Is pelvic pressure normal at 34 weeks pregnant?

So I know I’m gonna get bashed but whatever, I’m a ftm I just turned 34w today. For the past week ive been having this pressure on my vagina that comes and goes along with minor back pain in the lower back that goes out to the front of my body. Im noticing it getting stronger and happening more often but then it stops again. I don’t know if im in labor or if it’s just my body reacting to the baby getting bigger. But around the time this started, my sugar has been dropping alot constantly, it also happens after I finish eating and that’s where I’m puzzled. When this happens, I black out. I can hear people like friends and family talking to me asking if I’m ok but to hear them, they sound like a million miles away and they look like their a million miles away and super blury. it lasts for about 15 minutes the most. I have fear if I may have preeclampsia but I can’t find that out because I havent been seen for any dr appointments since February because I got knocked off my insurance due to something called “share of cost” and my ob doesn’t take payments and won’t do anything to help with my appointments. Can someone tell me what to do please? I’m at a huge loss, I’m so frustrated and don’t know what to do. The father of my unborn child is also frustrated and taking his anger out on me by yelling and calling me names because he’s “worried about me and our child” but that doesn’t give him rights to act that way towards me. Hes been pushing me away, and we split up at the end of March because of this, and it’s just hard to deal with all the way around. Someone please give me some advice


If you’re in the states, go to the hospital. They will sign you up for Medicaid and it backdates for 90 days while you wait for the approval.


I suggest going into your county’s health department. Maybe even the ER. If you go to the ER they can help you file for Medicaid there. You’re not only putting yourself at risk but your childs. If you’re not up for that go into your public aid office and try to get on Medicaid asap. Especially since you’re pregnant. You’ll prob spend the whole day there but you need to go.


Go to the hospital. You really need to be seen.


Get medicaid asap see a Dr now!

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The pressure on your vagina is just the weight of the baby. With my second baby it literally felt like he was just going to fall out every time i stood up and it was terribly uncomfortable. Try getting a maternity belt. That might help. It holds the weight of the baby & your belly up better and it could help with the pain. I’m pretty sure you can get them at Walmart. As far as doctors appointments - find a pregnancy care center, planned parenthood, any of those type places in your area and explain the situation, they will do what they can to help you find the resources that you need. I just got a letter about shared costs on my insurance too. I didn’t know what it was so i didn’t think much of it - now I’m kind of worried lol :cold_sweat:

Go to the hospital. They’ll see you in labor and delivery


My first thought was also preeclampsia but im not a dr. But you do not HAVE to have insurance to be seen. I mean, I get not wanting to owe money for medical bills but preeclampsia is pretty serious. And idk if you qualify for medical from the state or not but just fyi they cover 3 months previous from the date you get approved and if you go apply tomorrow you could be approved in a month or so. If it were me, I’m sorry but damn those medical bills!

Go to the Dr. If they won’t take you then go to the ER, and if they won’t take you I don’t know, go to planned parenthood and tell them you need to see a doctor for these reasons.

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Go to hospital. Explain situation. You will be looked over. And ask to speak to social worker while there. (If u get admitted, they are able to help you get Medicaid or even county insurance). Do not chance it with preeclampsia. Please go!


Go to the hospital , they can’t deny you

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Just go to the emergency room
They can’t turn you away

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Get Medicaid. I have it as a secondary insurance for what ours doesnt cover. But in most states, medicaid will back up 3 months. You really need to be seen even if it is at the ER.
Next, the pressure is normal. Im 35 weeks with my 4th and it feels like im going to break in two. But if it goes away its not labor. If it is constant, then you need to get checked.
But no matter what, take your butt to the ER! You shouldnt be blacking out.

Yes go to the dr! I will say it doesn’t sound like your sugar dropping it sounds more like. Blood pressure issue. If he’s so worried about you why is he making it harder for you by yelling at you?! I don’t understand how that helps

I feel like I had this. It was pressure from the baby. I got a pregnancy band from Target and it was aaaaamazing relief. Contraction when you are in labor wont stop all together. They will come and go repeatedly and get closer in time together.

Get yourself into the emergency room as soon as possible.please do that and don’t take a chance on losing that baby and yourself. Will be praying for both of you as soon as I get off here.

If she has a share of cost then she has medicaid. You need to fingers a new dr NOW. Go to the ER they can not refuse to see you.


You are split up so apply for Medicaid. But before then get to the hospital and be seen.

U need to go to the emergency room and tell them… they can’t turn u away and when u get on Medicaid u can send them the bill for it… it sounds like u have preeclampsia which can kill u and baby

I live in Canada so I don’t know how the states are. I assume though, they accept anyone at hospitals. PLEASE GO!!! Hope everything is okay :two_hearts:

Go to the ER. NOW.
That’s so dangerous and could be deadly for you and your baby.
Apply for Medicaid and get seen at your Health Dept. You’ll pay based on income but I’ve never paid more than $20.


I had preclampsia, my symptoms were dizziness, swelling in my feet and hands, low blood.pressure and blurry vision. It’s different for everyone. See if you qualify for medicaid in your state since you are pregnant and uninsured.

Definitely go to ER!! Preeclampsia is nothing to play with! It’s dangerous for you and baby. I had it with my last baby.

Definitely go to ER!! Preeclampsia is nothing to play with! It’s dangerous for you and baby. I had it with my last baby.

Sounds like you need to get to a doctor asap

You need to go in. And go to e.r. and they will help with emergency state insurance bc you cant get denied it especially pregnant… I’m going to say that him pressuring you and getting mad bc your not taking care of yourself. Let alone the unborn child. I would be a little pissed off too… it isnt just your child… and he obviously wants it so why have you waited and not gone to e.r. yet?like trutfully… unless drugs are in system and fear of testing positive and baby taken away… what was the plan when birth was happening?have it than not take it in?.. I’m highly confused. As to why people. Do this to themselves. Than yet an unborn child. I’m not pro anti nothing so dont go there.

Since you’re blacking out, go to the hospital and they can put you on a payment plan and do have financial aide. After you’re seen, you should go to your local health department and let them know your circumstances. They bill based on income and can help you get Medicaid. Don’t put this off, it’s not as difficult as it seems to get help financially and because you’re pregnant, it’s something you need to do.


Medicaid will def be given bc your pregnant. Go to a plan parent hood or your local social services.

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Go to the ER they cant turn you away!!!


You should be able to get insurance cause you are pregnant, I know MN state insurance does.

If you had Medicaid and they took you off I can get you in touch with someone who can get you insurance at an affordable cost. My mother in law does it but Iwere in Tx. But with your pains and blurred vision I would def. take a trip to the ER . They will check you and the baby and do a sono

Apply for pregnancy Medicaid

Go to ER NOW dont put you and your baby lufe at risk let the ER help you


ER & they should be able to help u with pregnant women Medicaid for the duration of ur pregnancy… this is pretty serious & could potentially be fatal to u & baby both

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Preclampsia or gestational diabetes? Go to the doctor immediately.

Go to e.r. now and apply for Medicaid the next day. The will cover any med cost for 90 days previous to application.

First iff go to ER and get checked. Nit sure where you are, but try to apply for medicaid for pregnant women. They will grant you insurance immediately because you’re pregnant and will usually pay for any medical bills you’ve acquired over the last 3 months


go to a clinic…or e.r…stop fucking off…you and the child could be at risk…and…in most hospitals…if you are not able to pay. they have referred payment plans, or they can even be dropped due to income…

Go to the emergency room, they have to take you.If they turn you away, and something happens, you can Sue.

Go to the ER and reach out to all doctors around you.

Go to the ER. They can not refuse you.

Go to the ER and get billed. Apply for Medicaid they should be able to help you with that. Ask for a social worker while you are there. Yours and your babies health is in danger. They will not turn you away.

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Go to the welfare office or whatever they call it and sign up for Medical like tomorrow! Your pregnant so they’ll accept you. But dont hurt yourself and your baby any longer! Please


You can go into the ER they can’t turn you away and they will just bill you later. I also recommend finding a new dr it sounds like the dr you have is not that good if they won’t work with you especially sense you are pregnant and prenatal appointments are important. You can also try and apply for state insurance and let them know you are pregnant and they will put a rush on it.

Thier are doctor that will work with you, are u getting kind of help.

You need to go to the ER, they can’t refuse you and if they need to admit you they will whether you have insurance or not.

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Go to the Er. and tell your boyfriend not to


Dont go to the er. Head straight to labor and delivery. At 24 weeks they take over… Go there.

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Go to the er an while your waiting file online for medicaid! Its quick and easy! Or you can apply at the hospital!

You need to go to the hospital. Now.

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Apply for Medicaid first thing tomorrow!!! You HAVE to be seen to make sure baby is okay! Things can change so fast. For now, ER!!!


Are you checking your blood sugar or blood pressure when that happens? Are you sure it’s your sugar dropping? If you’re just assuming, it’s best to get checked out because it could be something totally different or your sugar going very high instead. Don’t wait. Go to ER if needed.

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Go to the hopsital get checked don’t worry abput the bill right now you and your baby are at risk you can ask to speak to a social worker who can help you get started most hospitals also have outpatient obs that will see you under medicaid and work with you while mediciad gets worked out


For starts please stay hydrated…water, water, and more water …

First get to an emergency room or one of those 24 hour clinics. The have funding for people who need help, with payment. Thats your last worry. Get to the doctor. The babies sugar is dropping also. Comma anything can happen. Updates. Im worried noe.


Excellent advice Brittany Stotts. I was going to say the same thing. Or change Drs. And kick the asshole out of the house. If he’s doing that now ,it will only get worse. Good luck to you and your baby. Praying for you :pray::pray::pray:.

Go to human services, or apply over the phone (If ur State does that) or online. You WILL get medical real quick.

Go to your nearest hospital Labor and Delivery since your more than 24wks they take over they camt turn you away…apply for pregnancy medicaid the welfare office processes apps within 48hrs if approved they back date it eff the 1st of the current month so dont worry about the cost if ur app is pending even then…they cant turn you away you and babys health is very important


Apply for Medicaid.
In the meantime go to the damn hospital. Preeclampsia is SO dangerous. This is your BABY we are talking about here. Seriously…
As parents we find ways to make things work.

Go to the ER they can not deny you care. :disappointed::pray::two_hearts::pray:

Go to the E.R. but don’t try to make yourself go into labor, let it run it’s course and let baby decide if he/she is ready. That doesn’t sound good at all, olease go for you and the precious baby. The father needs to start being more considerate about how you feel and atop acting like a prude. Be safe.

Please go to the hospital and get checked out.

Apply to get on state insurance and if u r blacking out it could be dangerous , are u laying on your back when it happens , r u diabetic ? Why have u been checking sugar levels ? What r u eating ?

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E.r can’t deny you and you could be in labor or your sugar may be way off. I would definitely see somebody for it. But I know being pregnant and second guessing if u should or shouldn’t go to the my whole 2nd pregnancy I was like should I go or maybe I’ll But in this situation u would go get checked. Good luck mommy

Gp to emergency will probly get admitted n ask so see social worker on the floor in morning. They will get u help asap

How do you know your blood sugar is low? It honestly sounds more like a low blood pressure than anything. Until you can get in to see someone I would take it easy and up my fluid intake.

O man I’m sorry lady yes go to the hospital and get checked out and then when done go to the nearest warfare office they will get u insurance pregnancy insurance dont even worry about the bill I would hate to hear something bad happend to u or your precious baby !

Sounds like high blood pressure when this happens u should go to the er they can’t turn u away

Go to the ER if you don’t have money to pay your bill they’ll help you get emergency Medicaid


I had preeclampsia with my first pregnancy at 35 weeks. It’s very dangerous and scary. Go to the ER ASAP. I was induced that night and gave birth the next day. The baby stops getting nourishment when you have preeclampsia and if left untreated both you and baby can die. The only way to cure it is by delivering. I pray that everything works out for you and baby.

Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) can cause shakiness, fainting, dizziness, confusion. Did you get your glucose test before Dr stopped seeing you? I don’t think I’ve heard of any type of diabetes causing low sugar after eating? But maybe try eating more carbs? Mostly I’d advise going in to the ER.


This also happened with my middle son. Low blood sugar is what the emergency room doctors had told me. Get checked to be unsafe side for your baby and yourself

You need to get to the hospital now. Fuck him. Fuck the bills right now your unborn baby and yourself are more important then a bill or some dumb ass guy… Usually the hospital people will come chat with you about insurance and such.m

Go to the ER. It sounds like your zoning out. 4 possible causes. Stress, blood pressure, diabetic, or seizures. You need medical care now!!


Sounds like Braxton Hicks contractions, which aren’t dangerous. However the part about blacking out after eating could signal gestational diabetes. Go to the ER first. Then apply for Medicaid for your state.


I have low blood sugar alot. Used to have spells where I passed out. Sometimes, it would bottom out 15 mins after eating pizza. Still don’t know what’s going on after 6 years or so. But that is dangerous for you and baby. Please go get checked on

I may be a dude and you all.may not pay attention to me, but I suggest that you get your ass to the closest ER as soon as you can and worry about the money later. There are two lives at stake here yours and your child. The ER cannot denied you help thanks to Obama Care and once there you can contact a social worker or case worker to get you some much needed services. Take this from man that is a father, husband, brother, and concerned person.

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Get your butt to the ER or Dr immediately. Stop asking people on FB what to do


Get to the hospital labor and delivery. U and baby need to be checked ASAP. :pray::pray::pray:

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Go to the er and they help you find out what is going on and help you file for Medicaid. You can even call labor and delivery at your nearest hospital and talk to a nurse and they will give you an idea of what’s going on with you. They tell you to come in and get checked out. Best part is you go in through the er but they will bring you straight to labor and delivery to be seen.

The state gives pregnant women free insurance and all ob appointments are covered


My daughter had preeclampsia and was hospitalized at the end of January til she was to give birth which her due date was March 11 well she had baby Feburary 7 plz go to ER baby was 5 weeks early but weighed almost 6 pounds and both are healthy and doing great

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Go to ER and ask to be sent to their clinic, they will check your finances in the ER and qualify you for their clinic from there.

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If nothing else call the hospital and ask to talk to the social worker in the hospital she can maybe set you up with a clinic so you can have regular care and you describe what you’re going through she can guide you just don’t do nothing

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Go to the er and get checked out and if youre on disability which share of cost sounds like u are then get assistance paying your share of cost thru medicaid. Or go to a free clinic until you can get assistance. Healthcare is so important especially when youre pregnant

Try getting a new doctor.

You need to get checked, I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia at 36wks 3days, I was sent to hospital and then my baby was delivered at 36wks 4 days, my babies now 3 days old and all my preeclamspia side effects seem to have gone away

My daughter jumped off a cofee table and broke her arm and I ended up having to go to hospital and owe 12,000 in bills where she had to have surgery. My credit is crap but my baby wont be disabled her whole life. The hospital has to take you. I would also try and apply for pregnancy medicade and let them know you are taking care of the baby alone. Other than that besides pre-eclampsia you could also have pregnancy diabeties. Either way you should be checked to be safe instead of sorry later.


Hospital…for the safety of Tuesday of upu and your baby

You need to get your sugar checked again I have hypoglycemia and your symptoms sound a lot like mine when you have these episodes do you shake and sweat cause I do so please please please go have your glucose checked again it’s an easy and standard test

Contact the women’s clinic Catholic church or even the hospital emergency room but there are ways to get medical treatment it sounds like you need to be seen anything could happen at any moment your 34 weeks

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This could get serious quickly and maybe it could be as simple as a UTI

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You need to be seen NOW
Apparently you are diabetic since u are checking your sugar
Pressure in vagina could be baby engaging (head down in pelvis preparing for birth) or you could be dilating
These episodes are a hard thing to know
Go straight to L+D

Go to the er and get checked and find a ob that will help u with payments

He’s probably mad because you’re neglecting your self and his unborn child… go to the doctors.

Go to the ER and tell them whats going on and you can apply for state insurance. But your “man” is bring a douche to you because you are not taking care of yourself or your baby when there are other doctors out there that WILL help you so I can honestly say i dont blame him

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Fan adds

i was on Medicaid and that’s what they cut me off from


Did you see a doctor?

See if you can get Medicaid or something. Go to the ER. This is serious. You could die from that if it is untreated preeclampsia.

Go to the Health dept.