Is it wrong that I want to spend time without my stepson?

Ok, so here it goes. I wish to remain anonymous in this please. I am stuck and don’t know where to go from here. My husband and I have been married for two years, we got married in 2020. He had two sons from a previous marriage. One of the sons lives with us, along with my mother in law. I knew all of this prior to saying I do. I guess I was love struck and didn’t think they would both be living here after we were married, because I had this discussion before we got married so he couldn’t say I was complaining about it after. Anywho, fast forward to now. My step son who lives with us had a great job and was planning on moving out, he lost that job and now in my opinion reverted back to a childlike human. When my husband gets home my step son beats me outside to greet him before I can. He wants to eat dinner at 530 or 6 and that’s not enough time for me to get home get changed and feed the animals before he is ready to eat supper. After this I do the dishes and my stepson wants to watch tv shows with both of us before we go to bed. I get that he wants to spend time with his dad and I and I appreciate that, but it’s never any time for my husband and I to spend anytime together without him. When we plan a date night my step son makes it obvious that he is not happy, he stares at me awkwardly as if looks could kill. I have tried to talk to my husband many times about this and the response I get is, he can either be a bad dad or a bad husband. I don’t get it he doesn’t see it. Am I wrong in just wanting to be able to do normal chores around the house after work and spend time with my husband vs eating early and watching tv shows to appease my step son? My husband wanted us to have our belated honeymoon in December but when my step son found out we may be gone for a week he yet again makes it known he wasn’t happy about it. He is 23 years old and I don’t understand all of this. Am I wrong for wanting to spend time with just my husband? We have to go out of town just to have alone time. I love my husband so very much and am trying so hard to be happy but I am completely miserable. What should I do? I want to leave but I don’t want to leave my Husband.