Is It Wrong to Keep Old Dance Photos Even If They Are With Exes?

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"Is it weird to keep homecoming dance photos with past ex’s? While cleaning out an old nightstand in my garage, I found my old dance photos from high school. My husband said I should throw them out. But I don’t want too. He sounded defensive from that response. Yes there old photos of me and ex’s. The photos are over 10 years old and we’ve all obviously moved on. (Married, children etc). They’re just memories for me. No feelings or anything. If my husband had old photos with past gf’s I really wouldn’t mind. Especially dance photos that have been collecting dust in the garage. Am I wrong? Is it weird to keep them?"

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"They are your memories and you should keep them if you want to."

"I don’t think so. You only get to live your high school years once. It’s from a dance. It’s a special memory. I think it would be different to keep pictures of just you & an ex but if it’s from a high school dance I don’t see why it should be an issue"

"I have a whole box of things from my younger days. Awards I won, pics, yr books ect. They're keep sakes. It’s normal to have some things from ur past. It just shows where u came from and what u have done to get to where u are now"

"No they are childhood memories. Now if you had them hanging on your wall then you would be a weirdo. Keep them. They aren’t romantical pictures, I personally do not see an issue. You had a life before you met him, remember that."

"Since he doesn’t want them there maybe you can take them to your parents or a sibling to hang on to them for you? I would want to keep them, I have all my memories from my teenage years, but it’s difficult to not adhere to his feelings as well. I mean what is his reasoning? Does he still hang on to any memories?"

"I think you should keep them, they hold memories of YOU and the older you get the more you will appreciate them. Has nothing to do with the fellas, you’ll probably forget their names anyway but it will be nice having pictures of your younger self."

"Keep them. That was then this is now. He must be insecure"

"I think it’s normal. It would be different if you had a bunch of pictures of you and an ex that you were saving but photos from high school dances are just that. Just memories. It might be fun to look back on them later. When I was little, I loved looking at my parents’ old photos (even the ones of them at dances with other partners)."

"Umm dance photos are off limits to the trash bin. Those aren’t just relationship memories, they are high school and teen memories. Just lock them up in a photo album somewhere. He acts like you want to blow it up and hang it on the wall. Sheesh… he needs to work on that."

"Don’t throw them away. Those are YOUR memories wether good or bad and those will last last forever. I know somebody that did that, burned everything she had because it was most of her and her ex and completely regretted it. Even after 20 years"

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