Is pelvic pressure normal while pregnant?

I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant with baby number 2. I was having so much pressure and pain when walking in my abdomen area. Only when walking. I can lay down and feel fine. I had a check up, checked on baby she is perfect. He diagnosed me with Diastasis Recti. He suggested the cradle band and the normal belly band to try to lift the weight and pressure off my chest and that doesn’t help which he told me could happen. The next thing I could try is physical therapy. He said it is common and I will heal from this after she comes. Im just looking for some advice on this. I will keep following my doctors advice and what not. What’s some advice if you experienced this and you how you got through the rest of the pregnancy as comfortable as possible?

Have you try it’s called baby band rap

I had diastasis recti after my 1st was born. I wore a stretchy like corset to help close it. There are also workouts to help heal it that really worked for me! I’m 24 weeks pregnant with my second and I do have a lot of pressure as well and when I move weird or too fast I get a really sharp pain. I didn’t know there was physical therapy you could do during pregnancy. I just did it all after pregnancy because the baby will continue to grow so it seems odd to keep trying to close the gap. Definitely try a belly band!!