Is it wrong to just homeschool again?

So my son went to 4k in public school, but due to excessive bullying from another child we decided to homeschool for kindergarten. Well my child is behind socially. Hes an absolutely brilliant child, but he really needs to build social skills. He wants to go back to public school. My biggest fear is another bully. People already constantly ask about his physical differences. Kids can be mean and I just dont want a repeat of last time. On top of that I need to reorder his birth certificate because the school needs to see it. Also, there’s school supplies out the rear. Public school starts on the 1st, but we already do lessons at home. I have a computer, printer and workbooks already at home. I just assumed we’d be homeschooling again. Theres absolutely no way his birth certificate would get here before the first day of school. Im not even sure i can get all the supplies before the start day. Honestly I’m mostly just terrified of him being bullied again. The 4k school didn’t even tell me about it and i finally got him to tell me what was going on like 3/4s of the way into the school year. Plus I’m just not sure we can afford to get everything done before the 1st. Would I be a terrible parent to homeschool another year? I kind of already know the answer will be yes. Its absolutely selfish to let my fears hold him back. I guess I’m just afraid to let him go?