Is it safe for a 4-year-old to sleep with a pillow?

My son 4 years old just started sleeping with a soft adult sized pillow. Is that safe? Are there any risks?


My kids were sleeping with pillow from day 1

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My 4 year old sleeps with a normal pillow.

Both my kids started sleeping with a pillow around 1.5

All my children slept with blankets since day 1, and with pillows since about 6 months (small baby pillows at first, gradually increased in size as they got older).

It’s safe. My son just turned a year old and I was given the o.k to give him a small pillow, if I wanted. 4 is well beyond when it’s safe. They just need to be able to reposition theirself if they’re struggling to breath. Even if they’re sleeping, your body will react to something like that. The issue with small babies is that even if their body recognizes they can’t breath, they don’t yet have the ability to move their head and/or whatever is causing them to struggle to breath.

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Well of course it is or just wrap him up in bubble wrap!!

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I think it’s okay to start at 1 or 2. Because they’re able to turn their head or move if they can’t breathe unlike being an infant. :slightly_smiling_face:

As long as you think he or she is ready then yes. My kids did around 3 or 4 years old.

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Kids are fine to sleep with a pillow as long as they are strong/aware enough to push it off or roll out from under it. All my kids had baby pillows or toddler pillows and regular pillows by the time they were 2

1 yr I believe is the safety thing they just told me. My daughter started about then with a flatter pillow

My son is 1.5 and has a toddler pillow, my 3 year old sleeps with a normal pillow

My son just turned 5 months sleeps so much better with a pillow then without one. Almost all through the night


Hope so :joy: mines been sleeping with a pillow since he was like 1.5 ish, 2 maybe ?


Both of mine slept with a pillow at around 1.5/2 years old. I just stuffed it under the fitted sheet


Yes. They can sleep with a pillow at age 1

Pillows are safe once they are sleeping in a bed and not a crib. I think AAP says 18-24 months but I’m not positive


If your worried, just tuck it under the fitted sheet :heart_hands:

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My daughter has slept with a pillow since she was in her crib! No issues ever. She’s 6 now

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my 4 yr old has a full size bed, body pillow & 2 regular pillows. check with your ped tho

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My babies slept with pillows around 12-18 months. 4 is fine. He’s well able to turn his head if he’s suffocating.

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I actually remember when I was 2 years and 2 months old. I don’t recall one single solitary day I didn’t have a pillow under my head. I’m still alive.


Mine can’t sleep unless he crawls under ALL the pillows (even the one YOU are using) :laughing:


My kid has been sleeping with one since she was 2. Half the time she just pushes it to the side.

As long as you make sure he’s cleaned his teeth, he’ll be fine…

When in doubt ask your pediatrician. With that being said, all 3 of my boys(13, 6, 6) started sleeping with adult sized pillows about 3-4 years old, never had any issues, but every child is different.

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My daughter has slept with a pillow since we brought her home from the hospital :woman_shrugging:t2: she LOVES pillows


My 4yo sleeps with a toddler pillow.
2 actually. She got them at 3

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My 3 yo is in a full size bed - with 85 stuff animals , 4 pillows … 6 blankets

And I wish I was kidding


Seriously? He’s damn near in school and your worried about him sleeping with a pillow? Are u safe with your pillow? :rofl: This is a joke right?

Yes there is. That he will sleep better

They only say not to let babies sleep with a pillow because they don’t know how to move it from their face, 4 year old cns sleep with 6 pillows if they want​:joy::joy:

Always check with pediatrician but however as soon as my children were out of crib and into beds they got pillows


its safer with a small pillow

My daughter has had 1 since 19 months when she went into a bed
But she had millions of teddies and used them hahahahahah prior this x

Omg lol let that child have a pillow!

Probably going to spontaneously combust. Get that pillowy fire hazard out of there.

I swear Y’all post these questions just for fun​:joy::sob::joy::sob::joy:

I Don’t know why this is funny to me :laughing:

my 6 year old sleeps with 80 stuffies 6 pillows and 12 blankets and she’s perfectly fine. i wish i was kiddin :roll_eyes:

… U as the parent know ur child. Mine was sleeping with one way before 4

Safe Infant Sleep - Evidence-Based Support Group

Some of this advice is scary.
But, Four is perfectly acceptable for a pillow.

I honestly think some of these posts are fake on here :woman_facepalming: