Is it selfish of me to want people to ask me before they post a photo of my child?

Is it selfish of me to want people to ask permission before posting a photo of my child? I’m due Oct 25th, and I couldn’t be more excited about my son making his way into this world, but I’m also not excited about having his photos put out there. My mother in law posted my recent ultrasound photos (i was having complications, so I had a 34-week ultrasound) without even asking me if it was okay first. We never got to see his face at any appointment because he was hiding behind his arms, but this ONE time, we got to see him. I didn’t even post them out there and wasn’t planning on it, I understand it’s her first grandbaby, and she’s excited, but it still stings that she put them out there before me; she didn’t even tag the father in the picture or me. I don’t want the same thing happening when he’s born, after all, it is my child, and I’ve waited nine long months to do it.

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It sure isn’t. When I had my daughter I told everyone, family and friends no photos of my baby are allowed on social media period. Not with the way this world is, I refuse and if I see a photo I immediately tell them to take it down immediately. They understand so i pray they understand with you. It’s your baby, your rules! Best of luck :kissing_heart: