accompanied by extra thirst. You may be asking because you’re concerned. If so, ask a professional. Take advantage of TP discounts. :grin:

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Diabetes causes frequent thirst and urination


Yes go to doctor and have them check you for infection.

Sounds like high blood sugar

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May be bladder spasms. Myrbetriq helps me.

I was blessed with my grandmother, mother, and aunts spastic bladder. I feel the urge to pee in the first step, and if I’m not near a bathroom at step 2 I’m pausing my steps to hold my pee. I pee a lot through the day because of this. I don’t urinate a lot when I do go.

Get your A1C checked. Could be diabetes

If I drank that I would also pee a lot, too. I would drink a very large glass of OJ in the morning & then go for my walk, It seem like I had to stop at every bathroom to pee, which I almost did, And when I peed it was enough, not just a few drops here & there. Caffeine is a diuretic & will make you go, I would be more worried if you drank a cup of coffee & a bottle of water & didn’t pee, But if you are concern, see your Dr, or a urologist & have blood work done, to see if there is something going on & also have your urine tested.

Definitely a health issue I would see a doctor soon

…depends how big the bottle of water is. If you’re drinking more than a litre then yes, it’s normal. If you’re drinking less then probably not normal and you should talk to your doctor.

Talk to your dr. about running some tests; it could be a precursor to diabetes.

Get checked for diabetes