Is It Weird People Call Their Dogs Kids?

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"Is it just me or is it weird asf that people treat their dogs like literal children? like they are dogs…they dont need their own bed, clothing or strollers…my sisters friend has only dogs and she constantly compares taking care of them to be as hard as parenting is and says she is a mom…and they are her babies…tell me im not alone in thinking this is weird"

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"My dogs are my babies as well lol, as long as you’re living your life why does it bother you so much how she feels?"

"I think that many people out there, who cannot have children/ choose not to, are entitled to feel however they want about their pets."

"How does someone treating an animal good annoy you? Especially if they don’t have kids then that makes sense I’m happy they treat their dogs well. You’re weird"

"Nope, not weird. If you're not willing to make them a part of your family, don’t get one."

"It seems to me that people can love and do things for their animals as much as they want. I don’t find it weird at all."

"I treat my animals as my kids and I do have 6 kids"

"Animals give you unconditional love. They are happy right beside you. They ask for very little in return. People very rarely give unconditional love unfortunately"

"Nope, my dog is my son."

"I think each to their own, if treating her dogs as children makes her happy and it’s not harming anything then don’t worry about it. So many people worry about things that have nothing to do with them. Try to relate to her instead. She says the dogs are hard (her kids) talk about stresses with your kids, who cares which one has more fur"

"They aren’t hurting anyone leave them be"

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