Is My Fiancé Right to Be Upset?

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"I have a job as a babysitter for a friend and her husband is taking off work on friday for a video game event where he will be home all day long. They still want me to come over and take their oldest to school and my friend wants me to take her to a drs appointment. This was fine because her husband was originally going to be at work. I told my friend my fiance was not happy that I'm still required to come over here when her husband was going to be home. We feel that because it involves me and we're getting married that it is his business and that he does have a right to be upset. I'm slightly irritated because I did not agree to babysit when you'll be home. Do my fiance and I have the right to be upset about this or are we overreacting?"

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"Are you upset or is he? If you feel uncomfortable then okay don’t do it. But I honestly don’t see a problem with it. They still need a babysitter but if it makes you uncomfortable then that’s fine don’t do it."

"Dad has a ‘commitment’. They specifically made sure they had a sitter. I do not feel as though you are able to decide when and if they want/need one."

"Depends…are you getting paid for babysitting? If not then yes but if you are then no."

"If you’re getting paid it shouldn’t matter who’s home."

"Are they paying you? If so, him being home has nothing to do with the job you get paid to do."

"You’re getting paid…is it really worth messing up a paying gig? You had already intended on being there. There have been a couple times where I’ve paid my babysitter to come over for a couple hours so I could do some heavy duty cleaning or working in my “office” (our grown up only livingroom) and need someone responsible to be all there for my kids."

"You’re getting paid regardless which makes it your job to make sure those kids are being taken care of does it really matter as long as your getting paid parents need time off too"

"Surely you’re not actually upset. You are paid to provide a service, that service doesn’t come with conditions like “only whilst working” - you provide the service when they need their kids taken care of. Don’t lose a job and potentially a friend over this. Truly ridiculous."

"Doesn’t matter if mom is grocery shopping or working or getting her nails done. Same with dad and video games. Dads need time too. Help out and get paid to hang out with awesome kids while mom and dad need a recharge!"

"If you're getting paid then you should be there."

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