Is melatonin safe for pregnancy?

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Melatonin is naturally produced inside the Body. Often times the body just doesn’t produce enough to provide a Good Night’s sleep. That’s why people take it in Pill form. Totally Harmless. Disclaimer *****
I am Not a Doctor. And you should consult with your OB before taking anything.


Honestly my doctor said it was safe to take since kids take it but not enough research done on pregnant women. But I’ve known people who have taken it and nothing has happen. I guess depends what your doctor said.

I was told no, but benadryl works wonders!


Melatonin is produced by your body naturally to help you fall asleep. You can definitely take it while pregnant and breast feeding. They also make children’s melatonin for kiddos w trouble falling asleep.


No but unisom sleep tabs doximine kind work great!

My doctor once told me melatonin is safer than Benadryl. but I would suggest not taking our opinions and ask your OBGYN


No but can use Tylenol pm

My ob told me to take the gummys for kids

I was told yes :woman_shrugging:t2: I took 2 every night(10mg total) for 6 months.

Unisom is per Ed ob a few minutes ago

No. But my obgyn told me I can take Benadryl or Unisom.

My dr told me not to take it

Nope switch to Benadryl

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Vistiril also helps for sleep or anxiety

I wouldnt
Do all natural sleepy time tea

There are no studies behind it. My neurologist told me no during both pregnancy and breastfeeding so I wouldn’t do it

I took one by accident while I was pregnant. We turned out okay

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Its natural it should be fine since we produce it anyway and they give it to children, just ask your doctor cause youll get mixed opinions on fb

My doctor had me taking melatonin during my pregnancy

Unless you have heart problems then it’s not because it can cause palpitations

Y’all need to relax with the melatonin for adults and for kids!!!

It can cause seizures if used too much or too often :slightly_frowning_face:

I took Melatonin and it raised my Blood pressure to a hypertension level. Be careful.

Unisom! I used it for both pregnancy and it’s OB approved. It helps SO much!

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In general, Unisom or Benadryl are recommended for sleep during pregnancy. However, Please consult your OBGYN or PCP for advice specific to your situation.

Its naturally produced in your body​:roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:t5:

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Half of y’all are saying yes and half are saying no…girl just ask your doctor!!!

Its natural but I remember reading it helps start labor thats why alot of woman go into labor at night or thats what the article said
But it works miracles for my 9 year old

I also was told benedryl and it helps with nausea too

My doctor told me no. He suggested unisom which didn’t help me. I ended up using Benadryl.

Yes. I take 10mg QHS

Cbd gummies also help :ok_hand: help relaxes the body.

Benadryl worked for me, my OB approved

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