Is pelvic pressure normal at 10 weeks pregnant?

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Seriously has the page been hacked?! Between this kind of post with different dates weeks and the later period with negative pregnancy test posts I’m getting rather annoyed. So many of both and with each the numbers keep changing


From 8weeks to 10-12 weeks ur uterus will double it’s size. That’s probably what you’re feeling. But honestly it’s still a minimal change…

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Ask your midwife, not Facebook :woman_facepalming:


Yup it can and will come and go throughout… your body isn’t used to having something growing inside it. It will cause pressure.

Omfg are we serious with the repeat posts

Yes ughhhh and it feels like forever until it goes away! My Dr said to wait until the uterus gets bigger and pops over the top of your public bone. You should get some relief then.


Unfortunately, yes. I had pressure, feeling like I was being ripped apart, for almost my entire pregnancy when pregnant with my son! I totally feel for you! At least you know the feeling has an end date!

Call your doctor just to be safe but I had terrible cramping especially with my first pregnancy in the first few weeks. My obgyn said it is totally normal and just your body making room and preparing for baby.

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I was told with my 1st pregnancy that it’s normal, that it’s from everything stretching and getting ready for baby. If it becomes sharp pains/cramping and/or bleeding, I would most definitely call/see your doctor.


Especially that first baby :baby: but when in doubt try go for a check up when you can. I’m a make a fuss and nothing cones of it than not make a fuss and somethings wrong type of person :rofl::rofl::rofl: and to the negative Nancy’s shut up ffs acting like the midwife and docs are available to her 24/7 isn’t that what this page is for advice from other mums?

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Yes, it is normal. If it’s super painful or there’s bleeding, there may be some concerns. Sorry everyone else couldn’t answer a simple question for you.


Hey lady! Yes it is. I’m now 17 weeks pregnant but at around 10ish-12 weeks I was feelings tons of pressure. Mine even felt like it was tightening so that part scared me most. I called my midwifes nurse, she assured me it was normal but told me I could come in the next day - just for peace of mind. Ultrasound was done, everything was checked and everything was completely okay :relaxed: it’s just everything adjusting in there. Our insides are literally getting rearranged temporarily lol so we’ll feel a lot of different things. But it never hurts to call just to ask :relaxed:

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Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Some women are just more sensitive sometimes, it is one of those things that your provider wants to know about

Really ladies we are supposed to support each other sometimes it is easier to ask other mums then to talk to a damn doctor who will give you some technical mumbo jumbo bs. It can be very normal sweetheart it sometimes depends on your body


Wow. Some of you are just delightful aren’t you. I bet you were spouting #BeKind not too long ago.


Yes it is I still have it too and I’m 37 weeks along im not sure how to get rid of it but I learned to power thru it​:blush: hope everything goes well gor you :blush:

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aSk YoUr mIdWiFE… not everyone has one… & some doctors can’t always be available to answer questions right away in between appointments. Stfu and answer the questions nicely or do not bother answering at all :bangbang::bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:


Can be. I even had some bleeding… I was carrying twins so I understand the never ending fear of something going wrong. Here’s a tip I didn’t know…that anxiety does not leave when the baby is born. :rofl: so never be afraid to reach out and ask questions… to hell with rude people. We don’t always have someone we can ask in person.


I always said it feels like when you hold your pee for so long it almost hurts… But the feeling doesn’t go away… it’s pretty normal…


At 13 weeks I wasn’t able to pee not sure what kind of pressure you’re having. Went to the er. They didn’t know what was wrong. Went in to my obgyn the next morning I had a incarcerated uterus. Where your uterus falls on your bladder. Better safe than sorry to ask the doctor.

It’s such a shame to read some of these comments about ask your midwife/doctor. Most community midwives do not offer a 24 hour service so she could’ve contacted a midwife but might have to wait. In the uk if you are under 20 weeks pregnant and have a pregnancy issue it’s call your midwife, gp, 111 or in an emergency to A & E. it’s obviously not an emergency, GP’s and midwives are now closed. 111 who knows what this service offers due to COVID. why shouldn’t she ask a whole bunch of mothers if they have experienced the pressure in their pelvis in early prefnancy? We’re supposed to support each other. And, just a thought there could actually be midwives on this pages that could offer some advice :woman_shrugging:t5:


Everyone is different so I’d call into your OB just in case. I didn’t with my first two but, did with the last 3… it was nonstop for a few weeks…

Yes. I had so much with my 2nd and a lot of round ligament pain.

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Wow such a supportive group… maybe they’ve emailed their midwife and waiting for a response so maybe she wanted to ask some other moms …
My midwife can take some time to get back to me cause she may be busy with another mom…

It can be normal could be your body just adjusting itself.During early pregnancy, you may experience mild twinges or cramping in the uterus. You may also feel aching in your vagina, lower abdomen, pelvic region, or back. It may feel similar to menstrual period cramps.


Why are you guys so rude about questions?? Its a page YOU followed to be in? This is my FIRST pregnancy & i DO NOT have a midwife. This is supposed to be where we all come together & talk about your experiences or what your midwife said. Get a grip!! Im new to this pregnancy thing, i dont have a doctor to just call and she/he will pick up!! Thank you to the ladies who just answered the question without hesitation! :heartbeat:


It is very normal your everything is moving and adjusting and growing hang in there mama :two_hearts:

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It can be quite normal. If it is still concerning after a couple of days, just give your doctor a call, and often you can reach his/her nurse easier and they can talk to you as well.

I still find it bizarre that expectant mums are taking time to post on fb and ask concerning questions rather than calling midwives/GP’s​:exploding_head: I’m on a mums to be group and the ‘I’m getting shooting pains every 5 mins what could this be’ :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: why on earth would you ask other expectant mums that are not professionals on social media?! Pick up your phone and call your midwife!!!


This last pregnancy for me was so much worse than my first. I got all the aches and pains and swelling. It’s normal. Your body is stretching to accommodate baby.

Yes. I had it really bad with this baby very early on. And it just turns out I’ve been carrying her really low this whole time. If it becomes painful or you notice bleeding, I’d recommend calling the Dr.

And for those of y’all being rude, yall are fuckin assholes.

Unfortunately, OP, with mom’s… They’re either going to be understanding or they’re going to be straight up judgemental assholes. If there is an in-between, I’ve yet to see it. Pay them no mind, honey.


I was told its because your stretching but would most definitely get it checked!

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Yes i used pregnant yoga to help my body be a lil more limber for the pushing n shiftin there are positions that can help relive the pressure

Yes it’s normal. I suggest getting a Belly Band. It helps with the pelvic pressure, and also round ligament pain. You can also use them after baby is born too. It really helps the most when you get a C-Section. After any woman gives birth, their intestines finally have room again and makes your stomach jiggle till your body recovers. Belly Bands also help with your back pain too. Sleep with a body pillow at night from now on. Your back, and hips get the extra support while you sleep too.

Very normal… Just wait till you get close to the end and get lighting crotch… :skull::skull::skull::skull::skull:


Mine started at 6 weeks ish and went on until the very end…

Yes. It can be very uncomfortable. Cramping is normal… 2nd trimester is way better

Yes but sometimes can be a sign to rest more ,in the beginning of my first pregnancy I had to rest ,my body needed more rest

Yes!! I felt like my babies were going to fall out from the beginning.

It’s normal at any amount of weeks lol

Yes it’s normal and you know what is normal too ? Getting sh** from ppl on social media so make sure you filter through the above comments.
Pls always seek professional help but if you feel that asking online and sharing this with others makes you feel good then so be it xxx hugs


It can be! Remember our bodies literally shape shift to carry a pregnancy. With my 2nd and my 3rd it felt 10 worse than my 1st😬 i was in SOOOO much pain at the end of each trimester because my hips were shifting and my pelvis was opening.
Try sleeping with a fluffy pillow bewteen your legs and everytime you lay down on your side try the pillow between the legs! Itll help relieve some of the pressure on your hips!

Yes. You’re body is accommodating to a growing child

Yes it is. Your uterus is stretching it’s muscles. Basically exercising itself in preparing for your baby’s growth. It can be uncomfortable at times but totally normal. If you’re cramping like menstrual cramps or even spotting or bleeding it is most definitely recommended to get checked out. While most of the time early spotting is just implantation bleeding it’s better to be safe than sorry

I had it the whole time I was pregnant

Yes. Cramping with my first pregnancy was scary!

Please check your cervical length immediately

I have a super sensitive uterus so I usually feel pressure from about 8 weeks on. If you’re concerned definitely contact your health provider but don’t worry mama

Every.single.pregnancy lol! So yes. And I went on to have four healthy girls! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:X

I had pelvic pressure really early with this pregnancy. They are all different :woman_shrugging:t3:

Look up round ligaments

Yes, I felt my stomach “hardening” around 8 weeks. But this is Facebook not your ob, if you are concerned then go be seen. They’re not gonna judge you for being cautious and they’re gonna have to get used to your face anyway.

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I know pelvic pain is normal. It’s your body getting ready to carry

I would say so. Im 24weeks and I had pelvic pressure in the beginning like that. But if you are concerned please ask your doctor

It varys with all… We have females not knowing they pregnant till they give birth supposedly​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

A lot of y’all women are just ass holes! Sheesh :roll_eyes: if you can’t be nice then pass on over the question

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My 2nd pregnancy i had really bad pelvic pressure so early which I didn’t experience with my 1st…went to er and found out I was having twins!:flushed::hugs::grin:

Yes but always listen to your gut. Call your Dr with any concerns