Is it wrong to ask for help when you are a stay at home mom?

i have a question to ask if your a stay at home mom and your husband works and you take care of his child is there something wrong asking for help with his child am I wrong to ask


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it wrong to ask for help when you are a stay at home mom?

You both are parents, yes? So you both are responsible for said child.

The answer is no, it’s not wrong to ask for help from the FATHER of the child.


(His children )
As in not you’re kids ?

Iv never understood the whole
Women stay home and take care of everything
Just becasue you don’t work

Just becasue he does work
Doesn’t mean he can just not help with the mess the children make


Um I don’t ask for help because he steps in as a father takes care of things without me having to ask.


It’s not help. He needs to do his part in parenting his children. You’re not a maid or a nanny. You’re both parents. If he’s not doing his part when he’s home, he needs to step it up.


The child is also his, correct? Then no. Just because he works outside of the home doesn’t mean he has a get out of being a parent card.
Parenting is about working together, not putting all of the responsibilities on one parent.


Using the term “His child” yes you are wrong. If you said “Our child” Then no, it takes 2 to raise a kid. You both need a mindset change or a wake-up call.


It’s also his child, I wouldn’t stay with a man if he considered it “helping.”

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No you’re not wrong to ask. Parenting can be extremely overwhelming at times .

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Absolutely not! Many Father’s WORK and still participate in raising thier kids! Making a damn pay check isn’t a Man’s ONLY Fatherly/Husband responsibility.

No you’re not wrong. He’s a parent too.

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It’s not wrong at all but try to get them to do anything it’s like pulling teeth

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No? When I was a stay at home, mom my husband would come home from work and immediately change shower and start playing with our daughter while I cooked dinner. 

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No it’s not my husband works 12hrs a day lately 6to 7 days a week he watchs our infant while I cook get cleaned what I couldn’t and take a shower at night or he cooks and picks up and if I ask he most definitely will help. It’s his kid also :person_shrugging:

Is this child also yours? No it’s not wrong to ask for help

No? I feel like dads should want to help even if it’s just watching them while you shower.

he needs to help regardless work.or no work. its his kid, he should want to help you and his baby :slight_smile:


Absolutely not. It isn’t the 1950’s. And you aren’t June Cleaver.


No you’re not wrong. Ask for what you need. If he’s any type of man he’ll understand.

No. He helped make the child, he can help raise the child

No feel you’re not wrong to ask. My husband gets alittle mad but he ends up helping me anyway. And then on his days off he helps me more like with school pick up and drop off. I have pcos so my sleep is completely crap so I appreciate his help. But to answer your question no you’re not wrong to ask and he should at least want to help you with some things. I’m so sorry it like pulling teeth with you’re husband maybe you could talk to him about hey I need more help etc.

I always told my husband it is 1/2 his.