Is morning sickness normal at 7 weeks?

I am 7 weeks pregnant and alreZdy strugging to keep anything down…everything i think of makes me feel sick and when i eat i just throw it up…does it always start this early? i didnt get sick until 16 weeks with my first…will it go away? i am miserable


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is morning sickness normal at 7 weeks?

very normal. best of luck!

I found out at 5 weeks n was like i feel great then 2 weeks later bam i was so nauseated. I ended up on zophran bc i worked at a hospital and just the smell made me sick. I didnt start gaining weight until after 18 weeks finally ate everything under the sun🤣

I hope it does for you I was sick my whole pregnancy and even throwing up in labor with my daughter

I had it my entire pregnancy with both my son and daughter

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was sick from the time I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks and stayed sick all the way through labor and delivery.

I was literally sick all through my pregnancy. From probably 3 weeks on until 38 weeks

6-12 is the “normal” window

I had it a soon as my body knew I was pregnant :pregnant_woman: all my pregnancies . it was horrible for me it last all the time I was pregnant

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It’s usually the first trimester, so yes early on is more common.

I was sick with my last 2 girls the whole pregnancy. Even while l was in labor.


With my first I was sick from 6weeks until the week after I gave birth, my second I was sick on and off the whole way through, my 3rd I like 3 weeks of vomiting starting around 7 weeks

There’s no such thing as normal

8 weeks until 5 months…was sick ALL the time!!

I stayed sick from 5 weeks to 18 weeks drink a lot of water and try snacking on saltines, dry cereal, and fruit

My sickness started at 5-6 weeks… and with both of my girls I was sick the entire time until delivery… I threw up all day, everyday. It was horrible. Best of luck!

Saltine crackers before you get out of bed

Nomal gurlll I had full nine months

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Im 12 weeks and havent really kept anything down

I had it bad the day after conception.

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I had hyperemesis gravidarum beginning at 6 weeks lasting to the day I had my csection. I was nauseated and vomiting throughout my pregnancy.

Does anyone struggle keeping water down with migraines? 

For my daughter, I was sick the ENTIRE 42 weeks non stop from the moment O freaking conceived.

Don’t worry. Your baby will get the nutrients it needs. Sounds weird, but try Mentos when you feel nauseous. :heart::heart::heart:

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I was sick the whole 8 months I was pregnant

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Oh I feel so sorry for you and I feel bad saying I never felt sick at all. So I guess everyone is different.

Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different, if you have concerns call your doctor and ask questions

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Usually for just the first trimester. But unfortunately can last all 3.

Oh man with my boys I was slightly sick in the first trimester. With my daughter I was sick from the start right through to the end and I mean spewing every day tired and feeling constantly horrible! Was defeating! I was miserable the whole pregnancy even though I was finally getting a wee girl :rofl::woman_facepalming:t2: good luck to you Hun :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

It’s not unusual for it to start early. With my daughter it started as soon as she implanted (and I say that because it was still 4 or 5 days before it registered on a test and the first ultrasound confirmed I was 3 weeks when I got the positive, so I was literally only pregnant maybe a day before I started getting sick). Around 10 weeks it eased up. It all depends on how your body responds to hcg!

With my girls I was so extremely sick (son not so much) double female hormones idk? I’d force myself to eat one mini donut hole when I got up to pee no matter what time of night that actually helped so id have something and not be so nauseated

I never got morning sick, but as soon as 7pm came around, I would puke for hours…

mine started at 6 weeks and went all the way till the end, was horrible

Try taking your prenatal vitamins right before bed. Prenatal vitamins can cause nausea and my ob gave me that advice.

I was sick through my whole pregnancy that my doctors had to put me on meds for nausea because I was loosing weigh also it would. Not go away it was horrible the 9 months 

Yes morning sickness, middle of the day sickness, night sickness, random time sickness lol you name it. On and off my first two trimesters would last about 3 days puking almost every 20 mins

Unfortunately very normal… with both i was sick as a dog for weeks 5-13 …. Then after 18-20 ish heartburn set in and never went away and about killed me :rofl:

One month to the day I started being sick, morning, noon, and night.

Only 1 sick day with 2 pregnancies

It’s different with every pregnancy

Speak with your doctor if you’re struggling. Their are medications they can prescribe to help with nausea.

I was sick my whole pregnancy.

Yes every pregnancy is different. My first pregnancy I had morning sickness all day sickness for 5 months the second was like nothing the third it lasted for 2 months

I had it bad. Never got better for me. I puked allll my pregnancies even up through labor. I have 3 boys

I gained 4 lbs with y 1st and lost 25 lbs with my 2nd.

That’s one of the first signs of pregnancy

Sounds like a boy :slight_smile: congrats :blue_heart::two_hearts:


Well every pregnancy is different with my oldest son I had it all the way until the day I gave birth, with my second son I had it until 14 weeks and with my daughter I rarely got sick unless I ate something she didn’t like but with the boys morning sicknesses started about 5 or 6 weeks

I was sick for 4 months straight smh

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Your doctor can prescribe you something! If you throw up a lot during the day please go to the er

That’s the first time I had it. Then again at 11 weeks for a few weeks. Then third trimester :disappointed:

i went from star to the end, prayers for you.

Yes, morning sickness I had all through my pregnancy. That’s how I knew I was pregnant.

I found out I was pregnant at like 4 weeks because of my nausea, I’d literally suck ice cubes and throw up cold water :roll_eyes:
I ate alot of popsicles and smoothies and juicey fruit dishes literally all day I was worried about them obviously but I was assured they were healthy I was sick like that till about the 7 months mark
My oldest weighed 8.9lbs and my twins were 6.7 and 7.6 lbs so apparently I didnt effect them lol

Yes im 11 weeks and ive been sick since week 6 or 7. Trying asking ur dr for something for the nausea

Yes it can start that early and yes it will go away

I was sick from the min I found out. I think I was about 4-5 weeks literally until I was pushing her out. Everyday all day. Lost 35 pounds and was always dehydrated.

I was sick between week 3 and 10 it was so strange it just went away and the rest of my pregnancy was fine I had a healthy little girl :heartpulse:

I was sick the whole time. But, 7 months I couldn’t hold anything down.
Eat anyway! The baby will get the Vitamins and nutrients. Ginger should help. If not talk to your Dr about it. God bless. And congratulations :tada:

I had it from 3 weeks until about 5 months and then again the last 2 months. It was horrible!

I had morning sickness with my oldest daughter the whole nine months,I didn’t hardly have it with my other three

Yes, Honey, it can start that early. I got sick with my daughter right away. I was almost 4 months before it let up. Keep a bottle of Sprite next to your bed and drink it room temperature with saltine crackers before you get up in the morning. Let them lay in your stomach for a few minutes before getting up. If you can, avoid cooking eggs, bacon, or pouring orange juice. Those smells made me nauseous in the morning. I couldn’t brush my teeth till noon. It gagged me to put the toothbrush in my mouth and the toothpaste made me sick. After that I could handle stuff like Mac and cheese. Beefaroni. Beef stew. That sort of thing. Watch how much you take in though. Those things are high in carbs and calories. Also salt. I gained quite a bit of weight with my first baby and had a tough time losing it. I lost weight with my second baby, my daughter, because of the morning sickness. In fact, I lost enough the doctor considered putting me in the hospital on IVs until they could get the nausea under control. But I finally stopped losing when they put me on meds to handle the morning sickness. I only gained 14 pounds back. The baby was healthy though. She weighed 7’ 7” and was 20 inches long. You’ll be ok. Just keep track of your weight and be sure you aren’t getting dehydrated.

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I got a positive pregnancy test at 4 weeks pregnant and at 4 weeks 2 days pregnant I threw up the first time. Didn’t stop the whole time, puked daily for 9 months…. even vomiting in labor. It was so much fun

Mine was through entire pregnancy and morning noon and night.

Morning sickness can start even as early as conception for some woman. In my experience, mine has always started between 4-6 weeks.
Vitamin B6 has been the only medication that’s worked for me.
Give it a go and if not speak to your GP about options. There is plenty of them to try. Good luck Mama xx

It’s different for everybody. Mine was mostly the first trimester, while my daughter in law was sick all the way through. If you can find them ginger candy works well, peppermint helps in a pinch.

I’ve had it my entire pregnancy. Lol

I found out I was pregnant because of morning sickness at 6 weeks. Every pregnancy and everyone is different. Load up on Soda crackers and congratulations

Find what makes you sick and what helps

I’d like to say yes LOL but I was one of those that when I was pregnant I had morning sickness morning noon and night all throughout my pregnancy until about the last 2 months

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One of my sisters would get sick from the moment of conception until the baby was born.

I was sick the WHOLE time with my son.I couldn’t keep anything down.It was like a nightmare every time I woke up,I couldn’t eat or even drink. It got to the point where I needed an IV an the dr prescribed something for me called Promethazine and something else I can’t remember right now but it helped tremendously :crossed_fingers:

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Yes I got morning sickness.

Shame on these women for laughing at this post


Every pregnancy is difficult :woman_facepalming:t3: but the only two times it as this bad was when I was pregnant with girl I carry boys great never sick ect girl wow I almost lost one just from morning sickness

I started getting morning sickness before I had even had my first ob appt at 8 weeks. And I didn’t stop throwing up until he was born. Even with a prescription.

Yeah I struggled around 8w with nausea and it didn’t get better til closer to 15w

I had BAD morning sickness with my two daughters, started around 6 weeks, was hospitalized because I couldn’t keep anything down, it settled around 14 weeks but not without the help of Diclectin and Zofran

Yea it is I am 11 weeks throwing up 2 to 3 times a day - my doctor said take a unisom at bedtime and 25mg B6 up to 3 times a day

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I’m 12 weeks and having alot of issues with nausea myself. My Dr started me on vitiam B6 25mg x3 daily and 200mg of magnesium x2 daily. I also just found Preggo Pops Drops today and they seem to really help with the nausea.

I started getting morning sickness at 3 weeks!! Didn’t stop until almost 4 months! Ginger chews, sprite, and Ritz crackers saved me during that time. Sorry you’re going through this! :cry:

I was sick almost from day 1. I start breakfast and go throw up, go back and finish and run throw up. It lasted all day, 7 days a week until I was probably 6-7 months along. Good luck!!

Yes it is normal. I had morning sickness for 6 1/2 months.

Completely normal I had morning sickness until I was 17 weeks. And then it went away. Thankfully but you could always talk to your obgyn doctor about some nausea medicine. It help me. And this is also my second pregnancy completely different from my first one pregnancy
Hang in there. Hopefully it gets better for you soon.

I had 5 kids and never had any morning sickness. I guess I was a lucky one.

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Yep, normal. May go away or it could develop into hyperemesis gravidarium (excessive nausea and vomiting during pregnancy). The unisom/B6 treatment is usually helpful. There’s a number of other remedies like Preggie Pops or candied ginger that can help. If you try all the tricks without relief your doctor may prescribe an antiemitic like ondansetron.

So I actually wound up taking a pregnancy test because I was feeling so nauseous and exhausted. Test came out positive and a few days later I had it confirmed by my doctor and I was only about 3 weeks along and literally right after that appointment my morning sickness went from being just nausea to getting sick constantly. Couldn’t keep water or my prenatals down, food wasn’t even an option and nothing worked to help it stop that people suggested. Not even ginger, preggie pops or those seabands wrist bracelets that are supposed to relieve morning sickness. And this went on until I was almost 6 months pregnant. The only thing that helped were these melt away tablets my doctor prescribed me and then I was finally able to keep food and water down again. Still got sick on occasion but I wasn’t as miserable as before.

Morning/day/evening/night sickness stinks. Have you tried sucking on crackers? Sucking on anything vs chewing and swallowing. I don’t miss those days! Better days are coming. :slight_smile:

The interwebs state that Morning Sickness roughly starts around 6 weeks.

Lol I’m 6 months pregnant and I still deal with morning sickness. Talk to your OB, she can give you something for it if that’s the route you want to take.
Morning sickness is normal although it’s different for everyone.

Umm, yes. It’s normal to be sick the whole pregnancy.

Its normal- it could last the whole pregnancy, some of the time, none of the time and come back and leave again. This is also true with every pregnancy symptom for me i had heart burn 8 weeks on and only a few weeks of relief. This is also true with postpartum bleeding. It can be light- taper off- heavy then medium. If you soak a pad in an hour for i think 2 hours then call ob- they will tell you the time frame.

I found out I was pregnant at only 2 weeks and 4 days BECAUSE of morning sickness…. I wasn’t even late for my period yet. I didn’t even want to test because we had been trying for over a year and just kept getting negatives. But I couldn’t keep anything down. Every morning I was running to the toilet. All throughout the day I was running to the toilet. My SO told me to just take a test and I literally kept telling him it was pointless that I just had a stomach virus. Then about 3 days into the “stomach virus” I decided to take a test. Sure enough. Positive. And it lasted my entire first trimester!!! Second trimester it stopped and went away. Now currently 32 weeks pregnant and it’s coming back😭

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I stopped getting sick at 16 weeks

Vitamin B6 25mg and 1 unison. But if you work super early in the morning it will have after affects.

I drink protein drinks. The protein is easier for me to drink. Carnation instant breakfast. Yogurt smoothies. The doctor can prescribe you anti nausea medicine

I had morning sickness with all 3. The first 2 were only mornings for about 4 months. The third one I was sick all day everyday for almost 6 months it was awful !

I only had it between six and ten weeks.

Morning sickness started 12 days after I went to see my deployed (stateside) husband for e days over Christmas. I had morning sickness every inuding the day our daughter was born. It was relentless. The only thing I could keep down was unsweetened tea, cream soda, ans Sonic cherry limeades. Everything was hit or miss if it would come back up or not. Steak and broccoli were two food that stayed down for moat part. But even that wasn’t 100%.