Is pelvic pressure normal in pregnancy?

I’m 33 weeks now and I don’t think baby has dropped, but I have been feeling a lot of pelvic pain and pressure. I feel as if either baby is going to come early or idk something just feels off. The after hours Dr just told me it was normal, but I didn’t feel this way at all with my first. Also when I wake up in the morning I get a very shard severe pain in my abdomen and I can’t move for a few minutes. That also doesn’t seem very normal, but again after hours Dr says its fine. Any ideas what it could be until I can talk to my actual Dr on Monday?

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Both of my kids didn’t drop until they were coming out. But I was in much more day to day pain with my second.

The sharp severe pain is probably round ligament pain. I found sometimes it almost felt like an electric jolt. You’re feeling more pressure because each pregnancy loosens the pelvic ligaments more and more, so you would feel it more in your 2nd pregnancy than first.


I didnt have no pain but this is my 5th pregnancy and im struggling everyday and by the evebing time i struggle to even stand or turn on my side

Im 36 weeks n have his head right in my pelvis causing pressure and the awkward prego waddle. I dodnt have this with my other 3! He hasnt “dropped” but all is groovy

Baby probably turned head down they usally do around that time baby didmt drop for me until a few days before labour

I’m 35 weeks my baby girl is breech still but my belly has noticeably dropped a bit. I get the sharp pains when i wake up as well but they are round ligament pains so it takes me a few minutes to get out of bed

When my son dropped it was more pressure than visual. The pains are probably ligament pain which is from your body releasing hormones to loosen up your pelvis.

It’s very normal to feel some pelvic fullness and pressure in the last week’s, as the baby grows, and puts on more weight, and settles into position. You can do some pelvic tilts to help. The sharp pain sounds like round ligament pain. That’s also common with pregnancy. Darn near brought me to my knees during my three pregnancies.

I felt a lot of pressure with my second from 32 weeks on. Maybe I did with my first, I just didn’t know what the heck I was feeling. This far in the game, your baby is big, running out of room, and still gaining some weight. Also, your body’s hormones are prepping for birth. Hormones actually affect the joints in the hips. That may be a contributing factor too, The end of pregnancy is uncomfortable. You’re almost done :heart:

Please know this… Everybody says its normal but for me it was not! I was 35wks and my placenta ruptured… Long story short I waited too long :cry:… Now this is MY story and not in any way a normal thing that happens I had some little complications so all im saying in my opinion talk with your doctor again trust yourself anything that doesn’t feel normal to you is not normal you know body and your pregnancy better than anybody and everybodys pregnancy is VERY different!

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It’s normal… I’m on my 3rd. Your body remembers and things happen sooner with each child.