Is my 6-year-old going through a phase or should I be worried?

Is it a phase or do i need to get medical attention for my 6 year old who has peed her self a couple times in the past 3 months. That in one of those months for a whole week she peed herself.

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It’s normal to sometimes have accidents even at that age. But if you are concerned at all then speak to her pediatrician about it.

Have u spoken to her about it? It could happen for many reasons. If it continues (its only been “a couple times in 3 months” which isnt so bad) maybe talk to her doctor. Its normal. Does it happen duri g the night? Is it during the day? Is she stressed out or nervous about anything? Is she being picked on at school?

Normal must kids get busy playin or whatever and will forget. Remember dont get mad at her for it. If continues then try talking to her

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Is she constipated? Constipation can press on the bladder and cause accidents.


It’s common for that age. Esp if they are busy or playing.

It happens. Hell I’m 24, and sometimes I come close to peeing myself. Especially when I sleep and dream I get up and go the bathroom. Accidents happen mama. Just work with her.

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Agree with the above…
But-also consider if it’s behavioral… Why? Any changes in the home? New people in her life? Marriage, divorce, new sibs, new relationships? If not, hopefully it’s just her being busy, and or possibly constipated… BUT, as a pediatric nurse, I must also warn about possible sexual abuse… It’s an awful thought I know… But it happens.


If your worried it honestly never hurts to take her in and speak to a professional. Just to see what has to be said. It’s normal but it can be anything.

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Seems normal kids can pee themselves up until at least 10 years old that’s what my friends sons dr told her when she asked about it. If you are really worried take to the dr to make sure she does not have a UTI.

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Urinary tract infection? Happened to me alot as a kid therefore had alot of accidents

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I would take her to the doctor about that. Idk if that’s normal for 6 year old because every kids are different.

It could be a bladder infection, so I’d take her to the doctor.

Honestly I used to pee on the floor in my room and peed my bed up until I was about 13 because I was always terrified to walk to the bathroom at night and never told anyone that so I’d just talk to your child first make sure it’s not something simple before taking more serious measures

Depends. Was it at school? Was she around a bathroom? Was she doing something she really likes to do at the time? Accidents are typically situational or environmental at that age. Is something happening in her life? Is there a new baby around in diapers?

My daughter had a bunch accidents in kindergarten getting used to having to go to the bathroom on time and not hold it too long when she went to full days. My daughter is also scared of the dark and doesn’t like to get up.

Also, sometimes accidents at a later age means abuse somehwhere. Hopefully it’s not for yours.

I’d think k at 6 years old they could hold their pee while playing or busy…Maybe mention it to her Dr.

If diabetes run in the family I would ask to get tested! My brother was constantly wetting the bed and they all kept saying he was fine. Then one day we were at his soccer game when he was 8 and he came up us and just had pee all down his pants. HD said he didn’t even feel like he needed to go, my mom’s type one diabetic so she did a finger prick and he was WAY TO HIGH. he got diagnosed the same day

It is quite common in young kids. Sometimes could be due to infection. Def worth taking to docs to rule it out.
Another reason if theres been change in child life.
Or could be just to busy absorbed in what their doing x

If it’s new I would get her checked. Kids peeing themselves can mean stress, anxiety, trauma, fear, or other medical issues if it’s starts happening out the blue. If all is good then just work with her on making sure she goes to the bathroom when she needs to instead of waiting. Better to be on the safe side tho