Is it worth freezing meals before baby comes?

Was it worth it to freeze meals before baby arrived? I didn’t do it with either of my first two, but I see all these influencers prepping and freezing meals before giving birth and it makes me question if it’s something I should do lol


I didn’t with my first but did with my second so my older child would have meals every night. Sooooo glad I did. I ended up with an emergency c section with my second and it made life so much easier.

I think yes, especially if you’ve got other kiddos already too. Would’ve made my life so much easier had I done it this go round. We ended up living on easy to toss in the microwave or air fryer type dinners for a couple weeks because I just didn’t have the energy to put into cooking.

Because you have other children it might be a good idea so you can just take something out freezer and heat for them (nice and easy):blush: good for you to have something nutritious aswell.

I never felt like I needed it. I baby wore right from birth so I feel like when it comes to cooking and stuff I was able to keep up okay.


I was given many homemade frozen meals from my Mom, it made it 100 times easier. Just pop in microwave or oven and eat. Secret bonus=use disposable silverware and disposable dishes for no dirty dish days!

We freeze meals and my baby is about to be 8 lol, so I’m gonna say yes. We do as much as we can to prep in advance. And I still often get home and don’t want to do a d*mn thing to cook😑

Yes and egg bakes for morning!

Makes it easier on you after the birth if you don’t have family or friends bringing meals.

Anything that will make life easier on you after a baby, is worth it!

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There is merit in what they are saying. However, don’t put any undo pressure on yourself. If you don’t think you’ll need it. Don’t worry about it.

No need for someone else to say yes do you.

Meh. We didn’t and fine. Just plot out easy stuff spaghetti etc. Premade bags at the stores helped to throw in a skillet

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Nutrient rich foods are better for yourself and baby if you are planning on breast feeding. Meal prepping ahead of time can help pick healthier foods.