Is morning sickness normal at 7 weeks?

Nausea and sore boobs are always how I known I’m pregnant before I even take a test. It normally goes away when you hit the second trimester but everyone is different

I had it from the get go until I was being rolled down for a csection with my 1st best of luck :grimacing: :+1:

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I was sick for 40 weeks. All. Day. And. All. Night. Long. It was miserable. Hopefully you’ll feel better soon.

I don’t know if I’d call it normal but yes it does happen.

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Yes, with my first I started at one month. They said it would stop at 3 months, but I was sick the whole time. I was never so glad to have a child in my life. No sickness with the 2nd or 3rd, but the last was the same as the 1st. and no one can blame it on sexof child…1st was a boy and 4th was a girl.

I started at like 5 weeks and mine just went away I’m 23 weeks pregnant today

Every pregnancy is different


Every pregnancy is different

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W my 3rd it was the worst :see_no_evil: I mean very bad I was sick until I was 32-33 wks… nothing helped noteven water… but w this one I didn’t get MS…

I had it from 7 weeks until 14-15 weeks :pensive:

I had hyperemesis gravendem with all 5 of my babies. My last one (3 months old now) I lost 40kgs…

I was sick the whole pregnancy with all 3.

I first started getting morning sickness at 7 weeks to 9 weeks so yes I think it is normal :grin:

Every pregnancy and person with morning sickness is different. I had hyperemesis gravidarum with my first and was sick from the moment I opened my eyes until I fell asleep everyday until I had him.
With my second I had morning sickness from 7-14 weeks. With my third I was sick at least once a day until I had him.
Keep crackers beside your bed, eat one or two before u get up, and try not to let your stomach get too empty, the sickness seems to be worse on an empty stomach. Best of luck!

I had morning sickness for a straight 9mths with my first. Nothing stopped it. Goodluck my dear I wish u all the best.