Is it safe to take a 9 month old to the lake?

Is it safe to let your 9m old play in the lake? Obviously just on shore, but i mean the water itself, would you do it?


Personally I wouldn’t but I know plenty of people that do.

I would rather let my child play in lake water then chlorine water. :woman_shrugging:

Yes they have life jackets use sunscreen! Bathe baby after with some clean clothes! :raised_hands::white_heart:

Lake water is generally safe. We grew up playing in creeks ponds and lakes and I let my kids do it from the time they were small!

Depends entirely on the Lake. Often they have algae, sewage etc which renders them unsuitable for swimming so you really need to know what’s in there. Ideally one that has water flowing in and out too. I’d also be wary of temperature and certainly not for more than half an hour.

I wouldn’t play at Belton lake. It’s gotten shut down several times for having weird bacteria in the water.

My sister was born in August, mom had her in the lake at only a few weeks old , in her arms… so I’d say , if you swim at the lake regularly your self… and all the safety procausions taken… Will be better for baby, sooner you learn about water/swimming the better. Just take it slow when going into cold waters . Don’t need to shock system.

I did, obviously I was right there. But make sure you bathe the baby immediately afterward and it’s a wise idea to check really good for leaches. Also get a beach umbrella or something to protect the baby from the sun.

Depends on the lake. Personally, I prefer running water for play.

I took my 4 month old to the lake and I took my daughter who is now 2 to the lake when she was a baby