Is my 2 month old too young to stay over night with his dad?

Is my 2 month (almost 3 months) old baby too young to stay overnight with his dad at least once a week? We have 3 kids ages 4, 3, and our baby which our older 2 we have a custody order 3 3 4 4 schedule and I do let him take the baby for a couple hours during the day but I feel that I want him to start staying over night now that he’s on formula at least once a week to spend time with his dads side of the family.


I actually love this post; daddy deserves the baby time, you deserve the break, this is a win win, and I’m glad you see how important this is for both of you and baby! It’s so refreshing to see this kind of post! Like others have said, if breastfed then that would be different, but this is lovely!


As long as you have trust & are confident in the baby daddy then it should be allowed,they need to bond Also.


It’s different if you’re breastfeeding but if he’s formula fed and dad is very capable then sure. I honestly could not fathom being separated from my 2 months old that long but I always breast fed and have been the main caretaker. Each situation is different I hope you guys figure out what works best for you


He absolutely should have the same time as you do with baby. Has long as he has a safe sleep space and car seat zero not to


All the “if you feel like he’s an adult enough to be the other PARENT” what if he decided she wasn’t fit for the baby to stay with her? That’s wild to me that people act like just because someone birthed the kid means they’re automatically the better parent.


“Let him” like it’s really up to you. It’s his CHILD. He should be able to have overnights from day 1 unless there are extenuating circumstances!


My son is 7 months now and he’s been sleeping at his dad’s since he was 2/3 months old. Started out with 1 night a week now he does 3 night a week already. Works well for us.

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I would say let him stay if you feel like dad is competent enough to care for him :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Tbf no I don’t think baby is too young, if it’s babies dad then I’m sure any age is fine? Not like he’s just someone he is baby’s father.

If you’re not breastfeeding then dad has as much rights to baby as do.

If dads confident he can handle it then let him.

In Australia normally it’s about 2 years old before they start staying over at dads


If you are confident that he will be ok with him him and he’s mature . yes or maybe baby steps. Start with a few hours and build up. To keep your mind at bay …

If he’s formula fed, there’s no reason why not. The only reason they wouldn’t be, would be if they were breastfeeding.

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Nope. It’s fine. My baby is 3 months and if I had to do something overnight I’d feel fine with his dad having him.


I don’t understand why you’re having another baby with him if you’re not together. I’m sorry if I sound like I’m judging because I’m not. I just feel it was a lack of common sense to stop and it was wrong especially since there’s a custody agreement with the older kids. Why have another one? I wish you both luck and I think it’s important for you that Dad gets his time with the baby too. Plus this gives you a break which is very important for you!! Again, stop having babies with him would be my best advice to both of you. :blush::blush:


No, actually I would encourage it. Look at the research available now on young/infant children spending more equal time between parents - if it’s a safe home, it benefits them✅ even with an "inconsistent " schedule - spending the time is what benefits them when younger. As they get older they can handle spending more time at each home. Good on you for encouraging this relationship this early, it’ll be tougher emotionally with the baby, but it’s necessary to start building that bond with Daddy💯


Ibis does he interact with baby around you? Is he patient with the baby when the baby cries?

If you have older kids why is this a question?

The man is the dad. Yes let him have his son over night. If he is taking formula then he can feed him. I don’t see an issue with it if he is comfortable enough to have the baby overnight.

Does the get colicky at times ?

I would start with having a honest and open conversation with the Dad to see if he is going to be able to handle the nightly requirements. While yes he should, let’s be honest not all men are and the best interest of the baby is what’s most important. From there maybe do a single night trial run with the agreement that should he get overwhelmed at all you are called immediately, then go from there. There’s no real reason why Dad shouldn’t be allowed that extra time and let’s face it you deserve that time for rest and self love.


I think it’s perfectly fine and awesome that your willing to do that. (many wouldnt) It’s good bonding for both baby and dad. As long as dad wants that and is capable of handling responsibilities, I say yes.


It’s the father, of course that isn’t too young.

As long as the father is responsible, safe and is very attentive then absolutely. Even good dads don’t understand why it’s important to be more attentive to newborns especially at night when they wake up. Will he wake up if the baby is fussy at night? Will he be able to handle the nights with little sleep because the baby was having a rough night? Will he still be patient and caring to all 3 kids when he didn’t get enough sleep due to the baby keeping him awake? Will he be able to handle the crying and fussing that comes with being a full time parent with no help and two older children? If your answer to these questions are all positive and you’re confident in his ability to care for all of them by himself then by all means the newborn should be spending equal time with the dad.

Your a good mom helping foster that relationship between dad and his kids. I’d just talk to his dad and get a feel for the situation, if he feels comfortable doing it because at the end of the day, it’s all about the baby and the baby being taken care of confidently. :eave the option open so that if the baby is struggling or he’s struggling that the baby can come home if need be and then try again the next time. I wish more people would coparent.


It’s his child too , if dad lives in a safe place and is capable of handling the baby …… absolutely

Every situation is different
You do what you feel is right for your family

Just stress to him if you get overwhelmed call I will come and get the baby
First few nights will be eye opener
Even to the best parents ….
Good luck !

With some experience, having bonding time with the dad early on the better. It’s so much harder and mentally stressful for the child especially around a year old to get the attachment they need to feel safe and build a connection.

I’d let the baby stay with his father on the same schedule as the other kids provided the father believes he can deal with it. But that being said, I’d also stop having babies with a man I’m not with.

I’m gonna say, if that was my 2 month old, he/she, wouldn’t be staying anywhere, without me!! I don’t care if the baby is breast fed or not!! The courts don’t even suggest it, until the child is 3 years of age. A few hours a day, fine, no over nights!! Indiana parent guidelines say 3 years of age, if there are no older siblings to go with the baby!!

A judge would say yes so if there is no order but you think it might be one eventually the judge will not look kindly if you don’t compromise so maybe try it out and see how you feel after the first few times. My judge made us do week on week off when my little was teeny and nursing but it turned out fine so I am here to say it can be done if dad is attentive and you use that time to get some rest

No advice but wanna say I love the way your allowing dad to be involved. Your a blessing :heart:

If you can’t trust a man with the baby you shouldn’t be having a baby with him.

I feel if on formula yes. Dad needs time with baby and baby needs daddy time. And momma could use a break.

If you feel like your ready to let your baby go for it I don’t see nothing wrong with it

As long as the dad knows what to do it doesn’t matter the age

Yep perfectly fine if the dad is capable of

It’s perfectly fine as long as it’s a safe enviorment for the baby.

Nope, it’s his kid too. If you are comfortable with it then get him used to it asap.

lol you asking if you should eat your child go with its parent ?? That’s crazy to me

If you think dad can handle baby on his own and baby is formula fed I see no reason why not plus you’ll get a much needed break!

If bottle feeding then there’s no reason why he can’t stay at his dads,

In my humble opinion if your comfortable baby should be on same visitation as other kids

No it’s not to young it’s his dad.

As long as it is a safe environment, and as you said baby is on formula so I don’t see a reason baby couldn’t.

The fact that you’re asking tells me no :laughing:

My only concern is if he’d wake up to baby crying. My husband definitely doesn’t get roused as easily as I do.

I don’t think he’s to young. If you wanna send him with dad with the other kids do it. They are all his, and he can take take of them.

It’s the baby’s father. I don’t understand why others are acting like men shouldn’t have the same responsibilities when it comes to parenting. He is perfectly capable of being a parent, I’m sure. People need to stop acting like a baby spending the night with their literal father is so terrible and shameful. And like he shouldn’t be trusted. THIS is why men are praised for doing the things they’re SUPPOSED to do as fathers, because a lot of y’all apparently don’t have too much faith in them as human beings. So when they do actually do something that’s actually normal, they’re worshipped for it :woman_facepalming:t4:
But anyways, no your baby is not too young to spend the night with their father. You deserve a break as well and I’m sure you wouldn’t have had kids with him if you didn’t think he was good enough.

Why not? He’s the parent too. Baby isn’t breastfed. He’s capable of doing everything s/he needs. Get the baby added to your 50/50 custody agreement. If he doesn’t want the baby he can explain to a judge that he wants to parent the older kids but not the baby. I don’t think that’ll go over well.

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The father is capable of taking care of his child possibly even better than you

Why would he be too young to stay with his DAD? He’s not too young to be with you, stupid question

Any age is fine to leave with a man you trusted enough to have more than one kid with