Is My husband's Family inappropriate?

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"My hubby is Cuban and his family lives over there so he visits them I finally found his step sister fb and saw pictures that I'm really feel disgusting. Yes there are playfully and all but still why would you take pictures like that with your own sister n post them on FB? One is where he is holding his junk n she has her face close to it, like getting a bj. The other one is that he's 'biting' her boob. For some reason when I saw them I got pissed n disgusted. I'm I over reacting or if I know that's the mind of fun Cubans have."

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"Step sister my a$$! Honestly, I know of quite a few “step siblings” that have dated! It’s disgusting to me but they aren’t blood related! Sounds like they are a little too close!"

"Definetly inappropiate!"

"I don’t know if that is a Cuban thing. I think there is some strange things happening. My X is Cuban and doesn’t behave like that"

"Yuck! There’s nothing normal about this."

"Is it really his stepsister or is that what they tell you?

"Yea imma say that’s not his stepsister… if it is then they definitely had something going on behind their parents back"

"It is very inappropriate and I’d be pissed off too"

"Well that’s not true about Cuban culture, very inappropriate"

"Are you sure it is his step sister? Why would he allow that if it was. So gross!"

"Either A she’s not his step sister or B he’s screwing said step sister"

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