Is my breastfed baby eating enough?

How many times does a day your six-month-old breastfeed? Ever since she started crawling, she’s wanted to nurse way less. I can only get her to eat 4 times during the day. Is that enough? I don’t pump either, so I’m not sure how many ounces she’s getting.


As long as her weight is good I would not worry

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After five kids I realized that they all had different appetites. Some just wanted breast milk some just wanted a bottle some wanted food as soon as they could and others wanted food and breast. It’s up to your baby they are always going to lose a little weight when they start moving around because they are becoming active if you are worried about it try and get her to eat more snacks in between her feeds


If she’s hungry she’ll ask to eat. She’s also more efficient at getting milk now then she was as a new born.

Is she eating solid food also at 6 months? She will cut done on breastfeeding if she has other food too.

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Start introducing baby food.

Depends aswell on if shes eating solid foods? They take less when they start eating too. Well except my boy! He still has 6 maybe 7 bottles a day/night each between 6oz and 10oz lil porker!!! But I’m pretty sure hes in a permanent growth spurt as hes all arms and legs, long and lean. Lol hes only 8 months and in size 12/18 months for length of legs and arms but falling down on his non existent belly and butt. I need a bit of baby fat here too cuddle!!! Lol x

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If her weight isn’t a issue when she goes to the doctor then I wouldn’t worry too much.

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You can go to a lactation counselor. They will have weigh baby before. Then weigh em again after they eat. If your getting enough for the meal and have a healthy weight for their age, I would not worry. Like I said though you can look into that and they would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Lol my baby is 2 months old and only feeds 5 times maybe 6 if I’m lucky so I don’t think it’s anything to worry about seems normal

Is she also eating solids?

They will take what they need and eat less often so don’t worry. It’s a good time to start introducing solids if you haven’t already.

Is she losing weight or not going pee/poop for ling periods of time?

I think that’s a question for your DOCTOR. :woman_facepalming:.

First of all way to go on breastfeeding your baby, she is getting older now so you should be introducing her to more solid foods.

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Lol. She will eat her fill when she is hungry. She’s not coming off the breast crying for more is she? The only solids my sons got was off my plate while I was eating. I never offered anything else. They reached for the food and put it into their own mouths. They eat when they are hungry. As long as you are producing their demands, you shouldn’t give it any thought. Your father made us perfect to fulfill their needs. There are children whole choose to breastfeed until 3 with very little solids. Breastmilk is enough to keep anything alive. Didn’t you read the grapes of wrath. She nursed her father in law back to health. Lol. Stop worrying

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Make sure you’re getting a good output from her diapers. She should be using at least 6 a day. Of she’s not putting off plenty of waste, then she probably isn’t getting enough to eat.


See your dr.
They will ask all the important questions and assess if she is growing and gaining enough for her activity level.
They will throw in their recommendations for you to follow.
This is the time to ask any questions about development and milestones she should be reaching. And any concerns you may have. But most important be honest with your dr. They cant give you their best advice if they dont know what is what.

Check with your doctor who has knowledge and can determine her condition. Also, if she is getting enough milk, she does not need solid foods or water. Start introducing those at 1 year


To measure the intake of breast milk… check the daily deposits in the diaper. Check with little bit’s doctor about what to expect.

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As long as she is gaining weight and wetting her diapers you should be fine also she’s not going to nurse as much of you are giving her solids

She’s probably just ready to be done. Nothing wrong with that. Start giving her Vitamin D milk instead.

4 times was pretty normal for my four kids once they were eating foods at meal times.

At this age I hope your giving solids and water with meals as well as nursing…


If she is happy and growing, she is getting enough.

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If she’s hungry she’ll eat


If she is gaining weight and growing, she is probably doing fine.

Are you feeding her any solids???

Also…does the author of the question ever see these answers? :joy::joy::joy:


Start with rice cereal only. To make sure there is no allergies.

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I agree, that was Trump at his sleaziest, he is a pos.

Start weaning her to a cup.

Sounds to me a mom of 12 baby is getting enough. They go through growth spurts so sometimes they nurse a lot sometimes not so much. You can pump but honestly that won’t help since you don’t get an accurate amount. I hope baby is on solids at least cereal by now. Please don’t give the baby water to much can be harmful.


She may be taking everything she needs in those four feeds. Babies that are older can empty a breast quickly and if she is still gaining weight and having wet diapers, then nothing to worry about.

I have breastfed and extended breastfed my 5 kids. Yes, is normal. Your milk will change to suit baby.

It’s time to start introducing mild solid food. The warm baby cereals are best to start. Easy to digest. You can mix it with breast milk. Ask your pediatrician if you’re unsure. But it’s definitely time for adding solid food.

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She needs started on FOOD.
Shes weaning herself…let her.

First of all, she’s 6 months and crawling?? That’s really early and advanced.

She will stop nursing when she’s full. At 6 months you can be feeding cereal and introducing fruits and veggies.