Is my husband wrong for walkng away when we fight?

My husband and I have a very re-occuring argument in our house and I want yall’s opinion on it. We get into arguments and disagreements about typical things and then he will usually walk away and go off into his office to vent out loud to himself about whatever took place loud enough that I hear it. It upsets me immensely and causes me anxiety. Because it’s often after he walks away during our conversation and says he doesnt want to talk anymore. I actually had a nightmare about him doing it. I’ve told him probably over 100 times now that it hurts my feelings and for him to stop or limit the amount he does it. But every single time he’s upset it’s his default. He says I’m toxic for asking him to stop. I say he’s toxic for continuing to do it. He asked me to ask people what they think. Am I in the wrong?

You sound traumatized. It seems like you have ptsd. Why continue to stay with someone who scares and traumatizes you. Please get therapy for yourself to see you deserve so much better.