Is Nexplanon a good birth control?

Just looking for experience stories with the Nexplanon arm implant birth control.

I’ve had mine for a year so far. First time having one. Love that I don’t have to worry about taking a pill every day. Very convenient. Doesn’t hurt getting put in. Super simple. First 3-4 months I had constant spotting which is normal cause your body is getting used to it. I have a period like every 1.5-2 months but it’s more like spotting and two days of period and it lasts like 3 weeks. I have ruined a ton of underwear from all the spotting. I hate that part about it. I’m hoping I’ll eventually move into not having a period like some people have on it.

I packed the weight on really bad average gain of 1-2kg per week

After a year of having it in, I just got it removed last week. I had horrid heavy periods while it was implanted, cramps that had me doubled over in pain + nothing made them subside, painful acne, mood swings/ depression and weight gain.

Granted I’ve heard of people having complete opposite experiences with it. It just wasn’t for me.

A week after getting it out I’ve already lost 5lbs, my acne is starting to clear, and I all around just feel better.

My daughter had it. It has been removed for a couple of years now. She is trying to conceive and is having problems getting pregnant now.

I had it in twice. The first time my tissue and nerves got wrapped around it and I had to get it literally chopped out. The second time it broke in half and they had to dig to find the other half. My personal experience I wouldn’t recommend it. Everyone’s different

The last time I had one, I had to remove it due to very heavy periods that would stay on for 2 week and horrible cramps.

I had the first version implanon and no issues loved it. Got this new version may 2016 about Jan 2017 began having issues with my cycle doc put me on a BC pull to regulate me. Then was fine but then again like Nov 2017 began having issues to the point where my cycle was like on 3 weeks off 1 week. Doc tried a Depo shot to regulate but still didn’t work mind you i was nursing’s exclusively for a year and night nursing for a year after while on this BC… and when nursing especially during the first 6 months you don’t usually have a period… So I got it removed in April of 2018.

I had implanon for a year when it first came out and I hated it. My periods were reversed so I basically bled for 3 weeks out of the month and didn’t for a week, and that went on for SEVERAL months. I was extremely moody and I hated it so much. My dr kept encouraging me to give it time for my body to adjust, i thought a year was long enough and had it removed. The device also got up against a nerve in my arm and caused it to go numb periodically, which still happens if I carry something in my left arm and it pushes up against where they had inserted it.
They may have made it better since then, it’s been 6-8 years since I had it, but I will likely never try it again

Bled for the 1st 3 months. No period at all for 5 months then bled again for 2 more months before I had it removed. I got pregnant less than 2 weeks after removal.

Don’t do it! I was miserable the entire time I had it. I don’t know why I didn’t have it taken out sooner. Horrible migraines, mood swings, horrible periods. I think I’ve heard MAYBE two good experiences with it. I have an IUD now and love it.

I have had it twice. No period for 3 years with each. I didn’t gain anymore weight then I already had. I’m getting another one

I got it 2 months after having my son in 2015 which would mean I got it put in May of 2015… Anyways… I had that in for 3 years and had no moodiness , no period, no weight gain, I felt the same just no period!!.. It was amazing … Got it taken out Feb 2018 and got pregnant in Aug 2018 and ginna have a baby girl!! It was amazing birth control !!!

I’ve had mine for 2 years and love it. Your arm will bruise when you first get it and will hurt for few days but after that I’ve not had any problems. It doesn’t make me gain weight or lose weight. It’s not changed my moods. My menstrual is every 3 months. I’m not a medicine person so takin the pill just wasn’t for me so I went with this and love it. Of course everyone’s body is different.

Thats a big hell no for me ! Way to many side affects

I’m on my third round of it and I love it. I haven’t had any side effects that I’ve noticed. I had serious problems with every other form of bc though.

Had it twice for 3 years each time. Loved it!!

I have it now, haven’t had a period since it’s been in. Everyone is different

I’m on it, for the first time. I got on it 2 days after having my daughter. I haven’t had side effects with it at all.

I love eminem got it July 19th 2016 and cant wait to get another one as soon as this one expires in July. No period, and no worries. Had a good size bruise for the first month but it went away and no problems since

I have had it for 2 years when it was first put in i bleed for 9 months straight then my doctor put me on the pill birth control and that stopped the bleeding and i was 100% normal on both then i married my husband and switched insurances and the new one wont give me the pill to stop the bleeding again so im getting it removed next month because my nonstop bleeding has started again along with really weird arm pain in the arm its in (its been checked it hasnt moved. So they dont know why its causing pain) and my brests. Its been vary frustrating but thats mainly because my doctors not believing me or making me “just wait a bit longer” to see if pain/blood stops


Had a period for 6months +. Pretty sure I had a miscarriage or two based on the amount of bleeding & my hormones. Overall I didn’t experience cramping, or mood swings. Just nonstop bleeding.

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I’ve had mine for over 2 years. I bled for 6 months straight, right when I thought I’d had enough and was going to have it removed, the bleeding stopped. No period for over a year. Now I have one every other month about. No weight gain, didn’t effect milk supply.

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I dont have a personal experience from it but I asked my OBGYN about it as an option and she strongly went against it. She said that it has way too many side effects and that it has horrible reviews.

I went with Mirena (IUD) and it was a much better choice!

I’ve had mine for 1 and a half ur period can be 4months late and u gain some weight

I hated it! Had it put in after my first pregnancy and I would bleed all the time. It would be sporadic too, like bleed for 1-2 weeks, stop bleeding for a few days, then bleed for another week, etc. It was effective but I couldn’t deal with the unpredictable bleeding. I had it in for almost 2 years and it never leveled out.

Got it February 20th. Started my period the 27th and have been on it since…

I bled so much after getting it in, i ended up in the ER literally dripping all over their floor. The ER also prescribed me the opposite of what i should have been taking that made it even worse. I was so anemic i was close to a blood transfusion.

However, after following up with my OBGYN and getting the right medication to balance it out, i only had to take it that once and had no other symptoms since.

But as far as getting it implanted it didn’t hurt and mine only bruised a bit

Had mine but several months into it found out i was pregnant…

Tmi everyone is different but here’s what I went through. I absolutely hate it. This is my second go around and I am currently on my period and Everytime I use the restroom it’s like a murder scene coming out of me no joke. My cramps are super bad too. Cannot wait till September to get it removed finally and I will never ever be getting it again. My first 3 years was a breeze this last 3 years with it. Omg I seriously feel like I could of bled out at times honestly. It would come out like pee. I do not recommend for anyone.
Yes I have been to the doctor and have had other bc given to me to control all of it and it helped but only for a while

I’ve had it for a little over a year. Irregular heavy periods and no sex drive but other than that there are no issues

I have one and it’s not that bad🤷🏻‍♀️

I’ve had mine since having my daughter she is 19 I’ve never had any issues except some bruising when replaced no breakthrough bleeding or weight gain

It doesnt prevent pregnancy…its suppose to prevent an egg frm attatching itself to be able to become a full pregnancy and baby…it still allows your eggs be fertilized with sperm and does all its suppose to do with conception…just suppose to prevent attatchment… .its why its not very good…and most experienced bad bleeding cramping…your bodys naturally getting rid of fertilized eggs…just not attatched its not a preventiong its almost like an abortion pill or the plan b form of birth control…and it doesnt always work…

Mine expires this month. Screwed me all up emotionally damaged nerves in my arm and shoulder, not worth it.

NO SEX DRIVE! That’s the main thing for me.

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Sorry for the picture but mine moved twice and had to be taken out and that’s the result. I switched to the iud

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You should read the test trial stories and the statistics for bad/good results and symptoms. It’s not wise to ask people for their personal stories because everyone is different

For me it worked as far a birth control but other wise I hated everything about it. I bled for way to long and I gained weight and became so depressed and detached from my family. It’s just endless problems for me. So I took it out and within a week I felt better…

I had mine for maybe a month and a half… it started rejecting out (like not where it was inserted the skin was opening in the middle of it and it was pushing out, so part of it was exposed)… it was horrible. Had to get it removed and my doctor actually took pictures of it to show the rep and even years later has told me he will never recommend it to anyone again because of what it did. Now I’m just left with a nasty scar on my arm for nothing…

Had mine for about two years I think. Took it out bc I didn’t like myself on hormones. I was constantly jumping between emotions and having big swings between moods. Once I went off I felt more like myself and started just tracking my periods to make sure I was regular and the app I used also gave me a rough timeline of ovulation so I knew when to avoid sexy time with my husband and when we could without concern. When we wanted to conceive it helped guide us for good times to try. Wasn’t a big fan of it bc it felt like it was hurting my arm but Dr said that pain was from something else. Since removal haven’t had any pain.

I bled for a month at a time when I was on it. Last time was 2 months. That’s when I took it out. And my hormones were out if control. I was crazy for those 6 months

I had it for about three months and it made me feel crazy. I had really bad mood swings and just felt angry all the time. Everything annoyed me. I had to have it taken out.

I had one injected and they put it intoo far into my deep tissue muscle and had to have it surgically removed, just be careful who inserts it.

I had mine all 3 yrs
After it expired I went to have it removed but they couldn’t find it

3ob 2ultrasounds
1xray and a live x-ray surgery they removed it and part of my muscle from the crease of my arm pit

I had no negative side effects
I couldn’t lose weight but I didn’t gain
Period stayed the same
And didn’t get pregnant

HORRIBLE bleeding and cramping

I had mine for two years. I never had any issues with it. I did gain weight but I also was eating like crap and drinking a lot of pop and alcohol. I only got it out cause we were trying for a baby

I love it. I’ve had it since December 2018. Only had 2 periods and they were light and no cramps. No moodiness no weight gain. So far has prevented pregnancy. And you don’t have to worry about it.

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I absolutely love mine! I wont use anything else. Ive been on it since 2008 with a break to get pregnant with my 2nd. Mine is aboit to expire and if I dont get another one to rwplaxe this one I’ll be gwtting fixed

I have it for the second time. No issues! Can easily be felt (make sure to check it every day!), no periods, no awful side effects…

And after I had it removed it took me 5-6 months to get pregnant.

I get a 3 day period every month. Arm hurts a little but otherwise I like it. Its been in a year longer than it’s supposed to be but getting removed soon bc me and the bf have decided to have a baby Sasha Morgan Funk

I had it then became allergic to it. When I had the implanon, which is the same thing, I loved it and didn’t have a period

I had mine for bout 4 months my arm stayed swollen. I couldnt bend it or nothing horrible horrible pain. One day i was in the shower washing off. I felt something hard sticking out. Got out dried off heard something hit the floor. The dr said My body literaly rejected it. Once it fell out all the pain immediately STOPPED!

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Do not do it.

It’s not approved on other countries cuz of side effects.

Don’t recommend if you havr had anxiety or depression at any point in your life

Everybody ks different. I have depression and anxiety really bad. Iv had mine jn for a year now. I get a period maybe twice every 2-3 months. Only down fall is that i ganied weight and hard to lose. I woukd say talk to ur dr.

LOVEEEE mine. Ive had it twice and the first time i got it taken out bc we wanted another baby, and it took like 2 months to get pregnant lol buttt ive had it again for a year now and its still great, no periods. Anddddd mines worked 100% so far

I got my first one put in November 17th 2014. I bled and had horrible cramps consistently til April of 2015. And never had a period after that. I let mine expire for a while cause I was between insurances and got it removed in February of 2018 and switched out the same day and bled lightly for 3 weeks and haven’t had periods at all besides the bleeding I mentioned. I did have weight gain and have mood swings sometimes.

I had mine for 3 years and just got it replaced the first one my arm was in so much pain the whole time went back for consultations and was told its normal with my new one its been pain free and i feel good

Nexplanon. Very effective for its purpose. 4 years with no pregnancy or period.

Side affects: Significant weight gain and mood swings

I had it for 6 months and gained 60lbs. I also have something called pseudotumor cerebri ( also called idiopathic intracranial hypertension) my neurologist believes came from it. I had intense headaches and migraines starting maybe a month or so after I got it. I have a history of headaches and migraines also but they were more frequent i thought it was something to do with maybe needing new glasses cause I was also having difficulty seeing. It was due to this illness that the nuerologist believes may have come from the nexplanon. But everyone’s body reacts differently, best of luck!

I have it 1.5 yrs now. It works good, at the beginning it took me about 4 mths to get used to it because of the hormones. My periods become irregular but not bad. I dont bleed for more that 5 days and i gain a lot of weight. Like 100 pounds since then.

Very weary of inserting anything into my body. I just set an alarm to take a pill at the same time e eryday. I keep the pills in my wallet so it is always with me.

Arm was sore and swollen at first. That went away quickly. I had no periods for the first 2 years. They started up again out of the blue. I got concerned and addressed it with my doctor. Got it taken out first chance I could after that. If anything comes up or you have concerns, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor.

I bleed for 8 months 3 weeks on 1 week off…

I love it. No issues or sideveffects.

I’ve never had it but I’ve known people who have and I’ve not heard anything good

I bled for 3 weeks out of every months for two years with the nexplanon but I have awful luck with bc and know a few people who love it… so i think it really depends on your body

I’ve had mine almost a year. No issues.