Is it weird to combine my kids birthdays?

I have 3 kids with birthdays in July. Is it weird to combine their birthday celebration at great wolf lodge? I don’t want them not to feel special but birthdays can be so expensive.


My mother and sister share a birthday. Mama died recently and one of things my sister, age 59, is sad about is that she no longer has anyone to share her birthday.

My cousin and I are 6 years and 5 days apart and until I turned 12 we celebrated our birthdays together but had separate cakes but sang happy birthday at once just said each others name

So my kids are both in July as am I. We chose to do the kids birthdays together until they didn’t like that anymore. As smaller kids they had a lot of the same friends and several with older/younger siblings that each were friends with. It worked well until into 6th’ish grade. By then they wanted different things. For reference we have 1 girl (oldest by 3 yrs) and 1 boy. Eventually gender and maturity levels came into play. Prior to that pool parties, bbqs, sleepovers and cupcake fights were all the fun!

I do it all the time. I have two kids birthdays a week apart and they love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My oldest 2 had their birthday parties together every year

My bonus daughter and bio son’s bdays are 1 day apart but they are 10 years apart lol. One year she had some friends over the same day my son had some friends over. They both had seperate cakes and we sang happy bday separately. They did different activities. Family celebrations are together. If all 3 have an interest in doing that same thing I don’t see why not. We’ve been considering doing away with Xmas gifts and doing an Xmas trip. With all kids bdays close by you could always do something like that if they agree. Maybe get them their own larger cupcake and then a regular cake for others?

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Experiences are always better for everyone (it’s a great memory) but depending on ages id ask their input on it. I know my kids if that was my situation would say yes. Then like above said do three diff cakes or a diff dinner each night for each kid

Depending on the ages, but get them each their own small individual cake.

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Depending on ages ask them give them the option of small at home individual party or great wolf lodge for all you got 3 so no ties

You’d be crazy not to lol

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Depends on ages…my girls 7 years apart but 1 day difference hated it…did as long as I could…also depends on interests…not weird…

No its not weird. You could do 3 small cakes so they each get their own cake

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I do 2 of my kids at a time because their birthdays are days apart July 8th and 20th December 2nd and 6th. We throw them a big party together with big gifts and on their actual birthdays I make them a home made cake and dinner of their choice with a small gift so they each still have their own special day.


My kids are both April babies. We have one family party and they each have a friend party. They dont mind sharing a family party. But have always wanted separate friend parties

I would definitely do them together. You can always do something special for each child at the party. Then just do cupcakes at home for each on there own day as a little special treat per kid.

I don’t think it’s weird at all. I’d say combine as long as you can, one day they may not want to. My mother in law(ex’s mom) and her sister were 2 years years exactly apart and they celebrated together until my mother in law passed away.

You can a big thing for all 3 then do smaller individual things on their bday. Ask your kids if it’s ok. Explain that you can do something big like GWL if they combine but you can’t afford it three times.

Mine (3) are all in February. We would always celebrate together when the oldest (adult) was in town.

Do that as one big celebration but still celebrate them individually at home with a cake and some ballons

Both my boys are March and we used to always do them together.

My 3 kids all have birthdays within a month and a week of each other. I usually end up combining at least 2 of there bdays together and then I do a shared present in the form of a trip or something for them.

No it’s not strange to combine their birthdays. I do this when we go on a trip over the holidays. I would talk withyour kids and let them know. I normally ask if there is one thi g in particular they want to a certain price range besides what you are doing for their birthday