Is It Weird For a Toddler to Be Naked While Potty Training?

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"What are your thoughts on a two-year-old being naked in their own home? My toddler (2 years old) is potty training and has taken a liking to be naked. Potty training is much easier, and it’s only ever family in the home. I’ve been told it’s not appropriate and is weird to allow them to run naked around the few family members they are around. What are your thoughts?"

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"Who told you it was weird? It’s normal!"

"Nope not weird at all. It’s harder for them to pull off clothes while rushing tk the bathroom while figuring out how to not hold it until last minute. I potty trained all 3 of my girls naked like that lol"

"I let my daughter do that too. I don’t see why it’s an issue at all!"

"My 2 and 3 year olds are always naked at home. If a adult feels uncomfortable then it’s them that has issues"

"Lots of people potty train like that. Whatever works for you"

"It’s not weird!! It’s completely normal!!"

"Totally normal. In fact I did the same with my kid. It worked perfectly! Don’t listen to those comments…"

"That’s what I did & it worked. Luckily I also had a fenced in yard & when he was outside I would just have him in a t-shirt."

"That’s how I potty trained my boys. I mean it makes more sense for them to be naked while potty training. Whoever told you it’s weird is the weird one."

"Most kids go through that phase! Completely normal!! You’re doing great momma!! Don’t let others get into your head!!"

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