Is pelvic pressure while pregnant normal?

Hello mamas, question! I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my second and I have soooooooooo much pressure/pain in my vagina I could barely even walk, anyone else had this happened? I can’t even get up for work right now that’s how bad :frowning:


This sounds like it could possibly be the beginning of early labor. Not saying that it is, but I would definitely call your OBGYN to get checked out - just to be on the safe side.

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Agreed when in doubt call your doctor

A friend of mine went through the same thing, she had to put ice packs on her vagina to actually relieve the pain

I’ve had this issue for I want to say two or three months now . It’s very uncomfortable I’m a ftm and of course thought the worst but here I am 36 weeks with the pain and my dr said it’s normal .

It’s probably lightening crotch. I had it the last 3 months of my pregnancy. It’s annoying

They told me it’s round ligament pain and it’s from the pressure of your 2nd pregnancy, tends to make it worse. I was fairly certain I was gng to die but I’m dramatic lol.

Yep I had the same issue for weeks before delivering my youngest she came out at 10lbs3oz and I felt soooooo great afterwards but don’t let that freak you out you could just be carrying really low

I’m sorry that is the worst…im 28weeks and have had that for weeks. Its even worse when I get home after work. Minus band, relaxing, soaking in tub…not much to do. I doubt it’s labor but always good to keep your provider informed.

Happened to me and lasted the rest of pregnancy. Just had to deal. Sucks but it’s worth it

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Yup… happened to me with my second too…I got pregnant right away with my third and it happened yet again…the age Gap between my first and second is 6 years… I was told it was round ligament pain…I also had lightning crotch ALL THE TIME with all my pregnancies. My Dr told me to take Tylenol

Yes! Lightening crotch! I had it so so so bad with my last two kids. It literally felt like I had broken bones in ny vagina.

Yeah I got this with all of mine but still get checked x

That happened with me a couple weeks before I gave birth. Like a sharp pain right on your vagina or whatever. I think it’s their head putting pressure on your cervix. Take it easy.

I had the same issue with my 4th child. He was so low that I seriously felt like he was going to just fall out one day. I took baths alot and it helped with the pain

I had the same thing happening to my by the end of my first pregnancy, could barely walk without taking a lot of breaks :-/

Girl I’m 37 weeks in 2 days!! I’ve been having the same pressure for 2-3 months!! Oh how I understand and sympathize!! It’s terrible!! It’s completely normal tho. During the second and third pregnancy your body is just going through a process. If you’ve ever heard of muscle memory it’s kind of like that. Your body has already been there, so when the relaxin hormone began to release your body took head and did what it did before only much faster. My dr said that as long as my cervix is closed everything is absolutely normal and fine. Now I feel like I walk like Spongebob without joints!!

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I’m 31 weeks and was experiencing the same thing very painful, I friend of mine got me a belly support belt and it’s made a huge difference!!! I’ve only been using it maybe 2 weeks but it really helps

It’s normal. I had so much pressure and pain it was unbearable and excruciating. My obgyn said it was completely normal. Your pelvic muscles and bone weaken with each pregnancy. The weight of the baby pushing down is what’s causing it. And having pregnancies close together can really cause a lot of pain. You should still have a professional opinion though to put your mind at ease.

girl! im 30 weeks and experiencing the baby push down on me 2-3 times a day all a few hours apart. i have the same question. its just not constant and does not last long.

I had SPD that started around 22 weeks, dr told me there’s nothing i can do except take some Tylenol (which didn’t help at all) i couldn’t do anything without sever pain

Yes and it got better about two months post birth

Right there with you mama

I had the same i swear it was like he was gona fall out of me weeks before I had him he was 11lbs 7oz wen born…


SPD sounds like I had this twice… But could also be lightening crotch, the way baby is positioned, round ligament pain. Unless you’ve experienced them kinda hard to distinguish between them.

Yep! I thought for sure that the baby was coming at anytime- it didn’t I was induced at 39 wks and he was so high the cord prolapsed and wrapped around his neck. Thankfully everything was good but apparently he wasn’t ready to come out even though it felt that way for about 7 wks. Dr will probably tell you to get a belly band, do it, it helps!

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I’m 38 weeks and I feel the same way! It’s horrible! I feel like all the weight is in my pelvis.

Had it my whole pregnancy.

It was so much worse with my second!! She was so low my doctor acted like she was gonna fall out

3rd pregnancy, 28wks. So! Much! Pressure! It’s happened during all of my pregnancies. My vagina swells up so much from all the extra blood flow. Docs have told me there’s not much they can do for it. Occasionally I try icing it, doesn’t seem to help much tho.

Yea… just a big baby lol

23 weeks pregnant with twins and I have the same issue. My dr says its common, especially if you have had previous pregnancies

I had the same thing when I went in for my 30 week check and was already 3cm dilated 80% effaced. I’m currently on bedrest now :woman_facepalming:t2: hopefully that’s not the case for you!

I’ve had pelvic girdle pain with ever pregnancy. Last pregnancy it started around week 16. This pregnancy it just started at about week 23. With my second it got so bad I couldnt walk without support. Some women get so bad they require wheelchairs. Support belt and chiropractic helped a little, but it was still miserable until I gave birth. Luckily it goes away for me as soon as baby is born

Omigosh that was me exactly. Turns out my kid was pressing against a nerve lot. Mine was from super early on. I sat a lot during my pregnancy, which seemed to make it worse. I could barely walk and getting in/out of cars was crazy difficult. It took a few days after having my son before the pain there subsided

yes, i had it especially when walking. it felt like my pelvis was going to break.

Same! 30wks. Mines not as bad as yours but I feel it for sure!

I’ve had that with 3 out of 4 of my pregnancies. After your first they tend to sit lower on your hips and makes it hard to walk and have pain and pressure. I’m 31 weeks tomorrow and have the same issue. It hurts and I’m swollen all over from it but it’s normal. If your doc isn’t concerned then you shouldn’t be either.

Broken crotch syndrome

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38 weeks pregnant and I get winded walking down the hallway to the bathroom… Pain and pressure are my best frenemies right now.