Is losing weight while pregnant normal?

Has anyone had an issue with losing weight while pregnant? My doctor hasn’t said anything about it because the baby is big and growing fine. It’s just worryful.


My wife lost bunch of weight the first few months and then slowly gained back as it went along, some people will lose weight but thr baby will grow ok

One of my pregnancies I was so nauseous all day every day that by 38 weeks, the day I delivered, I had only gained 7lbs. He was 7lbs 12oz, my biggest baby. Baby gets what they need. I barely ate a thing my entire pregnancy. But he was thriving. After my pregnancy recovery I was 25lbs thinner than I was when I got pregnant. I lost a lot of weight that pregnancy but everything was fine

My 4 year old lost a bit of weight. I started giving him Pediasure. Also, when I fed him he would seem to get more as well.

Lost 20lbs during this pregnancy. Doctors weren’t concerned as long as baby was growing and I was taking my vitamins and eating a balanced diet they were ok.

My MIL lost 30lbs with both of her pregnancies and her babies were all 8+lbs at birth. Her doctor said as long as your eating and focusing on your nutrition it’s ok.

This is my third pregnancy and I was 168+
Now I’m 151
Dr isn’t too worried as its the morning sickness

I lost a little over 10 pounds in my first trimester. I was worried. I started gaining in my second and I’m almost to my 3rd. I was 183 before pregnancy and then in the first trimester dropped to 170s and now I’m 190

I lost a total of 12kg whilst I was pregnant with my son

#1 girl …
I lost 18kgs in 3 weeks with
#2 boy…
8 pound 9.5oz
13kg loss
8 pound 7oz
#3 girl…
22kg loss
6 pound 12oz
#4 girl…
10kg loss
7pound .05oz
I had hyperemesis gravidarum with all 4 babies

I lost 10 pounds throughout my pregnancy with my daughter and never gaimed a pound. She came out chubby and healthy and 22 inches long. You’ll be fine.

I did but i been sick alot so eating is hard but baby is fine

Lost 2 stone with both my pregnancies both are fine x

I know a few people who lost weight over the course of their pregnancy and they had normal birth and babies were perfect. Just follow your OBGYN’s advice and be certain that it’s a doctor you truly trust…you can always seek a second opinion if your gut tells you something isn’t right. Because we are our own best advocates. :bouquet:

I came out of hospital 20kg lighter than when i fell pregnant due to vomiting the whole pregnancy. Doctors dont worry unless the fetus stops growing and as long as the weight loss is not through dieting

I’m 12 weeks and my doctor says I’ve lost 10 lbs. she said baby is taking all my food and my body is running off of fat.

I lost weight up until I was 23 weeks… morning sickness got the best of me n then the flu hit me… dr wasn’t worried
I’m 28 weeks now and I’ve slowly started gaining weight

I lost with both pregnancies. Starting weight of 190lbs bmi of 26(I was tested the only reason I know). The first one I lost over 50lbs and my baby way 8.5 lbs and 21". So big she got stuck. My second I lost almost 30lbs. She was 7lbs and 12oz. delivered at 37 weeks.

Yes in the beginning it’s all night t being able to keep food down. So you tend to lose weight

I lost 2 and a half stone whilst I was pregnant and had low iron but all was fine. Some women just do not cope with pregnancy very well. So long as the baby is growing well and your eating properly I wouldn’t be concerned!

You’ll have a little less tummy to shift :wink:

I did. But I have Irish twins so I was losing the baby weight from the first pregnancy during the second.

When I gave birth I was 5 pounds more than when I got pregnant. I have a few extra pounds on me but my dr wanted me to gain weight. I gained 2 lbs and he freaked. Can’t win. As long as baby is ok :woman_shrugging:t3:

Lost 45lbs during pregnancy. My son was 7lbs, 8oz at 41 weeks

I lost 20lbs my first trimester due to hyperemesis. Baby was growing fine though.

I’m underweight aswell and I’m 26 weeks, baby is taking all my food so I guess its normal as long as you OB is fine with your baby growing you sure don’t have to be concern you can try Mom2Be shake

My 2nd son i lost about 35 pounds overall, i went full term and my son was 10lbs 3oz, no meds at all the labor was so damn quick. 18 years later im still recovering :rofl:

I lost about 30 pounds while pregnant. She was 9.7 at birth

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I did. Both pregnancies I left the hospital weighing less than what I did before I got pregnant. My kids are all fine and good weights.

I lost 40 lbs while I was pregnant with my first and losing weight with my second now

I’m rounding 36 weeks and have fluctuated around 4-6 lbs gained throughout the entire pregnancy. Sometimes it happens that way. Plus most women tend to lose in the beginning and start gaining about halfway through. If the dr isn’t concerned I wouldn’t let it stress you. They’ll do growth ultrasounds if it becomes a concern.

I did lose weight for the first 5 months. I had such bad 24/7 morning sickness I couldn’t help it. I was able to gain some back by the end of the pregnancy.

I lost 40 first trimester and during labor I still wasn’t back up to my prepregnancy weight.

I’m 34 weeks and I’ve lost 30 lbs

Yes lost weight with both my kids

I was about 90 lbs when I got pregnant with my first daughter. I’m very short and Tiny and always been like that not underweight but I lost down to like 72 pounds during the first trimester because the sickness was so bad. the day I gave birth I was 112 lb. I didn’t gain as much weight with my second pregnancy and had absolutely no sickness but a larger baby. every pregnancy is completely different my first pregnancy was so high risk I was in the hospital most of it my second pregnancy not one complication.

My sister never gained a pound but instead she lost it.

Yes i lost 30lbs baby is doing great and ive gained 5 of the 30 back

I weighed all of 4 lbs more once I had my second, than when I got pregnant with her, I lost 15 lbs first

I only gained maybe 5 pounds both pregnancies. As long as baby is growing fine it’s nothing to worry about. Be thankful lol

I’ve been losing weight the whole pregnancy and my Dr hasn’t said anything about it yet because the baby is still fine and growing like he should be

I lost almost 15 pounds in the first trimester with my first two because I couldn’t keep food down. As long as the doctor is not worrried and your baby is developing just fine I wouldn’t be concerned with it. I ended up only 10-15 pounds heavier than I was pre-pregnancy with my first.

If your doctor isn’t concerned, I wouldn’t be either, unless you’re severely underweight. It can happen to some moms.

I lost 40 lbs with my first. At 36 weeks the doctor said we needed to deliver due to no amniotic fluid. She was 5.4lbs. She was in the NICU unit for 10 days. She has been absolutely healthy since the day she came home. My second child, I never gained a pound. He was born at 39 weeks, never in the NICU and has been perfectly healthy. Good luck

I lost about 25 pounds with my first one and gained back about 10 of it in the last trimester.