Is my child dyslexic or a slow learner?

Dyslexic child or slow learner? My daughter will be 7 in less than two months, and she’s in 1st grade. In pre-k and kindergarten, she didn’t have any problems; she was always ahead of the curve on most things and right where she should have been with the rest. This year she’s been falling farther and farther behind and struggles with some of the letters during spelling. She still mixes up b d p q, w m, u n, etc. We constantly work with her and remind her to slow down, and so does her teacher. She does great with every other subject at school and, for the most part, retains information after the first time she hears it. Her father is dyslexic, and his schooling experience was terrible because of how bad he struggled; he doesn’t even like her being in school because he’s terrified she will go through the same thing. We just want to be able to help her the best we can so she can do the best that she can. At what age can you usually tell if it’s dyslexia or if the child is just a slow learner? Any tips/ideas on how to help her? Is it possible for dyslexia to be passed down from parent to child, or is his dyslexia and her letter mixups completely unrelated?


it could be anything maybe have her testing because not all mothers are doctors lol

My co worker highlights each line with different colors. She said its easier to read that the black on white contrast.

Why are you on here asking that? Why not get together with the teacher and the principal and ask them if they can test her…that’s the route I took for my youngest daughter. It helped. She learns differently than others children her age. Just set up a parent-teacher conference with the principal and bring up all your concerns about your child let them know her Dad has it and take it from there.

I would keep an eye out and bring it up to her pediatrician. Dyslexia is genetic. My husband is dyslexic, he was diagnosed when he was 10 I believe. So it could be a good chance.

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Good chance I’d get her tested. Then you n her teacher can work together on how to help her the best way possible

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My daughter has a depth perception problem and she is in vision therapy. She gets stuff like that mixed up also. Sometimes she’ll write complete sentences backwards including the letter and sometimes she won’t. Therapy is definitely helping her. And also she had amblyopia and her left eye was very weak and she would constantly not use it and her optometrist said sometimes kids don’t even notice one eye isn’t working correctly because the other one takes over

I knew in kindergarten that my oldest was dyslexic. Tell your husband school has come a long way! My daughter has an IEP (individual educational plan) and she has so many accommodations (test questions get read to her, she does speech to text because she can’t spell). It’s been amazing! She’s improved soooooo much with the help of her teachers. (She’s 11 now btw).

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Your school district needs to test her and provide her with whatever she needs . You have to demand it.


First have her tested. Look for a dyslexia tutor in your area if she is dyslexic. They teach little tricks to use based individually according to what specific letters, numbers she is struggling with


Get an eye exam done - my nephew did this and we took him to have an eye examination and he got glasses and has no problems at all now.


She may just be a very fast reader.

I was diagnosed in 1st grade and was actually held back because they didnt figure it out until later in the year. There should be workers at the school that can help with this and figure out for sure if that is the issue. Good luck momma :two_hearts:

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I struggled really bad in school with dyslexia and ADD. I’d get her seen so she doesn’t suffer. I hate school and ended up dropping out in high school. My parents never medicated me so I feel that’s what held me back

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I could be many things but try working on 1 character at a time. A lot of kids mix them up for a while.

My son was like that (seeing things backward) I got a tutor for him and it took about 6 to 8 months of 1/2 hour a day tutoring to get it to where he could distinguish letters and words.

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Have her tested. I was tested in 3rd grade and it was found that I have a learning disability with decoding words. Once tested I was given the necessary ‘tools’ to help me with school. I recieved Honor Roll from 5th to 12th grade and graduated with honors.


stop labeling your kids. give them a chance to grow up. 20 years ago, none of these problems existed. now every child has to be just like a stupid book says or they have a problem.


As another dyslexic no she is not a slow learner she had to find hard to work around the dyslexia. Also they’re is a font that really helps, look up dyslexie, the letters are designed in a way that makes it easier to read. One thing I dealt with issue my dyslexia is when I am trying too hard to read the words will vanish off of the page. I have also read that sometimes cooked clear plastic sheets over the books one is reading helps, for me I had to use the colored bookmarks, to isolate the line I was trying to read. Also teach her spelling verbally, and top can make the school do verbal spelling testing, until she gets a better handle on her dyslexia.

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Get orofessional help Now!

Let your school know, they will do testing within school and can also come up with an individual education plan (IEP) that’ll ensure they address any difficulties and help them to succeed!


Maybe go to the doctor and talk to them. The school does testing as well. Also, maybe see an eye doctor and make sure she can actually see properly too.
Good luck.


Speak with her pediatrician.

The school thought I was dyslexic and my Mom had me tested. They found I was ADD. (Which is true, I was and am)
As an adult tho, I still mix up my numbers. Way more than a normal person would just mix them up sometimes on accident.
When I look at a number…example- phone number, I mix the order they are in. Its extremely difficult to deal with.
Once I tried calling the movie theater and dialed wrong, due to my eyes flipping the last 4 digits. I apologized, hung up and re dialed. It took 4 times. Lol.
I kept putting in the same numbers wrong.
I kept calling the same sweet older lady. Luckily she was nice as can be and we were both just laughing after the 2nd time.

Also, get her a tutor.
That will help tremendously.

My girls have ADD & dyslexia. They were struggling until they started getting help from their 504 teacher. That has been a Godsend. Their doing much better

Get her tested. My kids school is testing my daughter for learning disability who is in 2nd grade shes currently 2 years behind. And they’re also testing my son who is in 1st grade for dyslexia bc no matter how many times he tries to write his name the s is still backwards he’ll do it till he gets mad. He also reads the wrong letter and or numbers.

Have the school test her and if they don’t find somewhere that does. We can’t diagnose your child.

Get an eye exam before you do anything else. My step daughter was the same way, we thought she was dyslexic but turned out she just needed glasses

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My daughter is in 2nd grade and has had the same issues. Her teacher said for kids her age that’s totally normal. They’re just starting to learn how all these letters make words and its confusing. Give her a chance before jumping to that. If you’ve mentioned it around her maybe shes worrying herself.

Tested my daughter in 2nd grade, i had two older children it was more than the usual stuff she had dyslexia with her motor skills in reverse, had a wonderful teacher

I was like that. I was told I was dyslexic. I use to write the letters over and over and say them and read a lot. It helped.

I was told this is age appropriate until child is in 3rd grade. The school my kids go to will not test until 3rd grade.

Demand on them testing her. I knew my daughter had problems early on, before Pre-K. Everyone kept telling me I was expecting her to be like her brother. I asked for testing in Pre-K & kinder. Was brushed off both years. At the start of 1st grade I told her teach I had concerns. She was slower than normal. Knew things today then not tomorrow etc. At her first conference she asked me if anyone was ever told they were dyslexic or had learning issues. We had a nice discussion & I finally felt that I was heard. She was tested & now has an IEP. It’s still a struggle though. If your school won’t test her talk to her Dr.

Have her eyes checked she might have a problem

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She’s definitely dyslexic but they’ll call it a learning disability. Get her tested. I wish my parents gave me help at a younger age. I struggled till my last year of college when I finally got tested and help.

This really needs to be discussed with professionals, her pediatrician and the school system.

Dyslexia is hereditary and it sounds like that’s what she having difficulty with. Take her to the eye dr. My daughter had to go once a week to some classes at eye dr. To help train her brain, so to speak. It’s been several years ago, she’s 20 now, and I don’t remember name of the program the eye dr. Provided

A visit to the pediatrician is in order. Only they can point you in the right direction. Love and Light :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Theres a difference between mixing up letters and not comprehending has fast

The senco at my child’s school informed me that it is genetic. If one parent has it then all your children have a 50% chance of having it.
My son has just been diagnosed at 9yrs old

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My daughter wrote everything backwards at that age, not only were the letters backwards, but she wrote from right to left as well, she was ahead if not at where she should’ve been academically, she’s now going on 10 in April, and she’s absolutely fine, all of the teachers and doctors that I talked to said its actually pretty normal, and most kids grow out of it in time