Is my 6 month olds poop normal?

Hi mommies it’s been awhile since I’ve had a baby, my girl is going to be 6 months on the 25th of this month, yesterday her poop looked like newborn poop, it was almost black looking but when I was wiping I realized it’s just a very very very dark green, should I call Dr tomorrow morning or take her to er or see if it passes today as it was only yesterday it started


Dark green can indicate extra iron. Has she had any extra iron rich foods recently??

I think if there are any other symptoms going on I would call her ped but if she is fine and randomly shat green I say she’s going to be okay?

Usually a sign of something she’s ate x

Yes, unless baby has eaten green stuff

Was there anything you changed in her diet, it could be as simple as changing a brand. I’d give it a day or 2, watch out for other symptoms, (does baby stop eating or drinking, more cranky, not sleeping…etc.). Poops can change, just like in us adults, our poops aren’t always the same color. Usually changes because we ate something our stomachs didn’t like to much.

What has she been eating?

My granddaughters as a infant had many poop colors . Especially when they start regular baby foods .

I think one weird colored poop is totally ok especially if there’s no other symptoms. Do they eat foods? Some just make your poop darker. I wouldn’t be concerned

If she’s on formula with iron in it, or eating pureed foods with iron, it will turn poop dark green

Green poop can mean infection