Is it too late to get my baby to latch?

Is it too late to get my baby to latch? He is a month old. When I gave birth to him, I could not get him to latch, so I did not produce enough milk; therefore, the hospital suggested I gave him supplements, and so I did. Giving him the supplements just made it so much harder to get him to latch, so I stopped trying to get him to do so. He just cried and kicked me, so I left it alone I did not want to fight with him. Is it too late to get him to latch? Or should I just keep pumping for him? (considering I will have to go back to work soon) will he still bond the same with me if I continue to pump for him and bottle feed him?


He will still bond with you whichever you’re feeding him. You can keep trying you may not have a ton of luck though. Kind of depends on the baby lol. Just be patient if you keep trying its not super easy for some moms and if it never happens its ok as long as your child is getting enough to eat.:relaxed:

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No harm in trying? Also what kind of a hospital didn’t offer further support! I told them I wanted to breastfeed and they didn’t let me out until he latched. Midwife and the health visitor were also super helpful. Worth checking if the LO has tongue tie etc that’s making it more difficult.
If the milk is there keep trying :muscle:t3:


I don’t think so … I had a preemie that couldn’t latch because of size so I pumped and bottle fed him for months. Then about a month or 2 down the line I tried and he latched and made my life easier not having to pump and clean so much .

So I EBF my first son but he couldn’t latch so I used a nipple shield and after 4 months he finally latched on his own and I got rid of the nipple shield. I just kept trying periodically. So it’s for sure possible!!

But pumping works too! Whatever you feel works for both of you. Don’t stress out about it!
He’s you baby of course he will still bond with you! If your worried try doing lots of skin to skin!!


He will bond with you no matter how you feed him. I pumped and fed my now 3 year old son and he has always been super bonded to me. Im currently pumping and bottle feeding (plus some baby food) my 5 month old. Just interact/ talk/sing to them while you feed them. It will help strengthen that bond as well. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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Its never too late and if you need help seek a lactation consultant… my oldest didnt latch till he was 5 weeks old, i lost my supply, etc etc it was a nightmare staywd strong and pulled thru breastfed him for almost 2 yrs theres always hope be shirtless n braless around him especially wen you feed him


We latched at 7 wks through 6 months…

I exclusively pumped for 4 months and then got my daughter to latch during a hurricane when I couldn’t pump and we exclusively breastfed until she was 15 months old, it’s definitely possible to get him to latch!


They can always be taught to latch. It’s no different then going from boob to bottle. Baby will just have to learn how to go from bottle to boob.

No harm in trying. Have you looked into seeing if he had a tongue tie or lip tie? Those can seriously impact ability to latch.


I don’t see any harm in trying. Has he been checked for tongue tied? Just a thought as to why he might be crying.


it’s not to late, some babies have a difficult time just keep trying

Just continue pumping and giving formula in bottle. If you’re going back to work soon just continue… Why change his schedule now.

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My baby is 2 weeks old and I was having trouble getting him to nurse. I’m using a nipple shield bc he got used to pumped milk in bottles. He’s nursing with the nipple shield. Yesterday he even nursed without it. Today he only nurses without it like once. My older son I pumped for 4 months before he latched. So just keep working at it and it will happen.

I’m trying to get my 5 month old to use a bottle!! I have EBF and need a break once in a while but will not take one

While in the hospital after giving birth to my son I struggled getting him to latch properly, come to find out my supply was not fully in, so I pumped to increase my supply and bottle fed him. They tried pushing supplementing with formula on me but my supply had increased in the first day of pumping every hour, My supply fully came in within a few days, but he was not latching so I pumped and bottle fed him. A month or so down the road he was screaming and my breast was engorged, So I figured why not try. he latched on and he has been on the breast for a little over a year now!!! Do not give up!

Definitely not too late to latch. It takes babies 6 weeks to completely learn how to latch and feed. In the meantime time I expressed but I was able to get my baby to bf at 6/7 weeks (with lactation consultant) after not feeding on the breast since she was 3 days old. However, I decided to exclusively pump in the end and have done so until she was 10 months old. Bond was still strong as I was her main source of milk and she could smell it was from me x

It’s never too late :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

Jessica Bush Cbs, thought you might like this

You can buy a nipple cover thingy that help feel
Like a bottle and slowly transition. GL :purple_heart:

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Never to late. My daughter had a tounge and lip tie and couldn’t latch at birth, when she was 7 weeks they were revised and we started exclusively breastfeeding at that point

My first didn’t latch until 5 months, I just pumped. Once he was 5 months old he was able to with out issue, I think if it’s something you wish to do and create that bond definitely try!!!

Keep pumping and keep trying… I just had my little boy he didnt want to latch at first. I was able to pump enough to feed him most of the time, only used formula a hand full of time. I drink mothers tea and hot chocolate to help me with my milk supply. At around two month I tried one day that he was very hungry and he finally latch n and he still does.

It’s not too late. Try to connect with an ibclc. I pumped to measure intake with my first child as she wasn’t gaining weight and she ended up having a posterior tongue and lip tie. The ibclc identified it and once corrected my daughter went on to nurse until she was 2y 8m. Good luck momma…

My son latched at around 3 months we were both crying, exhausted and angry at the world - he kicked my bottle off while I was struggling so hard to pump anything at all…it was not pretty or magical but it happened. He was also on supplements before that.

Continue trying as long as you want to just make sure he’s getting what he needs. Good luck!

Try a nipple guard my youngest had tongue tie making It hard for him to latch and that nipple guard was a LIFE saver! Super cheap too!

Try a nipple shield!

I have a friend whos baby latched after 2 months so keep atbit if thats truly something u want to do but if not ur baby will still bond with u!!

You and baby will bond over a bottle or a boob. Doesn’t matter. I nursed both of my girls, but was too sick to nurse my twin boys. 25 years later we are all very close.

Personally I wouldn’t try starting now since he is already accustomed to the bottle and you will be going back to work soon which could confuse him into not wanting a bottle anymore
The bonding is more about the closeness while feeding not necessarily the latching so bonding shouldn’t be hindered by the use of a bottle

It’s never too late!

This group is absolutely amazing and can you help you out

When I had my daughter I had to use nipple shields for the first 6-7 weeks and she finally latched by herself, she at first didn’t take a bottle but then I found the munchkin breast bottles and she took to it just fine while I was working. I really think you should try!

I did it that way. Pumped bottle till she was month then finally got her to latch one random day. It’s never too late.

Do whatever you’re comfortable with. It’s the time together that creates the bond.


I think he would latch. Formula can be binding especially when baby is used to breast milk.

Since you will be going back to work soon…just continue with the formula.

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Have patience and keep trying to naturally feed your baby

Yes of course he will still bond!! I had a hard time with my first baby and my nipples hurt soooo bad I had to stop and exclusively pumped for 3 weeks and then was worried about him latching, but he did! Definitely consult a lactation consultant!

You probably can work with the la leche league for help :slight_smile: but as far as bonding…Yes! He will absolutely bond to you whether it comes from the bottle or the breast. Hold him close to you when you feed him and you can totally still do skin to skin time!